This came in as a surprise when me, Bryan, my mom-in-law and our forever in tow Risen visited Sanchez Mira, Cagayan.  I did not expect that there would be a hotel smacked in the center of a provincial town.  It is only  a year old so you could just imagine how modern and swiftly clean this place is.  Let me give you a tour of what it looks like inside our room.

twin bed on left and queen size on the right; the sliding door leads to a balcony

water heater, coffee and cable TV

modern restroom

yes to hot and cold shower!
Not yet impressed?  Now, let me tell you that this is all for 2,200 for a night, inclusive of breakfast! Diba???!!! Yes, it is a hotel in far flung Cagayan, but for those who want a solid get away, this is for you!! Aside from this, they have a restaurant that serves Pinoy and Asian dishes.  We had sushi and Vietnamese Rolls for dinner and it did not disappoint.  It as a real winner in our tummies and pockets.

We had a comfortable sleep and we woke up excitedly for the breakfast.  We chose among Egg, Rice and Native Longganisa or ham or hotdog or chicken nuggets.  Yes, there was nothing special but the steamed Pako salad was soooo good!  We wanted to ask for more! haha

Found him like this!!!

Hotel's lobby

parking lot and pool on the left side

restaurant in front

Baggak Hotel is one of the reasons we want to go back to Sanchez Mira.  The life is provincial but this hotel makes you feel you are in the city.   


  1. Hi mam. May contact no.po ba kayo sa Baggak hotel? Thank you.

  2. How to book? We have 2 guests who will stay in Sanchez Mira from Nov 11 to 28, 2019. They need 2 rooms (1 guest per room).


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