Months ago, I attended a prayer gathering where God dealt with me.

As I entered the sanctuary, I saw a familiar face whom I was not very comfortable talking or even seeing.  We did not have personal issues it was just that we belong to same circle in the past whom had a sort of trouble.  I was on one side, she was on the other.  Seeing her seated in one of the rows of the perfectly aligned church made my stomach twist.  I decided to stay at the last line of chairs, hoping to not be "disracted" with her presence as I prayed.

As I was waiting for the prayer service to commence, I started reading the prayer list that was given and there I saw the verse...  

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In every place of worship, 
I want men to pray with holy hands lifted up to God, 
free from anger and controversy 1 Timothy 2:8

Ooooppppsie.  This was God talking to me.

I was not angry with her, however, I knew in heart something was not right - something that I had to deal with before I can really commune with God.  And of course, this was something I also had to settle  with her.  

The prayer time started and it was difficult to focus because I knew God wanted me to do something.  I was scared because I do not want to be given a cold shoulder. Before the prayer time ended, I asked God to give me the chance to make peace.  That He will give me the courage to make the first move.

When we were dismissed, I stood up but remained on my place.  When she turned her back, I gave my big and sincere smile.  I did not do anything more because she excitedly smiled back and went to me. She right away asked how I was.  She also inquired about Bryan.  Our short talk continued and we departed with a hug.

That felt good.  Thank you Lord. 

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