This world tells us that we must chase after our dreams, people we value and money.  The society (aka FB) also gives us the idea that we need to always be on our best for these things to stay in our lives.  Our schools companies, businesses and even friends remind us that we also need to fight for the things we want to achieve.

Sounds like a wonderful game plan?

Who does not want to be in prestigious company, in a growing business, in a blossoming relationship, or in  great family ties?  I would want for myself as well - this is nothing but normal.  We all want to excel, be validated, maintain  the people we value and be "followed" or respected.  However, what becomes an issue is when we start running after these things before we chase God.  How we value the gift instead of the giver.  How we make excuses of doing these things instead of being busy with the Lord.  On how we passionately pursue our dreams and yet lazily listed to what God has been wanting to tell us.

 Now, does this still look like a game plan for success?

If we want to be successful in all areas of our life (including peace that surpasses all understanding), the only way is to honor God first.  This would mean arranging our schedule to make time with God first rather than making time with work, love life, family then lastly, God.  IF this is how you plan to run your life, or if this is your current state, then you are headed to failure.

You may be honoring God in your life, but let me tell you that this is not enough.   The goal is not to seek God but to seek God first.  
What Jesus has been telling us is "Me first",  "Chase me first", "Stop maintaining that relationship, settle your relationship with me first".  Once put God on the first spot, the we would not have to chase the rest of the things.  All else will follow.

Remember that the question is not if we are seeking Him, but IF we are seeking him first.  

So are you seeking God first?


Hello po! :)

First, let me congratulate you for raising responsible individuals who would like to be independent and be responsible for someone.  I know that your are happy for them, more so, excited for the wedding day!! However, I can also understand on how this day can be stressful and confusing at the same time.  Do not worry amazing parents, I got you! I will try to explain how a wedding usually works at this time.

1. We now have coordinators.  That means  you won't be in-charge of anything. That is good news , right?  Your son/daughter  was given assignments that they would need to turn over before to the wedding . All you need to do is seize the moment of your child's celebration.

2.  The church is usually very strict regarding time.  Due to this, we need to follow the schedule set by the coordinators.  If a Ninang, an entourage, relative will be late, we will still start without them.  We can't wait for them or ask them to march for picture taking purposes.  Please  help remind your children to remind your amiga to expect traffic and come early..

3.  Speaking of schedule, we will follow a timeline from waking up to the end of the program. This will be done on the dot  in order to achieve an organized wedding.  Please follow the time set for hair and make-up, breakfast, dressing up, etc.  This will be all be reminded by the coordinator. I hope that you will try to understand that the make-up artists, photographers, videographers and other suppliers do not want to do their job swiftly.  They need time to produce expected and excellent results.

4.  There will be a lot of people coming in and out of the hotel room during the preparation   Please secure your belongings and your sets of jewelries :)  The suppliers will not be liable for any loss that will happen.

5.  Do not forget to ask your son or daughter on how the processional will go. You may usually walk with him/her from the start or meet them at the middle of the aisle.

6.  If you are not comfortable  to walk with your spouse during the march, you may choose to hold the bouquet with two hands as to not be forced to hold his/her hand.  You may also request that you sit beside your balae during the reception.  Also, if you will be asked to deliver a speech, you may do this alone or right after your partner.

7.  The pictorial line up after the ceremony is final.  If you want additional group photos, this can be done during the reception.  Regarding the program and seating arrangement, this was also agreed and approved by your son/daughter during the planning stage . If you have questions or concerns about this, you may ask the coordinators.  However, please do not feel bad if they will reply with a "no".  They have the best intentions and I am sure they just want the program to be as smooth as possible.

8.  There might be things that has to be paid for during the event.  Since the couple is busy with the celebration, this may be asked from you.  Please prepare a small amount of cash for emergency purposes.

9.  There is always a gap (about 1 hour) between the ceremony and reception.  This is happening because 1.  the couple is still having their pictures taken 2.  The couple is having their re-touch 3.  The couple is eating 4.  The sound system might need time for adjustment (if one venue for ceremony and reception) 5.  guests are being seated on their tables.  During this time, you may maximize the use the photo-booth, eat pica-pica, mingle to your guests, and have your pictures taken using your personal phones or cameras.  This is normal and I am sure your guests have also anticipated this gap.  

10.  Prepare a speech. Your son and daughter will most likely ask you to say something at the end of the reception.  When this happens, you need to prepare for (a) an advice for the newly weds (b) an appreciation for those who celebrated with you and lastly (c) a warm welcome to your son or daughter-in-law.  I would recommend that you prepare this in days before the wedding.  It does not matter if it is in Filipino or English as long as it will not start with "Hindi ko alam sasabihin ko" , "sabi ko wag nyo na akong tawagin"or "I did not prepare anything".  This is an important part of the program.  To add, when you are ready for your speech, you will appear more confident, there will be less nervousness and you will end up saying what you really want to say.  You can do this!  

11. Bring a small amount of food, emergency medicine, tissue and water. Due to heat, exhaustion is very possible.  And since we want to avoid feeling sick, kindly bring these essentials.

12.  Lastly, enjoy.  I have been hosting weddings for quite some time now and let me tell you that I have never been to a perfect wedding and reception.  There will always be that small incidents.  However, please trust the suppliers that they mean no harm and the would also want the very best wedding celebration for your child.  Just smile, take a lot of mental notes and relish every moment because it will all come by so fast. Dance a little, smile a lot, and celebrate to the max!  

There :)  I hope that this list would help you be merry on your child's big day!  Do you think I have forgotten some tips?  If yes, feels free to comment below.  If none, what is your favorite from the list I have made? 


We have to admit that romance or the kilig factor may not be always present in any relationship. These feelings are feelings nga eh, so they can "come and go".  This may happen because of circumstances, distance, familiarity and kids (yes, you read that right).

