I have been trying to write on how marriage with Bryan is like after four years, and honestly, up until now that I am typing this, I am still tongue tied.  Looking back, it was a pretty big year for us.  We moved back to a new home in the south, we decided to let go of our helper, I became an Event Director for Manila Workshops (still a Freelancer though), Bryan is currently a Council of Servant in trainee at CCF Muntinlupa, we are leading our own d-groups (singles and couples) and we are both leaning to the idea of homeschooling Risen.  Wow! All that happened this year!!

But you know what?  On this side of the fence, what really matters is still the (1) two of you, your (2)commitment to each other and (3)your relationship to Jesus.

After four years, what is on top of our earthly priorities is our marriage. Not family.  Not Risen. But marriage. When we decide on our career paths, ministry, raising Risen, and others we always ask, is this helpful to our marriage?  Will this deepen our love to each other?  Will this bring us closer to each other?  If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, most likely, we will not pursue it.  The reason why we got married is because we desire to stay married (the real meaning of marriage, and not just on papers), so if this work, or commitment or hobby or decision or whatever will make us apart, we will not do it.  Marriage first.  I am a wife and Bryan is a husband first. 

And yes, after four years, we want to make sure we value our commitment to each other.  Not just the "ordinary commitment" but the very core of our wedding vows and our every emotion and desires that was poured into it.  By now, I have seen Bry's ups, downs, strengths, weaknesses, fears, dreams, and failures (and vice versa of course), and with that we have been choosing to love each even though we seems unlovable in many occasions.  When we were just engaged, it was difficult to see on how we will mess up or disappoint each other, however, after four years it is so easy to see these characteristics.  What matters now?  Is that we choose to love. to forgive. to love. to forgive. 

Lastly, what really really really matters is our relationship with Jesus and our decision to obey His plan for our marriage.  Not easy, but you know what?  we have seen His favor when we follow His word.  It is hard to be faithful but we just do what we have to do because we both know that if our hearts are aligned to God, that is the only way that our marriage will grow and deepen.  We still have so much love to give and we can only continue on falling in love with each other through God.

That is why ladies (yes ladies) do not settle for what you think is appropriate for you.  Choose the person that God has for you because after four years of getting married, if things were not chosen under God's guidance, marriage could easily drift apart.  Your husband should do what he has to do. He has to love God above all else, pursue you with his might and understands the real meaning of commitment.  

What matters after four years of being married is Jesus and your decision to stick to his plan of how marriage should be like.  Your husband should model this to you.  He should be sure about his relationship with God, focused on obeying God's design for married people and be able to pursue you in many ways.  After all, he was instructed to love his wife no matter how difficult it would be.  


Marriage is intricate.  It is complicated, beautiful and breathtaking.  It is a wonderful experience for people who threw themselves to reality of marriage - which is to be one and to cleave.  It is dangerous and awful because the weakness of your partner and the disappointments it can bring will make you question on why did you marry from the very first place.  Marriage is fun, it asks for worries, yet it brings you comfort.

Marriage is detailed.  God gave us instructions to obey.  Disobedience means consequences.  

Marriage is beautiful because it was created by God.  Therefore it should bring you laughter and joy amidst sorrow. 

Marriage is a lifetime commitment.  That even when your spouse sins, you would be willing to forgive again, and again and again.

It is fixed. permanent. and forever.

This is why you should prepare before getting married. 


We go to Bry's parents in Paoay, Ilocos Norte to rest, sleep and eat.  Every long holiday, like summer, Chirstmas or sem-break, we make sure we intentionally travel to the north to gather ourselves and prep for the nest leg of "work".  This sem-break was no different, except that we knew Typhoon Lawin will be there too.

While we were waiting for our bus to arrive, we received a text that the typhoon will be as strong as Yolanda.  Bryan and I had to think and pray if we should still take the bus or just go back to Carmona.  We do not know exactly why, but we decided to take that bus knowing the risks we will be facing.  It was a scary decision especially that Risen was in tow.  It would be a different scenario if it was just the two of us. We prayed and asked for wisdom.  We discerned God's will.  What we know at that time was 1.  Paoay does not get flooded easily 2.  Bry's home is well maintained and has a second floor (just in case it floods) 3. Their home is not under any trees that might fall  4. His parents who are both senior citizens  5.  His parents gave us a go signal to go 6.  My parents did not stop us from traveling

And so we did.

