I am back to pen and paper journaling!

It took me ages to pull myself together and make sure that my Bible reading ends up on my notebook. Thankfully, my husband modelled it to me (wuhooo for husbands who intentionally pray).  I saw his journal filled with his thoughts and I just can't help but be envious on how His talks with God ends up on paper.  I used to do this before but it got really difficult when I became a full time wife and mom.

If you also want to go back to journaling or to your Bible reading, I encourage you to just do it.  Actually, the most difficult part is the first day! Once you start, you would know the next one would be easier.  Aside from this, you may want to consider the following:

1.  Set a time and place.  If you need to set your alarm, do it.

2.  Prepare something that you can munch while reading your Bible.  Make this special by only having this cake or coffee or chips at this time.  For myself, I make sure I have brewed coffee and a slice of cake or Fudgee bar :)

3. Buy pens!! I got my different shades of ink from Craft Central at Greenbelt.  This costs 170 php.  

4.  Decide beforehand what you will study.  I am now on the Book of John.  I will blog on how I study it SOON!

5.  Ask someone to check up on you.  As for me, my d-group asks me from time to time if I have been reading and writing.  So effective.  I also "report" on my husband every day on what God has been teaching me.

6.  Remind yourself of this famous verse (it is a famous song too) 

Romans 16:19
"For your obedience is known to all, so that I rejoice over you, 
but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil."

In order for us to be wise, we need to study and take note of the things we have been learning.Yes, just like how we did it in high school.  Remember how we read books and wrote down in our notebooks what heard and read?  This pretty much sums up what journaling is all about.  We take time to digest our verses from the Bible then write down in colorful pens what we learned.

Pen and paper journaling is a discipline and must be added in our daily routine.  It is like bathing (Who leaves the house here without taking a shower?).  More so, let us also make sure we leave our homes geared up for the troubles, blessings and situations we will face!  May God bless you!  Happy reading!

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