Oh wow!  The Let's Get Down to Business talk by Francis Miranda would perk you up to finally get going to that business you have been dreaming about.  This would be an answer to the famous questions "What is a good business?" and "How do I begin with my business?"

I have so much information stuck in my head and my handout, that I actually do not know where to begin sharing.  With that, let me just quote our energetic speaker

"What do you like to do and what are you good at"

"What people are willing to pay money for?"

"It will never be perfect - just go"

"Structure your business according to the life you want"

"Each business has a cost - mostly time and money"

"Think about "where you are" and not "where you are not"

"Allocate time while working (determine how much time you need in business)"

"How much are you willing to lose?"

"You need to be exact and to focus.  Sometimes, to just one"

The last one made me thinking.  So, during our break, I asked the bloggers I was seated with and they totally agreed to what Francis said. It kept me thinking up until I reached home.  And the result?  At 5am the next day, I re-designed my blog and limited the tabs to just three -- faith, marriage and everything in between.  

From today, I decided to get down to the business of writing about relationships.  Yey!  That means, I already have a brand.  I am now a #relationshipblogger from Manila.  I hope to write about the happiness, answers, questions, struggles and love stories of married couples.  Can't wait!!!

#relationshipblogger with a messy hair from manila
photo by Shootgeeks

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