It was a long ride.  We left Manila at 8:15pm and arrived at 4:30 am.  I was awake the whole time.  My eyes were just closed but my mind has Yolanda in mind.  On how the filipinos suffered and died.  I would glance at Bryan, Risen and the window and ask God "Lord, if we made a terrible decision, stop us".  

When we arrived, I prepared our emergency bag, We decided to take a long afternoon nap just so we can observe the weather all night.  We had early dinner too and texted people to pray for us.  

We were in bed at 8pm and the lights were down at 11pm.  While in bed, we could hear the wind.  It was like the sound of the plane taking off.  It was not whistling, it was more of roaring.  I and Bryan could not sleep starting 2am because of the sound of Lawin and things that flew with it.  Merong sound ng yero, wood, roof, etc.  It was 80 percent wind and 20 percent rain.  However, there was peace that I could not explain.  I was not worried nor anxious.  I was actually trying to sleep pero maingay lang talaga so ang hirap matulog!

We and my in-laws gathered around the dining table at 6am.  We shared  our sleepless night and hoped that Lawin left already.  However, according to Bryan, the typhoon would pass by at 8am in Ilocos so the peace that we are having that early morning could be because we are under the "eye" of the storm.  At around 8am, things became different na.  Up until 3 - 4 in the afternoon, there was wind and rain then more wind and more rain.  It was the heaviest storm I have experienced!!

Nevertheless, there was a comfort in my heart.   Remember when I told you that we come to Ilocos to rest?  God answered us!  Because of typhoon Lawin we experienced the true meaning of rest.

Yes!    It was the prayers of our spiritual family and friends that comforted us. It was his mercy that kept us safe.  It was God who made us secured during Typhoon Lawin.   All glory to Him!  

You can also embrace the true meaning of rest once you decided to follow Him.  He can only satisfy.  There is this void in our hearts that only He can fill.  Let Him bring you peace.

My God is bigger than my Typhoon Lawin story.  He is bigger that your worries and concerns too.  


Have you been too afraid to fail?  When I say too afraid, it means you either end up not trying at all or quit in the middle of it. 

You know what? Recently, I have been too afraid  that I thought of stopping mid-way.  I was bold and brave as I started but when the situation became shaky and my expectations were not met, I decided to stare instead of pushing myself to do more.  It was as if the obstacles I was facing was bigger than my “dream”.  One thing that added to my complacency was that I know that I am a contented stay-at-home wife and mother.  Since I am loving my life, I figured out, why do I need to subject myself to walking into unlighted paths when I am very much happy in my comfort zone? I mean, why do I need to push when I have already attained much (at least on my eyes) when I was single?

To my surprise, when I was on the verge of quitting and even I was not praying for my struggle, God made me read “Jesus Walks on Water”. 

I was like Peter who focused on his wobbly feet and stormy water instead of looking at Jesus who said “Don’t be afraid, it is I”.  Shame on me for trusting myself, looking at the negative factors, not trusting Jesus and quitting without trying and praying harder.  Nakakahiya!

I know Jesus wants me to still do brave things for His glory.  To learn from every situation I will be into.  And to be confident in Him though things will not go my way.  To be honest, I still do not know if my venture will be a success, but just like the cliché goes, I am rooting for the journey and not the destination.  As of now, it is still stormy and my feet can barely not step BUT this time, I will commit myself to not be afraid because he tells me “It is I”. 

Are you also scared to start something new?  Or too tired to continue?  May I suggest that you start acknowledging God in that dream of yours?  I have learned that God is not only interested in our spiritual affairs but also with our ambitions, bucket lists, shallow goals, and crazy wants.  As long as it does not contradict His word, I am sure He is very much interested to help you out get whatever that is!  Do not be too afraid to fail.  He got you!


I am back to pen and paper journaling!

