It has been a while!  I just had to stop and re-collect my thoughts, priorities, wants, etc so this post for 2016 came so late.  Hence, I am asking you the same question I had to ask myself when I realized the first month of January is about to end!!  How are you ending the first month of 2016?

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I remember making promises and wishes at the beginning of the year.  I swore to eat healthier (no more sodas), I vowed to take time to exercise and focus on the things I have been longing to do for the longest time (put myself out in the market as an event host and support newlyweds), etc…

Looking back, I drank 2 glasses of Coke already (one at home and the other in McDo), however, we still have not cooked pork and beef at home for this year so I guess, I am more or less doing good on this part.  Now, the exercise part is kind of “naaaahhhh”. I haven’t gone back to the gym that is 10 minute away from our place!! Sayang ang membership!!  Anyway, moving on, I have finally announced I am a “professional event host”, so I have two bookings for January! Yipee!!  Finally, regarding the support I have been meaning to do the newly weds, I am starting to note down the details on how our FB group page could be more of help to all of us.

Needless to say, with the short list I have, I think I am doing well. Just note that this does not guarantee that I will continue up until the end of the year.  However, just like what we all believe in "what matters is the now".  Let me encourage you to just do what you need to do today.  Blessings!!

How about you?  How are you ending January 2016?

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