He jumped from stool (a foot high) and was stopped on the process.  Though I immediately heard his cry and saw his pain, I thought he will be "fine" in a bit.  I asked him to take a rest and watch a video as a put a sling (using a lampin) on his arm.

Our usual bedtime routine continued with extra care on his arm.  He cried a little when we changed his clothes so me and Bryan got a little convinced that maybe he is really hurt.  As we read books to Risen is still unable to move his arm so we decided that if he won't be comfortable in his sleep,we would bring him to Manila Doctors Hospital.

At around 7pm, he was able to sleep and at 9:00 pm, me and Bryan started to settle in our bed too. However, I heard a long scream and a loud cry at around 10:00pm.  I carried him which made him cry more (the loudest I have ever heard!!).  I looked at Bryan and we both know we had to drive to the hospital.

We were thankful for the fast and efficient medical staff of Manila Doctors Hospital.  They knew what to do.  Risen had an x-ray right away and the Ortho saw that he did not fracture his arm.  The initial finding was Muscle strain.  However, we were advised to monitor pain because there is a certain kind of fracture called Greenstick fracture that can't be seen in the x-ray.  The Ortho said that if the pain will continue for 2 days, it will be best for us to go back.  After putting a sling to Risen and giving him Ibuprofen, we were sent home at 1:30 am.

Risen was still awake on our way home and me and Bryan were totally hungry! We decided to drive-thru Jolibee and feast before sleeping.  We tried to put Risen to sleep first but he said "nam-nam" (food) and juice - I guess the crying and the pain also made him hungry!!  Haaaay, at this time, me and Bryan are calmer. Thank God for His provision and protection.

snacking at 2am

the morning after our ER incident

Before I end this blog, let me turn this to more than just a story.  I hope that you can learn from our experience.  Below are the things I hope you would also find helpful.

1.  If thinking of going or not going to the ER, the better option is to go

2.  Toddlers can suffer from fracture and sprains.  According to the Ortho, It is NOT true that hindi napipilayan ang mga bata

3.  When there is a discomfort or a suspected sprain or fracture remember RICE.  Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  For more information, read this, mommies.

4.  Save-up for emergency money

5.  Read up on safety and first-aid.  It feels good to know what to do 

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