1.  When fighting means the end of the world - This is when you argue, then your world stops.  You can't focus at work, you are overly stressed, you feel he/she would leave, you try to fix things badly, you overreact, you fear a break up... The list goes on. The bottom line is, you become devastated just because you fought.  Guess what? you will still fight when you get married so make sure you will end up with a guy/gal that would make you feel loved though you have some issues.  Someone who will still ask if you were able to go home safely in the midst of an argument.  Yes, you can feel secured, respected and loved in bad circumstances.  If a guy/girl makes you malfunction because of a petty quarrel, think hard.

2.  He/she loves me, he/she loves me not - When he or she is confused.  A person in a relationship must be sure of what he is getting into.  It can't be one day he/she is in, the next day, he/she is blah.

3. When it is all fun, fireworks and physical -  We would see this in rom-com flicks.  We do not have to watch hollywood films because even the Pinoy movies are slowly blending in.  Of course we need to have fun in relationships, but guess what?  Every relationship has to be balanced and it can't be all "let us just enjoy what we have now".  Trust me, at the end of the day, you would want more sincerity, depth and richness (especially for women).  You would want real conversations, deep thoughts and compromises

4. You and me - Yes, there is something wrong when it is just ALWAYS the two of you.

5. When you lose your identity - You will somehow "lose" this when you get married and have kids.  However, I personally think it should be done slowly and carefully.  A real change does not happen overnight.  You can't suddenly be a gym rat, a coffee person, or have a different religion, etc.  Yes, your personalities will probably get a bit mixed up, but this can't all happen on at least the first 6 months of your relationship

6.  Involves physical abuse - Anger can't be a reason.  No guy (or girl) should beat up another person.. Enough said.

Age does not exempt you from having a detrimental love life.  The "wise"choices that you make may not be the best.  And you know what?  The best option is to keep away from this list.  It would be difficult to end up with a man or woman who puts an unhealthy relationship on the table.

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