1.  Do I always give a "yes" when my husband asks for sex?

2.  Do I know my husband's love language?  Do I work on this?

3. Am I (Are we) following God's blueprint for marriage?

4.  Does it show in my routine that my husband is my priority?
     (Or is it my work or kids?)

6.  Am I surrounded by people who love their marriage 
    and their husbands?


1.  Evaluate yourself - No blaming, no judging, just see on how you are as a wife/husband.   I suggest you do this when you are not emotional.  Write down the things that you are good at and bad at.  It would help if you could also consider the things that your husband/wife complains about you.  You do not have to show the list to him/her.  Just take time to be honest and write down the attitude or character you have been displaying lately. Done?  Let us jump to number 2 because this is connected :)

2.  Continue or start being a good wife or a husband - I am sure you have "excuses" for the "negative things" you have been doing lately.  Maybe you thought of "sya din naman" (my spouse does the same), or you are tired, or you have been patient for the longest time...The thing is you can't control your partner but you have power over yours.  My suggestion? since your marriage is falling apart, be the better person.  He/she does not kiss when he says "bye"?  Then do it.  He/she does has no time for you?  Then initiate time together.  Avoid minding his/her department.  Just mind yours - your being a wife or husband.  Now, go back to your list (number 1) and work on the things you are "bad at".  Do this without any expectations that your wife/husband will improve as well.  Just do your part.

3.  Talk to couples who mirror a lovely marriage - The good news is, we still have couples whose marriages are warm, inspiring and a joy to look at to.  You do not have to look far.  It could be your friend, cousin, or even the Ninong and Ninang you got when you married.  The thing is, surround yourself with couples who will encourage you to pursue your spouse and your marriage.  When  you have troubles, do not go to a group whose marriage is breaking apart as well.

4.  Go back to the basics of love, marriage and commitment  - Review the foundation of marriage:  leave and cleave, love and respect...These are vital in marriages that couples often forget.  Also, I would suggest that you list down your priorities and see if you are actually doing them.  Also, do not tag "family" as one priority, it should be 1. husband 2. child/children (in the order that you want).  They should be branded separately so we can really see where we are. 

5.  Realize that you need Jesus - You only do not need him on your wedding day.  You need Him daily on your marriage.  You only do not need the pre-marital counselling that was required by your church, parish, priest or pastor.  You need it (more) after you get married.  

If you have done number 5, and you are sure that you accepted Jesus in your life and in your marriage but your marriage is still sinking, let me add 5 more numbers :)

1. Join a discipleship group for couples
2. Check your priorities (again). Drop what has to be dropped.
3. Have devotions with your husband/wife at least once a week
4. Evaluate your physical situation at home (do you have privacy for sex?, is your house a good sight to come home to?, do you have yummy food?, is your child ruling your house?, etc)
5. Treat once a week date nights like a trip to the Emergency room

This suggestions does not cover women/men who suffer physical, verbal or sexual abuse from their spouses.


Riiinnnggggsss! :)

I have been stalking LITTLE WHITE POUCH for like three months now and I must admit that I became a fan.  I do not really like the common jewelry pieces you see on stalls (actually, I am more interested with statement accessories), that's why, it was a joy checking their IG feed because they have a variety to choose from.  Their taste is unique yet classy. It is not extremely "too artistic" nor "super common".  In short, I love them and I am sure you would appreciate them too!!

Let me share to you a few of their products (Engagement rings to be exact) according to the categories I picked.  This is just too exciting!!!

PS. The descriptions in blue and the captions were composed by Little White Pouch 

1. An artist (painter, graphic designer, theater actor)

Artists usually want one of a kind engagement rings. Rings that would reflect their personality and style.

Dark Gray Spinel set in 14 karat yellow gold textured band

Dark Gray Spinel set in 14 karat yellow gold textured band

Oval shaped Salt and pepper diamond with Sapphire stones pave on band
2. A woman who loves the water and the mountains:

I chose rings that reflect the color of nature. My favorite of the three would be the Opal because of its color play that reflects the color of the water and skies. Oh and it's part water! :) 

3.30 carat Zambian Emerald set in 14 karat bezel set ring. Reflects the color of Mountains.

Oval Shaped Opal set in 14 karat Rose Gold.
Color play of  Opal reflects the color of the skies, the water and the trees.

 3.  A woman who loves and knowledgable with jewels/diamonds/gold

This 1.5 carat, I color Diamond set in a 14 karat thin band.
This setting highlights the beauty and sparkle of the diamond.

4. A classic lady

1.14 carat Diamond set in 14 karat tiffany setting inspired ring. The bride's ring is a solitaire setting that uses 2 colors of gold. White gold prongs to highlight and brighten the diamond & a classic knife edge yellow gold band.

