I have been trying to compose a post about Christmas since the start of December. However, I kept on typing then deleting then typing and erasing it again.

Then December 24 came. As some of you would know, we rushed Risen to the hospital last December 24 at 11am and he was confined up until the 25th. It was Risen's first confinement, sa Ilocos pa at Christmas pa. Our Noche Buena was spent watching Risen in his hospital bed while I ate instant noodles and Bry munched on our little boy's hospital food leftover (stores were already closes when we realized we didn't have Noche Buena). It was sad.

However, the quiet hospital room and the silent prayers I made me realize that this is somewhat the real meaning of Christmas. It isn't about food, nor the gifts, nor family getting busy to attend reunions, nor the fun it brings but about Jesus. Christmas is only about Jesus. 

On that night, God took away the fun and glamour of Christmas. I had a lot of chances to wallow in pity and ask God "why now?" but my heart chose to celebrate (which was a real struggle) because today Jesus was born so Risen can have life.  What right do I have to complain when I already have received the biggest and grandest gift which was Jesus who paid for my sins? 

So amidst the horrific hospital gown 🙄😮 and the situation we were in, TULOY NA TULOY ANG PASKO!!

It is very easy to say Christmas is not about the fun it brings and it takes another level to experience it. At the end of the day, I am still thankful.

I do not know how Christmas was like for you but I hope it had more depth compared to the others you had before. May the love and real meaning of December 25 be seen in our lives!!

someone from the end of the globe sent us money which amounts to a little over our hospital bill.  This was super unexpected because we haven't seen nor communicated with them in years. They did not even know Risen was sick so we were surprised that our ATM has a spare cash and got overwhelmed when they emailed us about this. So what am I saying? The gift of Christmas is real!!


Though I am already 34, I still have been wanting to actively pursue two things in my life.  One is to initiate a support group for the the newly weds and almost weds and second is to do professinal hosting and coaching (Communication Skills).  I am glad I have started with both, however, I am determined to put hard work this year.

So far, I have started an FB group with Viviene named JUST MARRIED:  A Group for Newly Weds and Almost Weds .  We have more or less 50 members who just got married (1-5 years) or are engaged.  If you know someone in this stage, let me know so I can add them up.  

In our page, you will be welcomed with this note:

Hello again, ladies. Are you wondering why Viviene and I made this group? wink emoticon Well, it just really started with a sigh and a talk on how we have seen newly weds from our circles fall in love but are now in "it's complicated" stage. Sad but true. We have then realized that most support groups online are mostly on raising kids. There is nothing wrong here naman, however, we thought that it would not hurt to start a community of new wives (we are all new in this stage) and wives-to-be. We hope to learn from your stories, experiences, questions, and random thoughts. And of course, we want to praise God on how He is molding the love story He started. To begin this little community, would you mind sharing 1. how long have you been married and (2) how you met your husband or husband to be? We are excited to read cheesy posts! heart

About my second dream, I have been actually hosting events since I was 18. However, it mostly for friends or referral of friends, and it is mostly gratis (which is actually fine).  This time, I want to really do it and call myself a professional host (there goes my dream!!).  So as a start, I have a business card (ehem).  I have also advertised myself in Wedding suppliers sites.  I want this to be my "work" on the side.  To be honest, I do not see myself working fulltime so I need to do something on the side.  You may check out my portfolio here.

Lastly, I want to help out those who are struggling to answer job interview questions, those who has fear to speak in front of an audience and those who thinks that they are have poor communication skills.  My stint in TESDA Muntinlupa (Call Center Training) allowed me to feel the fulfilment every time a student of mine gets in an interview because I was able to give assistance.  Not to mention the number of people to do not get the job because they do not know what and how to say the things they have in mind.  Sigh.  I plan to do this one by one or by group. It can be face to face or via Skype.  

I may be a wife and a mother but that does not mean I have to stay at home all day.  I have seen the importance of loving oneself by making sure that I am also satisfied with the things I have loved when I was still single.  

May the Lord bless and direct me as bravely do these. I pray that His grace will see me through as I use the gifts He gave for His glory. May His will be done!


Three on three.  

Our little family of three celebrated our third year wedding anniversary last December 5-6 2015 at Crimson Hotel Alabang.  We chose Crimson because they were on promo while we were picking out a hotel for our staycation. 
We got a de luxe room that came with a breakfast buffet for only 4,000 pesos 
(it is normally 6k + +).  What a treat, right?

The first day was spent with my parents on the pool side.  We ordered a Tea Time Treat (coffee and pastries  for 675 nett) that is supposedly only good for two people but ended up fulfilling 4 1/2 tummies plus 3 pcs of cookies for take-out.  They were really sweet (that's why it is for more than 2 people), yummy, interesting and satisfying.

The room has a huge and a really really dreamy bed.  
The view was also lovely at night.  

And, tadaaaahhhh! Breakfast!  The most important part of my hotel stay. I won't say much except that we stayed for 2 hours in our table. haha

Let me share to you the breakfast buffet spread.


I have been hosting all my life.  
From weddings, to birthdays, to company events, to debuts, 
to Christmas parties, to anything!  
I have been practically around hosting events!

As a host, aside from having good communication skills, one also needs to have rapport with the audience.  She should be able to also adjust to sudden changes of the event, be sensitive to the needs and wants of her clients, think fast, be on her toes at all times and guarantee a flawless program.  I am proud that my background in Theater and experiences in training and teaching has molded me to be an extraordinary, professional and classy host.  

Interested? email me at mico.sadorra@gmail.com.  

facilitation during live Q and A with Ms. Luchi Cruz-Valdes

Regencia X Javillo Wedding January 2016

Clark's Christening February 2016 Rhapsody Club

Mac and Lorraine - Jan 2016 - Fernwoods Gardens

CCF Muntinlupa Auction and Concert - Jan 2016 - Palms Country Club

Matt - Sarah  - 2013 - Portofino

Promoting Adamson University to schools in Cavite - 2010

Poetry Recitation Host at Adamson University - 2010
JB X Vhim - 2015 - Bellefort Estates

Speech Fest Judge - 2011 - TUP Manila

JS Prom - 2008 - Intercontinental Manila

Dei's debut - 2010 (I also hosted her older sister's debut)

Fritz's wedding - 2010 - Bali Garden

Earl X Roxanne - 2012 - Susana Heights Subdivision (I also hosted his brother's wedding last November 2015)