1.   I will never find someone like him/her - Well this is actually partly true because each person is unique so most probably you will never meet someone the same.  However, on the context of "she is the best and I will never find another best", this is NOT true at all.  Unfair naman yan sa mga single who are making sure they are at their best when the right love comes.  Soooo, no, the girl or boy that you just break-up with is NOT the best (for you).
2.  I will never love someone the same way as I did - To begin, we are not suppose to measure love because love is as it is.  Let me remind you that effort is not the same as loving.  Maybe, you gave it all your best because you are so desperate to save the relationship and NOT because you love the person.  Being in a relationship is not suppose to be saving what you have.  It should just be plain loving. So yes, maybe you will never "love someone the way you did".  You know why? because the right kind of love is not heavy.  It is effortless, not stressful, definitely not tiring. 

3.  I will never get married - You just broke up with one boy/girl, not to all the men/women in the world.  Wag mo idamay yung iba;)

4.  I will never move-on - Yes, you will not be better tomorrow or maybe in the coming weeks.  However, after a year, you will be able to.  Do not rush happiness.  Let loneliness come and stay.  Wallow on it if you have to. I am sure, after some time, this place and that place won't remind you of him or her na.  You will be able to move on.  Time will help.

5.  He/She did not love me at all - If we are talking about a serious and long term relationship, I believe he/she loved you.  No one will stay with a crazy person like you unless they are drawn to you.   And come on, you were together for some time because you knew he loved you.  So yes, he/she loved you!! (Actually, this is not important na kasi break na nga kayo, diba? ;))

6.  He will always be special - Nah.  I don't think so.  Yes, the memories will be there (unless Amnesia gets in the way), but him or her remaining special? No.  His face will fade.  You might even soon forget special dates.  Even the moments you had together.  So, no.  He will not remain special.  I really don't think so.

7.  I wish we'd remain friends -  Why would you want to be friends with your ex?  Wala ka na bang ibang friends? Seriously, the worse thing a boy or girl can do is to be "instant friends" after a break-up.  Of course it can happen naman, but not right away.  And again, why would you want to be friends? Be careful of what you wish for!

8.  I do not want to love again - A break-up, an abusive relationship, or a heartbreak can really be traumatic.  I will accept that you don't want to love at this time, however, only this time, okay?  Promise me that once you have settled, you will love again.  Because, love, when done rightly and with the right man/woman is something that is worth being brave for.  And when the moment comes that God hands you the love story He has for you, embrace it -  seize it.  Because this time (and when you obey God's will), there will be no more break-ups!


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