Bryan and I finally opened our company (naks naman),  Soli Deo Events Management!  We aim to lead professionals into further study by organizing trainings, workshops and forums all over the Philippines.  

This idea has been in our brains since the early part of our marriage.  We just used to talk about it so when God gave us a go signal and time to start, we did what we have to do - applied for a name, limited our focus and divided our responsibilities (the hardest task to date).

This is another a kind of "let's do this together" thing for me and Bry. We sort of argued to meet halfway on our homeworks, but, just like in any long talks, we were able to figure it out.  Bryan will work on the finance and logistics aspects and I on the program and marketing.  It is actually good when you keep on doing things with your better half.  You get to know the person more, be challenged by each other's weaknesses and have more productive coffee time together.

So, if you are a professional, visit our page once in a while, okay? And maybe you can suggest a thing or two that you would like to learn from us and the experts of the industry.  SOLI  DEO GLORIA!

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