I have heard about homeschool back in college (circa 1998-2002) but did not pay attention to it because what I read about it are all theories.  However, my interest grew when I met homeschooling families, read Howard Gardner's The Unschooled Mind, and taught homeschooled kids who transitioned to regular classroom set-up.

I must say, I admire those that I met. I remember them to be kind, well adjusted, hard working, and excellent students.  Now that I have been a full time mom for over three years, I saw the importance of training, influencing, and journeying my son, Risen.  So yes, we are considering homeschooling.

So what exactly is this?  Before I list them down, I would like to thank Ms. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao for simplifying this for all the 12 moms who had an intimate session at CMA over the yummy cookies, Empanada, and coffee that Ms. Donna graciously prepared.


Okay, let us get back to the question, what is homeschooling?

Basically, this is when the parents decide to be their children's teacher at home.  They have the option to enroll their kids in a homeschool provider or do it independently.  To addm these are the things I have learned:

1.  It is a lifestlye - it does not start and end with books.

2.  It is not permanent - "Always read signs if it is for you or if it STILL for you" - Ms. Donna

3.  It never misses out on character building - one of the primary goals of homeschooling is training and values education.  That means, books should be put on the side to deal with character.

4.  It requires time, commitment, dedication, community and help - Homeschooling needs both the heart and mind

5.  It needs to have a strong foundation - Yes to this!  This is what we mostly learned and I will give you my response on this in the coming days.  I just need to answer the worksheets Ms. Donna gave us.

smacked in the center is Ms. Donna

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