We moved in to Carmona last May and one of the things I looked for is a salon.  If you are a woman, you would understand.  A spot that makes you beautiful, is a happy place for us.  If you want us to be energized, inspired and relaxed -- pamper us!!

And guess what?  There is no parlor in Carmona!  Well, actually, meron naman..But most are non-airconditioned, does not have trusty nail polishes, hard to locate, and lastly, does not offer a variety of services.  That is why, I made sure I was there at the opening of Celebrity salon (Puregold Carmona).  As early as 9am of January 8, I was already chatting with the friendly staff.  

Natuwa ako because they have what I want -- in one place!  Massage, spa, and hair care!! And guess what? You do not have to save for every visit because it is affordable. 

OPEN FROM 9:30 AM TO 8:30 PM


  1. Hi miss Mico, have you tried any hair treatment po? And how was it?

  2. Not yet. But they have a variety of treatments naman :) I think it is safe to try the hair masks :)

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