One of the advantages of homeschooling is the freedom to choose activities for a child.  With this in mind, Me and Bryan have decided to try out summer classes for Risen to see on how he would respond to a group set-up and to assess his academic skills as early as 3.8 years old.  Since we are both teachers, we more or less have a list in mind of what questions to ask.  Let me share these ideas with you.

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1.  Who will be my son's teacher?  - We sometimes get overwhelmed with the qualification of the Head Teacher, curriculum, materials or Principal that we forget what matters the most is the person who will be implementing the curriculum.  Feel free to ask the teacher's university, experience, background and specialization/s.  This matters a lot.

2.  If you are enrolling your son/daughter for summer school, ask the specific goal at the end of summer classes.  Make sure to know what your child should be learning.
  • Is it for socialization?
  • Is the class for a specific academic goal? (e.g reading, counting, arts, etc)
  • Is it for a readiness program?
3.  You may also inquire what activities will they be doing.  Most summer classes last for two hours.  A parent should have an idea on what they will be doing inside the classroom so he has an idea what to ask his child when he comes home.


4.  Inquire about their protocol during an emergency.  We are entrusting the life of a kid in the hands of the teacher for more or less 2 hours.  Make sure their facility has first-aid kits, an emergency procedure and safety cautions.

5. It would be wise to also ask about their curriculum.  Is it Montessori (learning by doing), traditional (desk, board, teacher,), play (mats, tons of manipulatives, songs), school of tomorrow (less socialization, paces/workbooks) etc. ?  Here, you could also check if your child would fit in the learning strategies of the school.

6. Lastly, ask where their graduates mostly enroll grade 1.  This would give you a hint of the standard they have as a preschool.

To end, let me encourage you to decide on this as a couple.  I made sure Bryan was with me when had a peek on the possible summer school of Risen.  He saw a different view and I saw another which will hopefully help us decide if we should enroll Risen.  The choice of school should not be left to the mother or father.  There should be a discussion that should bring you to a decision.

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