HUSBAND WIFE TANDEM BUSINESSES: Life Coach and Drone Service Provider

Bryan and I started a business last March and though we have just began, we saw a lot of inspirations and challenges already. This is the reason why I got inspired to feature some couples who are working on a same trading together. Some say it takes "another level of commitment" to be successful in a husband and wife business tandem. I personally am curious to know what our seasoned business partners would say. Quite interesting, right?

For tonight, we have Albert and Vivs. Read on!

Name of husband and wife: Albert and Viviene Bigornia

Name and type of business:
Nielsen Aerial (Drone Service Provider)
The Fulfilled Women (Coaching Business)

Why did you choose to do business together?
When we came back from Singapore in 2012, we both didn’t want to go back to the corporate world. Instead, we started a Cupcake Business. It didn’t pull through as successfully as we wish it would be. So my husband came back to work as a Piping Engineer. Our first venture however was followed by 2 more attempts to set up a business until we both figured out what business we really wanted and that is what we do now. Our hope is that we could do business full time so we can have more flexibility in our family schedule.

How do you divide responsibilities?
He has a different skill set and strengths than me so we use that to help each other progress in the business. Example, he has great leadership and problem solving skills. He is also a visionary. So when we do goal setting together, I carefully listen to his advice. My strength on the other hand is Marketing and Social Media. So that is my role in our businesses.

Do you argue because of your business? If yes, can you give examples?
It was difficult in the beginning especially with our very first business venture together. I had been in business for a while so I was ahead of experience and knowledge. It was difficult to submit to his authority when I feel that we should take another route. But after all the struggles, God made me realize it was necessary so that he would learn thru experience and now we are on the same page and things are easier to handle.

What are the advantages of working together? Any disadvantages?
The biggest advantage is that we can talk about business anytime! We don’t need to set up a meeting with each other (although we still do during important decision making situations). We can talk about it in the car or the dining table and we are both ok with that. I also love the fact that we support and inspire each other a lot everyday. I don’t know how it would work out to do business on my own without his full support and involvement. I am not sure there is much of a disadvantage of working together as husband and wife because it works really well for us. Probably, the disadvantage is that when you argue on a business level, it gets escalated on a personal level. There should be some kind of rules with regards to this so it could be avoided or at least lessened.

Any tips on those couples who are planning to do the same?
Pray together for your business. Sometimes the business will work out. Sometimes it won’t. But be mindful of what God is teaching you along the way.Specify your roles in the business. When both your hands are in the business, decision making becomes pretty hard since you both want your own way. But, if you have a specific area to handle, you know he should listen to you or vice versa.
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