It took me ages to pull myself together and make sure that my Bible reading ends up on my notebook. Thankfully, my husband modelled it to me (wuhooo for husbands who intentionally pray).  I saw his journal filled with his thoughts and I just can't help but be envious on how His talks with God ends up on paper.  I used to do this before but it got really difficult when I became a full time wife and mom.

If you also want to go back to journaling or to your Bible reading, I encourage you to just do it.  Actually, the most difficult part is the first day! Once you start, you would know the next one would be easier.  Aside from this, you may want to consider the following:

1.  Set a time and place.  If you need to set your alarm, do it.

2.  Prepare something that you can munch while reading your Bible.  Make this special by only having this cake or coffee or chips at this time.  For myself, I make sure I have brewed coffee and a slice of cake or Fudgee bar :)

3. Buy pens!! I got my different shades of ink from Craft Central at Greenbelt.  This costs 170 php.  

4.  Decide beforehand what you will study.  I am now on the Book of John.  I will blog on how I study it SOON!

5.  Ask someone to check up on you.  As for me, my d-group asks me from time to time if I have been reading and writing.  So effective.  I also "report" on my husband every day on what God has been teaching me.

6.  Remind yourself of this famous verse (it is a famous song too) 

Romans 16:19
"For your obedience is known to all, so that I rejoice over you, 
but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil."

In order for us to be wise, we need to study and take note of the things we have been learning.Yes, just like how we did it in high school.  Remember how we read books and wrote down in our notebooks what heard and read?  This pretty much sums up what journaling is all about.  We take time to digest our verses from the Bible then write down in colorful pens what we learned.

Pen and paper journaling is a discipline and must be added in our daily routine.  It is like bathing (Who leaves the house here without taking a shower?).  More so, let us also make sure we leave our homes geared up for the troubles, blessings and situations we will face!  May God bless you!  Happy reading!

DINOSAURS ISLAND: A Learning Stop at Angeles City, Pampanga

Since Bryan was invited to facilitate a Feature and Editorial writing workshop in Angeles, Pampanga so we decided to come with.  

Our first stop was the Ning Museum which was located in the center and busy area of Angeles City.  We came there for the Batirol, but sadly, their coffee place opens at 5pm - we were too early

After a quick museum visit, we looked for the famous Sisig which deserves its own post here, we went to the learning stop of the day, 

They have huge displays of dinosaurs that makes sound and moves (mostly head and tail).  The island has more or less 19 displays.  

What we like about it is that the dinos are situated in a real forest.  It was all soil, trees, leaves on the ground.  Pretty much like Jurassic Park! :)

It was a guided tour which took a little over an hour.  Since we were only three in our group, we were able to ask questions! Really informative.  I myself learned a lot!

Will we go back?  Yes!  Maybe when our son turns 6 or 7, in that way, he would be more interested to listen and learn about these giants.

Ticket Price:  350 ( at Metrodeal for 250)
Location:  Subic Angeles Pampanga
Value for Money:  4 out of 5


I like sisig.  I order it randomly when it is available. That is why, it has been a "dream" to visit Pampanga because I heard that the "best sisig" is in the town of San Fernando.  This longing become a reality when I decided to join my hubster in his training facilitation.  While he was working, I, my son and my sister went on a Sisig adventure!

Take a lookie of my (our) verdict!

This yumminess may be found at Glaciano Valdez St.Brgy.Agapito del Rosario Angeles City


Risen suddenly did not want to take baths.  He would reply with a firm “no”.  He also started choosing what he wants for breakfast (rice and fish instead of bread) which was really not an issue at first because fish is healthy.  I just became worried when he started choosing where he wants to eat and how he would eat it.  Then, ito pa -  he started tossing his toys around because he wants to bike outside.  Aba, wait lang....Risen is starting to be my boss!!

I started addressing the issue by giving him time-outs, making sure my “no” was firmer (which resulted to his more decisive and louder “no”), and by threatening him that I would “do this and do that”.  Yes, of course, it would work at times, but you know what? it made me so tired and cranky.  For like two weeks, I did not “enjoy” staying with him at home because we would fight during meal times, bath and play hours.  Away-bati kami.  He would cry and I would me mad.  HAY!  I told Bryan that I feel like a failure because at 3 years old (given that stay-at-home nanay pa ako), I CAN’T MAKE MY SON OBEY ME! Sooooo frustrating.

