The world of homeschooling can be overwhelming.  From curriculum to provider to books to manipulatives, to pretty much everything.  I personally experienced this when we started to consider homeschooling Risen. Everything seems a bright idea, a wonderful option, or a much needed buy. That is why I was so thankful to Donna Pangilinan - Simpao who gave an intimate talk about homeschooling 2 months back.  Right after I listened to her I came to appreciate the following:

1.  How and when to start homeschooling - Do you know that the how  and when mainly involves the parents and child/children?  You could stay away from too much pieces of advice from groups, other parents or even from experts.  You basically need your family to start.

2.  The heart of homeschooling - What matters most in homescholing?  What makes one enjoy it?  What does it take to flourish?

3. Curriculum, budget and materials

4.  Types of homeschooling 

I have learned more things and I am so tempted to share this with you but I do not want to preempt Donna's talk this June 10, 2017.  Yes, she will have a discussion and a Q and A time for anything you want to know about HOMESCHOOLING FOR THE FIRST TIME.  

I would like you to reserve a seat and discover how you should begin your journey in homeschooling. I am sure that you and the other parents will be able to finally take off after this.  To add, we will also make sure that this would be highly interactive and activity based.  Meaning, you will not come home with theories, but with clear and particular steps you can use.  Your homeschooling journey starts here!  Are you ready?

You may deposit reg fee at
BPI Carmona Branch
Account Name: Soli Deo Events Mgt
SA#: 0980007898
Pls email deposit slip at
Rate for 1 attendee: 1000
Rate for husband and wife: 1600
Contact me at 0932 5630133 ot for more details 

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