I need space.

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I used to feel guilty every time I have a serious longing to be away from Bryan and Risen for some time (like maybe for a day every 1 or 2 months).  I thought to  myself on why I would like to voluntarily spend my day without them?  Does this mean I care and love them less?

It dawned on me that the desire to be away from family for a couple of hours is nothing that I should be sad about, rather it is something that I should really do from time to time.  I realized that this is not only beneficial for myself but more so for Bryan and Risen.  When I am away, my boys can bond without my "intervention".  They can do whatever they want without me telling to do it "this way" or "that way".  I might come home to Risen who ate pizza and ice cream for dinner, but who cares? Minsan lang naman.  And besides, who would not like pizza and ice cream?

Second, Risen needs to know, feel and see that I can't be his only person.  At 2 years old, he has the tendency to be really clingy.  In many times, he only wants me, just me.  I do not want this.  Risen has to see and be with other people.  It can't just be me.

Third, in some occasions, I badly need it. I love being a full-time wife and mom, however, at times, I get "tired".  I just need to get away from my routine and be in a place where my boys are not around.

In behalf of the other stay-at-home-moms...

So forgive me (us) when you see me (us) lounging in coffee shops without my family. Do not question me (us) when I (we) sometimes go home late from dinner (again without my (our)husband/s).  I (we) do it because I (we) need it.  I (we)need to make time for others so I (we) see how special my family is.  I (we) love spending time with my friends so I (we) can share how awesome my Bryan (husbands) is and witty Risen (kids) is.   Besides, though I  (we) am "away", what we look  forward to is the "coming home".  

So at least once a month, or every two months, let me be alone.  I need space.

Thank you Bryan for always saying "yes".  I love you!

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