Good thing, I chanced upon the book “CHILD WISE” in CCT Tagaytay.  We applied the other books (a series on parenting from birth to teens) when Risen was just a month old.  However, I thought that I was doing a good job so we did not actively look for Child Wise (Parenting your Child from 3-7 Years Old).  I was soooo glad when I saw it in their bookstore.  I read it agad agad and found myself saying “ako to”, “si Risen to”, “kami to”, “Si Bryan ganito din”.  So what is in the book?  Ang dami!!  Let me be direct to the point by stating examples.



“Risen, let us take a bath na, okay?”

“Risen, we will take a bath” then expect and demand a response of “yes, mommy.  Risen, take a bath”

“Do you want Yakult or Dutchmill?”

“Risen will drink Yakult.  Go take your seat” then expect and demand a response of “yes, mommy.”

“What do you want to play, Risen?”

“Risen will play trains.”  then expect and demand a response of “yes, mommy.”

AND YOU KNOW WHAT?!  After two days of 1. Not giving Risen a choice (or a lot of choices) and 2.  Demanding a “yes, mommy” in ALL my instructions, he gets it!!!  It was like magic!!

Our bath times are fun now.  We do not struggle at all.  I will just say, "Let us take a bath, Risen" and he will promptly respond with "Yes, mommy.  Take a bath Risen".  And minsan may bonus pa.  He will say "Yes, mommy, take a bath Risen.  Yes mommy, obey Risen." waaaah!  He is finally obeying me! :)

No shouting, no more pilitan, no more threats.  He gladly obliges.  Thank you Lord for Child Wise!

Other things I learned from the book that are applicable in this issue:
1.  We should expect our child to obey more as they grow older
2.   If we grant age-inappropriate "freedoms", they will have a false sense of confidence
3.  A child that is given to many choices will feel "wise in his own eyes"
4.  Children should be rewarded for obedience, not obedient for a reward

In a nutshell, I/we took back the ownership of  freedoms that I/we gave Risen prematurely.  


Bryan, I and Risen caught a tummy bug during our recent trip to Paoay. We were there for a week and we all came down with upset tummy and fever for Bryan.  It was not a good way to end our trip, but we were still grateful because we were able to ride the plane without any "pasabog" ;)

Before I share my tips, let me first show you some of the oil that we put in our tummeehhh!


1.  Stick  as close as possible to what your usual diet is - We do not eat pork and we seldom have fried dishes at home.  We should have avoided fat in Ilocos.  I know the Bagnet, longganisa and lechon sound so appetizing, however, since out tummies are not used to too much oil every meal, it went back on us.

2.  Explore food carefully - This is for food adventurers like me.  Make sure that you are "full" before eating dishes like Kilawin, Pinapaitan, etc.  Also eat these types hours before sleeping time for digesting, allergy monitoring and safety purposes.

3.  Monitor water intake - When you are on the road, it is very easy to forget drinking water.  I discourage sodas and sugary juices.  Water is still the best.

4.  "Skip" eating - Rest your jaw :)  Skip in between main meals.  If still full, eat light dinner, or skip it.

5.  Do not believe the idea that "Kain lang.  Bakasyon nga eh" ("Just eat -- that is why you are on vacation") 

I know it is "hard" to be healthy on holidays, but trust me, it is more difficult to get sick during these days.  When you are in your healthiest, you can enjoy your family time more.  It is okay to "eat" just be mindful of what your choices will be.


I have been juggling 4 events for the past few weeks.  I can’t believe I am so busy freelancing!  It is actually quite challenging to get up, work without a boss and not be distracted by social media, news about our new President, Pinterest, recipes, etc.  In short, the struggle is real!  Not to mention I do not have to time in and out! Plus the gloomy weather and the irresistible bed! Haay!!

Going back, I have been hectic with 4 things:  IDO!Hosting, Angat Pilipinas Premium Workshop and Awards Night, Freelancing Fair, and Ready to Marry.  A little bit too much but thrilled I am doing it all at the same time.  Let me give you the details I am excited and thankful about!

