I was so excited to attend the leadership planned by CCF Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Sta. Rosa, and Paranaque for Discipleship Group Leaders.  I knew that since I am new in this ministry, I would need all the help that I can get.

I was so eager to listen because I wanted to be a "good" D-group leader.  Little did I know that the talks and discussions will boil down to one thing - my heart.  Jesus zero-ed in to me once again.  He was like, "so Mico, hows your heart?  Is it bearing fruits?"

Funny how I was looking forward to learning how I can be better in the ministry when what God wanted was a better heart.  I was reminded that all things starts with the Lord.  That the only way to be better in the ministry is if our hearts are in tuned with His.  When our relationship with the Lord is good, the rest of the things follow - including being a good D-group leader.  Just like Mary before I get busy with the other things I should make sure I rest on His feet and listen on what He has to say.

On the side, I was so grateful with CCF for this nourishment to my soul.  Thank you for being such a supportive church.  I really feel equipped.  Also, I would like to appreciate the team for letting Risen and Ate Marjorie come with us.  It is good to be with family on these types of journeys!  Maraming maraming salamat!!

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