BASIL: The Home of Real Thai Food

We finally had a time to have a "real date" indulge over Thai food (Oh how I've missed these two). After checking out the reviews and spotting a discount on Metrodeal, we happily decided to visit. Basil is located along Chino Roces Avenue.  It is behind a building that is in front of Glaxo Smith Kline.  From Magallenes MRT, it would probably be just a 2 minute ride.

We ordered Phad Thai 360php, Creamy Prok Curry 325php and Lettuce Wrap with Tamarind sauce 295php.  I am not a fan of 300++ pinoy dishes because I think I could whip them at home, but since this was Thai authentic Thai, my wallet happily gave in.

The lettuce wrap was refreshing.  It was crunchy all over and the Tamarind sauce gave it a different kick. It was minty, sour and sweet all at the same time.  Perfect for appetizer.

The Curry was great too.  It was not spicy but so flavorful.  I literally closed my eyes on my first taste.  It took me back to the streets of Bangkok.  Awesome flavor.  We did not finish it all so we brought it home for Risen which by the way he happily finished!

Phad Thai.  This was real.  I wanted more of it but my tummy surrendered already.  haha I would go back to Basil just for this.  Really really yummy and spicy!!

If you want real food, cozy and quiet ambiance, I highly recommend Basil.  They too have the most accommodating staff and efficient service.  Not too mention, big servings too.  

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