Name of husband and wife
Francis& Veni

Name and type of business

Why did you choose to do business together?
We started this business almost 4 years ago when it was the latest trend in the party planning industry. This was supposed to be a stepping stone for me/us because I wanted to be an event organizer for parties, weddings & big events. :)

How do you divide responsibilities?
Since he's the techy one, he obviously does the techy stuff like setting up the camera, the backdrop, lighting and mainly the whole operation. I do the marketing end, looking for customers, bargaining and working on the details for the client's layout.

Do you argue because of your business? If yes, can you give examples?
Yes we do. :) Sometimes it is because we didn't check the venue and the space allotted for the photobooth is very small.  My hubby gets irritated and blames me.  However, when he always gets to adjust and ends up providing our client Class A service. ;)

What are the advantages of working together? Any disadvantages?
 Advantages? Well, we grow together by collaborating our ideas to come up with the best service we can provide. Our virtue of patience is practiced especially when there are technical problems that arises during the event.

Disadvantage? From both of us none so far. Hehe

Any tips on those couples who are planning to do the same?
For couples out there who are planning to start up their own business, we urge you to go on with it! :) Aside from the fact that you don't need to worry about each other because of your whereabouts, you can help each other grow spiritually and learn together by doing the business that you both like. Your relationship will grow deep not only as partners but also as good friends. :)

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