0.76 carat H color diamond set in 14 karat gold Cathedral ring.
Cathedral setting is an elegant and classic design that highlights the beauty of the stone

0.76 carat H color diamond set in 14 karat gold Cathedral ring.
Cathedral setting is an elegant and classic design that highlights the beauty of the stone.

1.14 carat Diamond set in 14 karat tiffany setting inspired ring. The bride's ring is a solitaire setting that uses 2 colors of gold. White gold prongs to highlight and brighten the diamond & a classic knife edge yellow gold band

5. Something timeless and can be passed from one generation to the next 

Rose cuts are antique cut diamonds that flourished in the 1500’s and were eventually replaced by the Brilliant cut in the 1900’s. And its making its comeback. This type of diamond is a very unique cut that gives off a softer brilliance compared to brilliant cut diamonds.  I think I chose this ring for the "timeless category" because it's proving to stand the test of time.


5. A woman who wants it perfectly matched with their wedding bands

Our client had her engagement ring reset to this hammered textured band 
    to resemble the hammered wedding bands that we made for them.

Photos of the hammered wedding bands

7. Sporty woman

The owner of this ring is a sporty girl who wanted something she can wear during her activities.
 It's won't be a hindrance to her movements because of its thin band and bezel set tourmaline stone.
Oh and that knot detail gives a hint/feel of "movement".

This Princess cut engagement ring is also a very simple ring that sporty girls can wear anywhere, anytime.
The small stone, flushed into the ring, will definitely stay secure whatever the wearer chooses to do.

7. Purity Ring
This Dainty Ruby ring can be considered as a purity/promise ring because
 the Ruby's blood red color that symbolizes love.

This Heart shaped Diamond set in 14 karat gold can represent a promise to wait for true love.

Pearl ring that does not look "pang tita" 

This is a medium sized mikimoto pearl flanked in small diamonds, set in 14 karat white gold.
A piece that can be worn everyday.

Let me know your favorite! :)


Since I have been telling you about the scheduled rest we did for 3 days and 2 nights, let me share this to you in detail so you can have an idea on your next sabbatical trip :)

Me and Bryan have been looking for a place that is (1) within our budget (2) a short drive from Carmona (3)  a place that is not crowded (4) and has amenities that Risen can enjoy too.  We have been googling up until we stumbled upon Club Balai Isabel and the 4 points we have been eyeing for came in perfectly.  (1) It was on 50% off at Agoda (we paid 6700 for 2 nights)  (2) It was just like an hour away from Carmona (Talisay, Batangas - Exit at Tanauan via Star Toll) (3)  They are still free on a weekday - weekdays mean less people (4)  They have 3 pools and large spaces for our 4 year old to explore.

After 4 checks, we booked and drove to Club Balai Isabel :)

We were there early so we had to wait by the pool before we can check-in.  It was totally cool because we were allowed to use the pool and the other amenities.  Before 2pm we were given a room (we booked an Executive room).  They were also gracious for the request of transfer (from 3rd to 2nd floor) that we made.

The sweetness of doing nothing (la dolce far niente) finally began after we dropped our bags in the cabinets.  It was literally eat, swim, bed, then repeat for us.  I think it was the "less thinking and no planning" for three days that we enjoyed the most.  Oh wait, we used naman pala our brains when we ordered food! haha  I am posting the menu and prices here because I know these details are valuable for a Mrs. like us.

Seriously now, what I love about this 3 days 2 nights near get away was able to catch up with myself.  You see, when a wife or mom gets tired, the tendency is to imagine what life was like before.  Now, no regrets here, but I just have to admit that I miss being spontaneous, staying out of the city, practicing my stroke (water baby!!!), reading books while having Coke, staying under the sun, and not thinking of anything  "adult like" was sooooo relaxing!!! I was not #adulting for 3 days! Woohoooo.  Sounds selfish? Maybe. But it is so true.  I so miss myself and that 3 day 2 night stay was a very good way to get back to the groove of being a full time wife and mom.  I was really recharged.  It was like I can peel 10 kilos of Chayote with a smile!  haha

Now, would I recommend Club Balai Isabel on your next trip? YES! but only of you can only get for half the price.  Booking it for 6,700 a night is quite pricey of you ask me.  I have little issues with cleanliness, lack of towels in the pool area, no toothbrush and toothpaste (has to be requested), and late opening of pool areas (8 am) ;)

Be sure to check Agoda before booking!  And of course, be sure to rest and enjoy the sweetness of not doing anything!


And oh, I made a video to sum up our trip!  This is my first time so please be appreciative haha