Are you loving your what you do everyday? Or are you stuck with the statements "walang magawa, kailangan kong magtrabaho" (I can't do anything about it, I need to work) and "enjoy na lang pa minsan-minsan." (I will just enjoy when I can) ? What if you can get away with these phrases and say "i love my daily life" instead? 

Don't get me wrong, I am not offering hurry rich schemes so you can just relax and earn. What I have in my heart is a change of mindset and heart. Allow me to continue.

When Bryan failed the bar exams last 2014, one of the things we asked was, "Lord, what do we do now?". Our hearts and minds were set on the idea that Bryan will pursue lawyering so when God said "no", we were kind of stuck. 

We continued to seek God and honor His timetable and as we have been doing this, we saw how we are enjoying the waiting. Bryan works as a full time teacher, I. as a stay-at-home mom.  To add, recently, we opened up a business as we try to homeschool Risen. It was slow, balanced, and more or less perfect for what we want - a little bit of everything. We never get burn out, we have ample time to serve the Lord, we can enjoy a lot of long holidays (because teachers are privileged of this), and we are tied to a schedule that allows us to spend time with each other. To be honest, are really happy with our day to day lives - we do not dread Mondays and we don't rush the weekend. We are loving our pace.

We stumbled upon this awesome lifestyle, when Bry did not pass the bar. It was more of like a blessing in disguise.  And slowly, God is revealing to us, why He said "no" that time. In one of our talks, we realized that we should not aim for a dream job but for the lifestyle that God wants for us. Come to think of it, why would you pursue and make your dream jobs the priority? Are you planning to just "work" all your life?

It is sad that many people are working to their hearts' content but still ending up losing their lives. Also, a lot of parents are trying to build their kids' future without thinking that they are missing on what is happening now. Yes, your child's education is secured, but at what gain? 

My suggestion? Stop aiming for that dream job, instead focus your eyes on the lifestyle that you want then search for a job to go with it. Your work should never be your life therefore, pick the lifestlyle and not the job.  

This is my encouragement for most especially to those who are single because you have little to lose. You can risk your comfortable lives and regular jobs because, as you adjust, you are the only person who will be affected (unless you are the breadwinner). To those who are parents, I know it will be extra challenging because the word "security" becomes a totally different world when we become parents. However, my challenge remains the same. A child is looking up to you and I am sure that you would want him to remember you as a parent who valued him more than work. In their eyes, love means time.

If Bryan became a lawyer, I honestly do not know how our life will be like. Yes, we'd probably enjoy more meals in fancy restaurants, have a bigger home, buy the latest gadgets, but, at what  cost? Would we really really want that? 

Now, maybe some of you are thinking, how about the money? 

Let me say these: 
1. Where God leads, He provides 
2. Is money the real issue or is it contentment? 
3. Stop working hard, start working smart 
4. Do not let your companies kill you, your family and your life
5.Money is a need but do not let it drive you

So, should we all stop working?  Of course no. We need to work. Should we aim for a lifestyle then choose a work that will make that happen? Yes!! This is what we want

We all get to live only once and trust me, you want it balanced and focused on the life God wants for you. Start aiming for the life that you (and God) really want and work on it. 

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