IDO!Hosting is what I have been doing permanently.  I am an event host and I do emceeing on wedding receptions, debuts, corporate events, christening, etc.  I launched myself as a professional host last December because I am practically doing it all my life!  Since my educational background is Theater and I have 8 years of experience in teaching English, I decided to do it “for work”.  Since December, I have not had a zero event in a month! I guess, we just gotta do what we gotta do!  If you want to know how I started freelancing, check this out! 

Angat Pilipinas Premium Workshop and Awards Night is a huge event that Ginger Arboleda (OIC of Manila Workshops) trusted me with.  This half day workshop and Awards Night will happen on September 24 at the Tent Acacia Estates, Taguig. I am pleased to be working with the men and women behind Angat Pilipinas whose advocacy is to empower Filipinos through financial freedom.  They have been doing trainings, encouraging OFWs and organizing events to enable Pinoys to start their business, be free from debts and be financially secured. 

The awards night will honor fellow Filipinos who have been helping out in the same advocacy as Angat Pilipinas.  Let me share to you the links that you can visit:



Freelancing Fair is the first for the Philippines and first for Manila Workshops!  Looking at its title, it is a day for freelancers (just like a job fair)!  I am in-charge of Logistics and has been helping out here and there as well!  I will let you know more about this event soonest!

Team Meeting at BGC

Ready to Marry.  Let me begin by saying this is what I am most excited and nervous about.  This is a workshop that I have envisioned, dreamed about, shared with my husband and closest friends, prayed for (and still praying about), and discussed with Manila Workshops.  This is something very close to my heart!!  Ready to Marry is an intimate talk on marriage and weddings.  I have always believed that preps for the wedding and the life ahead should go hand in hand, not break your budget and should be looked into (especially the marriage part).  This is the #hugot of this workshop.  I am really trusting that the engaged couples would consider seating down with the experts and learn on what they are getting into!

The workshop fee us 2,500 per couple (8:00-3:30).  Inclusive of lunch and kit.  

If you want to be #readytomarry register here:  http://manilaworkshops.com/?s=ready+to+marry

READY TO MARRY: Guiding Couples from Wedding to Marriage

I am so happy!  I can finally announce that my "baby" is out! I have been wanting to organize a workshop that will help engaged couples two ways:  wedding and marriage.  
Thank you, Manila Workshops for letting me!!
Jesus, thank you for this chance!  

READY TO MARRY: Guiding Couples from Wedding to Marriage

I am so happy!  I can finally announce that my "baby" is out! I have been wanting to organize a workshop that will help engaged couples two ways:  wedding and marriage.  
Thank you, Manila Workshops for letting me!!
Jesus, thank you for this chance!  


I was checking out Facebook when I saw an article that suggests that a husband should be treated like a best friend.  I must say I was not convinced.

I believe that the best way to treat a husband is to treat him like a husband.

I am not a marriage expert nor a woman who has been married for a long time, but  I want to acknowledge God, who by the way, initiated marriage.  Therefore, He also has the say of how it should be.  Marriage has a very wonderful and unique design and it could only be at its best if couples will follow God’s blueprint. 

What is the basic plan?

Husbands, love your wife.  Wives, respect and submit to your husbands. 

Obviously, this is not how we treat our best buddies.  Why?  Because again, marriage is so special that God has designed an exceptional plan to make it work beautifully. 

Day to day, I strive to be the best wife to Bryan and day to day I falter. Nonetheless, instead of losing hope and being a mediocre wife, I cling on to God's grace because He alone can sustain me.  

What do I do?  I make sure I don't treat him like a friend because if that would be the case, I would not be intentional in serving, loving and submitting to him.  That would also mean taking him for granted and hoping that we can easilly re-connect, as if nothing has changed. And also that would mean getting mad at him and not doing anything about it because I know we would make peace in a few days.  

Yes, I think you can be friends with your hubsters, but may consider treating him like a husband first, then the rest of the "relationship types" can follow.

