I have been hosting all my life.  
From weddings, to birthdays, to company events, to debuts, 
to Christmas parties, to anything!  
I have been practically around hosting events!

As a host, aside from having good communication skills, one also needs to have rapport with the audience.  She should be able to also adjust to sudden changes of the event, be sensitive to the needs and wants of her clients, think fast, be on her toes at all times and guarantee a flawless program.  I am proud that my background in Theater and experiences in training and teaching has molded me to be an extraordinary, professional and classy host.  

Interested? email me at mico.sadorra@gmail.com.  

facilitation during live Q and A with Ms. Luchi Cruz-Valdes

Regencia X Javillo Wedding January 2016

Clark's Christening February 2016 Rhapsody Club

Mac and Lorraine - Jan 2016 - Fernwoods Gardens

CCF Muntinlupa Auction and Concert - Jan 2016 - Palms Country Club

Matt - Sarah  - 2013 - Portofino

Promoting Adamson University to schools in Cavite - 2010

Poetry Recitation Host at Adamson University - 2010
JB X Vhim - 2015 - Bellefort Estates

Speech Fest Judge - 2011 - TUP Manila

JS Prom - 2008 - Intercontinental Manila

Dei's debut - 2010 (I also hosted her older sister's debut)

Fritz's wedding - 2010 - Bali Garden

Earl X Roxanne - 2012 - Susana Heights Subdivision (I also hosted his brother's wedding last November 2015)

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