I totally panicked when I realized I ruined my blog design and program after I hurriedly clicked a free template I saw online.  I have never touched the blueprint of my blog since I got married.  I remember working on it for the first time for one week so I vowed to never edit it.  However, I saw some cool free designs online and  I used it without recognizing that it could tarnish the entirety of my blog! 

With a cranky toddler asking for my attention and a husband who will come home anytime soon (I drop everything when my husband opens the gate), my face went white.  I can’t believe that I am now a struggling blogger with a dysfunctional blog site.


After kissing Bry, I asked him if I could spend 30 minutes of my time to “fix” it.  He agreed and even brought me some leftover Strawberry Crepe.  Without blinking, I searched and searched on how I could bring my blog to its normal sense.  After a few minutes, I discovered on how I could repair it.  YEY!  From there, I shut my computer  down and told myself that I will work on it when that same night.

Re-doing my blog was faster this time.  I actually challenged myself to not only re-do it but give it a different and a more personal touch.  I can’t believe that the MESS I did turned out to be a HAPPY-MESS! 

my blog's new face

Even in little things, God is teaching us that He has the ability to transform every ugly situation/s we are in.  So trust Him and be comforted that this MESS can be a HAPPY-MESS!

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