What do you think?  Maybe the video can also help 


This is in connection of my previous post -- on how I felt so ugly a day before I turned 35.  Just so I can help myself, I am blogging about practical ways on how not to be losyang.  Here it goes:

1.  Always wear bra (even at home).  Keep those girls up.

2.  Either have a short hair that you can easily maintain or have your locks long so you can put 'em up on a messy bun.  I am discouraging the chin length (alanganin) cut.  It is so hard to prettify.  

3.  (At least) Wear BB cream, curl lashes and put on blush and lippie when going to the mall.  For those with not so perfect skin (like me), we need to do a bit of covering up.  However, for those with perfect skin (yung mga pinanganak na walang pores, buti pa kayo!! hahaha), powder would do.

4.  For daily regimen, anti-aging and eye cream plus sunblock are a must starting 30 years old.  I am using Celeteque for my eyes.  I will let you know if it works after 2 weeks.

5.  If you are not comfortable with your weight, burn fat.  If you are, yey!!

6.  Be fashionable or have the classic look.  Just make sure it suits your age.  

There.  I plan to work on this in the coming days.  Wich me luck (esp with numner 3)!  


I was carrying a cranky Risen and a bag on each shoulder at Alabang Town Center yesterday. I was deliberately trying not to perspire as I walked from Payless to the parking lot near the church.  It was the longest walk I had with Risen so far.  He was crying, the straps of the bags were falling, and sweat were all over my face --- I could not even wipe it.  I felt so ugly.

Since yesterday was also the day before I turn 35 (I was sooooo emotional), and because I was also in disbelief that I am five years away of being 40, plus the hair that I could only manage with a blow dry,  not to mention the unfashionable dress I was in, I sure felt ugly.

I am the ugly Momma!

Finally, I had the hug I have been waiting all day from Bryan.  I did not feel like crying anymore but I still felt ugly.

I wanted to tell myself it is normal to feel ugly in many occasions, however, I did not want to because I think it is a lame excuse to not "fix" myself.  I am a no-make-up girl and I have to admit I can leave the house straight from the shower but since I am 35 I don't think this would work for me anymore.  I have to be mindful of what I wear, put on powder and shades of pink on my face.

I can't be losyang at 35.  I just can't be!! huhuhuhuhu

So I promise to take care of myself.  To dress appropriately and be pretty.

I will make sure to not be losyang at 35.  I.just.have.to.not.be.

And if you are reading this and you also feel ugly, do something about it too, okay?  At our age, hindi na pwede ang mabait lang, dapat maganda din.  Bawal maging losyang! :)


How much does it really cost to have a kasambahay (helper)?

Mommies, wives, parents, families would normally need help at home.  We are actually lucky enough to be staying in the Philippines because getting a house help is not that expensive compared to our neighboring countries. However, very few kasambahay employers get to the bottom of computing on how much does a nanny or a helper would really really cost.  If you are one of these wives who only check on the monthly pay-out, let me help you.

Disclaimer:  I am an English teacher so please pardon my explanation :).  Also, the figures below may vary depending on the family.

             3,500 - monthly salary
                385 - monthly SSS (11% of 3,500)
                200 - monthly Philhealth (will come FROM employer if salary is below 5,000)
              3000 - monthly food allowance (based on 100 a day)
                200 - monthly Meralco and water
                150 - monthly Detergent soap
                500 - monthly eat out, load, others
             7, 935

So there.

My thoughts?

1.  Do not only compute the salary but the food and utilities as well.
2.  This may be really worth it if you have a good kasambahay (I miss our Ate!)
3.  If you are earning 20,000 every month, 12, 065 goes to your pocket and the rest is to your house employee.
5.  A rough estimation of 96,000 (8,000 x 12 months) is what you spend on your kasama sa bahay every month.

Now, think again :)




The Philippine Gymnastics Athletics Academy will be hosting the 1st SONNY TY GYMNASTICS CUP on October 15-16, 2016 at Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

For those who are interested to join, you may comment your email below so PGAA can send you an invitation.
The following will be used for the competition:

    1 TO 6 version1.0 
    Released NOV.2014
    1 TO 4 Version 1
    Released NOV. 2013

     FIG Age Group Development
     And Competition Program
     MAY 2015 EDITION.

