How much does it really cost to have a kasambahay (helper)?

Mommies, wives, parents, families would normally need help at home.  We are actually lucky enough to be staying in the Philippines because getting a house help is not that expensive compared to our neighboring countries. However, very few kasambahay employers get to the bottom of computing on how much does a nanny or a helper would really really cost.  If you are one of these wives who only check on the monthly pay-out, let me help you.

Disclaimer:  I am an English teacher so please pardon my explanation :).  Also, the figures below may vary depending on the family.

             3,500 - monthly salary
                385 - monthly SSS (11% of 3,500)
                200 - monthly Philhealth (will come FROM employer if salary is below 5,000)
              3000 - monthly food allowance (based on 100 a day)
                200 - monthly Meralco and water
                150 - monthly Detergent soap
                500 - monthly eat out, load, others
             7, 935

So there.

My thoughts?

1.  Do not only compute the salary but the food and utilities as well.
2.  This may be really worth it if you have a good kasambahay (I miss our Ate!)
3.  If you are earning 20,000 every month, 12, 065 goes to your pocket and the rest is to your house employee.
5.  A rough estimation of 96,000 (8,000 x 12 months) is what you spend on your kasama sa bahay every month.

Now, think again :)




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My life as a freelancer started last December 2015 when I decided to print out my name on a card and (finally) declare myself as a professional event host.  I have been hosting all my life, and so I thought it would be appropriate to do it actively on the side.  Thankfully, I mostly received “dapat lang”, “buti naman”, “bakit ngayon lang?” from family and friends. Yey!  That was definitely a good sign!

Actually, what was intimidating was when I was seconds away of clicking “enter”.  It was a battle I had to fight hard.  There was a mixture of excitement, kaba and fear.  I was so afraid that no one will ever get my services and that my cards will be put to waste. I was also into the idea that there are a lot of hosts so “why would they want to get me?” However, with my eyes almost closed and with a silent “bahala na” I just did what I had to do -- I declared myself as a professional host and gave a go signal to have my card printed.  Looking back, I was so glad I clicked “enter”. I am so happy I jumped into the world of freelancing.  Definitely a right choice.

Do you also want to be a freelancer?

My tip?  Just do it.

If you have been passionately baking, cooking, fixing, decorating, writing, editing, etc. for free, then that means you already more or less “freelancing”, only that, you have been neglecting the business side of it.  So, why not do it “professionally” na ‘di ba? 
And yes, just like me, you will always have excuses.  I am not saying that you do away with it, but maybe what you can do is to figure out which ones are valid and which ones are totally absurd.  Take your time and write them down.  Analyze, compare, argue with yourself then decide.

And yes, you do not have to quit your job once you have decided to be one.  You can start slow and just do it on the side.  In time, you would notice when you are ready (only if you want) to quit your 8-5 routine and do something really really great with your life (yes, I am being biased here).

Freelancing is an awesome choice for a stay-at-home wife and mom like me.  I am still able to spend a whole a lot of time with my husband and son without forgetting of the things I am good and passionate about.  Freelancing is God sent.  He gave me the talent, and as always, He gave doors to be able to use it. As always, praises be to Him!



I have always been proud on how I was able to get around the house, serve Bryan, take care of Risen, do rakets and handle ministry opportunities with a smile on my face.  I have to be honest that it was easy to juggle all this because we had support from our kasambahay.  However, the past few days I had the same goal, only this time without help. 

It is Mother’s day today and we are officially with no kasambahay for almost a week now.  I really thought my world would end without her, but surprisingly, it gets better each day.  I know that the days ahead may not be easy as they were, but to be honest, I am getting the hang of it (or is this too early to say? haha).

How am I coping?  I decided to take one step at a time.  My morning starts with sending Bryan off, then devotions then Risen.  Then, when I have spare time in between Risen, I clean up, do the laundry (Praise God for automatic washing machines!!), and then the other errands.  Our house is definitely messier and plates are often left in the sink, but that should be okay.  That is just really okay  (yes, I am still convincing myself on this area hihi).

Today, as I gaze around our tiny home and read the heartwarming mother’s day greetings, I can’t help but thank God for once again raising the bar of His expectations from me.  I am a wife and a mom…a legit stay-at-home wife and mom.  I miss working full time, the help we used to get, but I am grateful God initiated to take all this from me.  In all honesty, if these two will be offered, I would decline (PS we had the best kasambahay and it was hard to let her go).  Why?  Because I have found my calling in serving my boys intentionally.  My heart has found peace in what I do now.  I would not trade it for anything!!

Definitely tough times ahead but I am assured because God is with me all the way!