Sometimes when we are in the supermarket, I would see Bryan check out Pringles.  He would get one, study it for 3 or 5 seconds then place it back on the shelf.

We could afford to buy Pringles, but it is something that we can do every pay out.  We have to be "wise" on our spending (basing on the quality and amount) because we only have this much.   Example, when we go to certain restaurants I always make sure I sort of plan what we can have.  I check the menus online or check Metrodeal of they have a good offer.  Not naman depriving ourselves of food (basic need) but just making sure we have the funds to go with it that if we plan to eat our again, pwede.

As many of you know, Bryan is the only one who "works" for us.  I may have freelance job too but we try not to touch it for emergency purposes.  Up until now, we actually do not know how his salary fits.  Not intending on putting down Bryan nor on his ability to provide, but I am sure that the other moms who budget  are also surprised on how a couple of thousands can go miles.  talk about Accounting 101. And in many occasions, may extra pa!  It must really be the Lord!  Ang galing!  Truly, where God leads, He provides.

But yun nga lang, we sometimes can't afford the "other stuff".  The spontaneous, "tara alis tayo".  Or the usual "I am craving for this, I am gonna buy one NOW", or the latest of this gadget and that new something.  We can't.  But again, when I see Risen, who is the reason why I do not have a fixed income, my heart is calmed.  I am totally okay with it.  The Pringles and the other stuff can wait.  As of this season, the little boy badly needs me.

I am sure that the mothers who choose to work have believable and valid reasons.  Each mom does what is best for her family.  Working or stay-at-home, we rock mommies!

And another thing, last week, Bryan got his Pringles!!hahaha

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