For any questions, you may email Coach Butch Ty at sonny_ty2004@yahoo.com


My life as a freelancer started last December 2015 when I decided to print out my name on a card and (finally) declare myself as a professional event host.  I have been hosting all my life, and so I thought it would be appropriate to do it actively on the side.  Thankfully, I mostly received “dapat lang”, “buti naman”, “bakit ngayon lang?” from family and friends. Yey!  That was definitely a good sign!

Actually, what was intimidating was when I was seconds away of clicking “enter”.  It was a battle I had to fight hard.  There was a mixture of excitement, kaba and fear.  I was so afraid that no one will ever get my services and that my cards will be put to waste. I was also into the idea that there are a lot of hosts so “why would they want to get me?” However, with my eyes almost closed and with a silent “bahala na” I just did what I had to do -- I declared myself as a professional host and gave a go signal to have my card printed.  Looking back, I was so glad I clicked “enter”. I am so happy I jumped into the world of freelancing.  Definitely a right choice.

Do you also want to be a freelancer?

My tip?  Just do it.

If you have been passionately baking, cooking, fixing, decorating, writing, editing, etc. for free, then that means you already more or less “freelancing”, only that, you have been neglecting the business side of it.  So, why not do it “professionally” na ‘di ba? 
And yes, just like me, you will always have excuses.  I am not saying that you do away with it, but maybe what you can do is to figure out which ones are valid and which ones are totally absurd.  Take your time and write them down.  Analyze, compare, argue with yourself then decide.

And yes, you do not have to quit your job once you have decided to be one.  You can start slow and just do it on the side.  In time, you would notice when you are ready (only if you want) to quit your 8-5 routine and do something really really great with your life (yes, I am being biased here).

Freelancing is an awesome choice for a stay-at-home wife and mom like me.  I am still able to spend a whole a lot of time with my husband and son without forgetting of the things I am good and passionate about.  Freelancing is God sent.  He gave me the talent, and as always, He gave doors to be able to use it. As always, praises be to Him!



I have always been proud on how I was able to get around the house, serve Bryan, take care of Risen, do rakets and handle ministry opportunities with a smile on my face.  I have to be honest that it was easy to juggle all this because we had support from our kasambahay.  However, the past few days I had the same goal, only this time without help. 

It is Mother’s day today and we are officially with no kasambahay for almost a week now.  I really thought my world would end without her, but surprisingly, it gets better each day.  I know that the days ahead may not be easy as they were, but to be honest, I am getting the hang of it (or is this too early to say? haha).

How am I coping?  I decided to take one step at a time.  My morning starts with sending Bryan off, then devotions then Risen.  Then, when I have spare time in between Risen, I clean up, do the laundry (Praise God for automatic washing machines!!), and then the other errands.  Our house is definitely messier and plates are often left in the sink, but that should be okay.  That is just really okay  (yes, I am still convincing myself on this area hihi).

Today, as I gaze around our tiny home and read the heartwarming mother’s day greetings, I can’t help but thank God for once again raising the bar of His expectations from me.  I am a wife and a mom…a legit stay-at-home wife and mom.  I miss working full time, the help we used to get, but I am grateful God initiated to take all this from me.  In all honesty, if these two will be offered, I would decline (PS we had the best kasambahay and it was hard to let her go).  Why?  Because I have found my calling in serving my boys intentionally.  My heart has found peace in what I do now.  I would not trade it for anything!!

Definitely tough times ahead but I am assured because God is with me all the way!


I have not been blogging coz we have been busy packing! 
I am so glad to be back to blogging and the south! WUUHOOOOO!!!

We now reside in a townhouse in Carmona.  Praise God!  We have been waiting, praying, waiting, praying, waiting and praying since December of 2014 and finally, He granted us with a home back in the south!

We officially moved in last April 7, 2016 (Thursday)  and had our first batch of guests for a house blessing last April 9 and second batch the next day.

So glad to be able to open our house to our people close to our hearts.  Excited to welcome our dear relatives and friends in the days to come.

Visit us? Tara!!