Bryan and I have been getting a lot of questions and suggestions on having a second baby.  Some asks if we are considering, others question when will Risen have a sibling, some strongly says we should have one, asap.  While I do not really mind people asking, I must admit, I am sometimes get caught unprepared when questioned or advised.  For one, some people who ask are not so close to me so I find it hard to pour out my reasons.  Second, I do not want those who are asking be offended by my strong reasons and responses so I just give my/our  usual answer.

To cut the chase short, are we having a second baby?

We are saying "no" because we believe that this is a spiritual decision and must have God's go signal. Though we know that God wants us to procreate and  that He provides our needs, we know deep in our hearts that God also deals with us differently (hence some are gifted with none, with one or some 10) and that He has specific and personal instructions to us.  And to be honest, God has not given us the go signal yet.

To add, me and Bry are on the same page of not wanting one. There is no desire. No wanting. No "jealousy" towards parents having second babies. As of today, we are good.

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Now to those who are very straight forward in saying that kids with no siblings are kawawa (to be pitied) when they grow up, this is not true. I know of stories of only kids who are surrounded, loved and helped. On the other hand, I also know of kids who have siblings who were abandoned and left alone. So IF the the foremost reason of having a sibling for Risen is because he will be "kawawa" when he grows up, then our definite answer is a "no"... We honestly do not think it is Biblical to "worry about our kids' future"  nor to accept their "defeat" just because they are "incomplete". Risen will probably adjust here and there when he grows up, and just like the other kids I know who are an only child, with God's grace, he will be fine.  

I am sure having "more kids" is great, but as of writing this, it is not (yet) for us. I am pretty much sure that the Lord will somewhat reveal in His time, and if that happens, we will obey. 

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