However, this should not mean we just let go of the romance factor in our relationship.  What we can do is to take intentional steps to rekindle the sparks that we have as husband and wife.

Last week, before the school year opened, me and Bryan, together with 2 families went on a trip to Rizal, San Pablo and Liliw Laguna.  We  took this chance to also date, have fun and rekindle romance.  How did we do it?  Here!

1.  I sat in front.  At times, during long trips, I sit with Risen at the back.  However, in this long haul of drive, I made sure to stick with Bryan in front.  We just brought a bag of goodies and toys that Risen can easily pull out when he gets bored.

2.  We were 90% together even if we were in a group.  Sure we had friends with us, but we made sure we had moments.  Instead of walking with the group, we sometimes get ahead.  That's why, I also suggest that you travel with people who are marriage oriented.  The couples we were with did not mind if we had to sleep earlier (though we were branded as the senior citizens of the group because of our sleeping time hahaha), get ahead of the pack, or stayed far sometimes.

3.  We did something crazy together.  We took the 400 plus steps to Tayak Hills, and what made it funniest was when Bryan went up in long sleeves and slacks!!!  Aside from this, we also had mini couple olympics.  Fun should never be left out in any trip.  If you should make a "program" to spice things more, go have one.

4.  Back in the hotel room, we requested for a extra bed for Risen.  I am not against co-sleeping with your toddlers/babies, however,we should also think IF this is affecting our intimacy.  Remember on how you longed to lie down in the same bed with your husband when you were still gf-bf?  If you were excited on when this will finally happen, this means it is really important.  Do not let your kids get in between of your intimacy.  Yes, an extra bed means an extra cost, but if it will make you extra cuddly with your partner, why not di'ba?  One of the nicest feelings in the world is to wake up in the arms of your husband!!  Umamin ka, totoo diba? :)

5.  We gave each other space.  This was the 10 percent off I was talking about on my point number 2. I had a hearty breakfast with Ate Lorena (Lovi was still in dreamland) while the boys met up for devotions and church planning.  After this, I also spent time with Risen in the pool.  

6.  We ate.  One of the things we like doing is trying out dishes together!!  On our plates were Pancit Lucban, native sausages and Pako omelet.  We vowed to order what we have not tried yet.  There pa lang, may bonding na! In fairness to the White House Restaurant in Liliw, we enjoyed all of it. We also took home brownies from Arabella's, Pako leaves and kesong puti. 

Do not think that your next travel will just be an ordinary drive with your hubster.  When well thought of, it can be a way to rekindle romance with the love of of your life.  Just remember how you were intentional when you were bf-gf.  This phase called marriage should be no different at all.


God is the keeper of my dreams. Funny how I have forgotten some of them but He remembers them so well.  Not only that, He also gave them to me when I was ready!  I felt so even more special when He started handing it to me one by one at the beginning of my birthday month. Let me share to you my dreams that became realities in His time :)

1.  Our guesting at 702 DZAS - I have been listening to this christian AM radio station since I was 6 years old.  I would remember listening to the broadcast while I prepare for school.  This continued up until high school and I could somehow really say that it influenced my growing up years.  I have learned much from their counselling, lifestyle, and discipleship programs.  

Our first invite was to this station was last 2014.  Unfortunately, due to schedule, it did not happen.  I silently told God that I do not want to touch this area and I would want Him to orchestrate on how He would want it to be.  It was like me saying "bahala ka na Lord".  Then last May, someone contacted us to guest in TWO shows! The first one was in Pages which will highlight our love story (recorded) and will air on June 17.  The second one was the a live interview wherein we were able to share our business, Soli Deo Events Management.  


2.  Soli Deo Events Management - I would get so kilig every time I would see my favorite couple professors Mr. and Mrs. Mendiola walk in Philippine Normal University.  I would tell my classmates that I hope to also do this with my husband to be. Little did I know that while I was saying this, Bryan was studying in Pamantasa Ng Lungsod ng Maynila as a teacher.  At the moment we get to work, train, study, and teach together through our company.


3.  Our homeschooling journey - I am officially a homeschooling mom!  We started our first day last June 13.  I have waited and longed for this and we are finally here!


4.  Blissful marriage - By God's grace, we are turning 5 this year.  After all this time, I still secretly stare at my husband as I thank God for giving him to me.  

5.  Recent road trip - We are finally doing road trips! This has stalled for awhile (those with kids would understand) and I am just so glad we were able to drive long before I hit 36.


Name of Husband and Wife
Bryan Eli and Mico Sadorra

Name and Type of Business
Soli Deo Events Management:  Training/Consulting Business
"Our vision is to organize and or facilitate workshops all over the Philippines"

Why did you choose to do business together?
To begin, we are both teachers who are usually invited to train outside of our schools as well.  With that in mind, we thought that maybe we can start a company that does this.  Second, we have been wanting a business with low capital. To date, we have only shelled out 15,000 -- That includes business registration, a printer and a fee for the venue of our first event.  Lastly, we enjoy tandem talks and working together.

Radio Interview at 702 DZAS
 How do you divide responsibilities?
Good thing, my weakness (money, documents, paper works) is his strength and his lacking (marketing, community, creativity) is my best. We made sure we work on our expertise while we check on each other's work for accountability.

Do you argue because of your business? If yes, can you give examples?
Mighty yes! :)  Since we have been doing this separately for a number of years already, pride gets in the way.  He thinks this way is the best way, and of course, I would not have it his way.  We settle this by 1. not deciding during the argument 2.  going back to our roles in the business 3.  praying about it 4.  letting go of "I am right" syndrome.

What are the advantages of working together? Any disadvantages?
So far, all good :) Just be careful of not having a "space" with your spouses.  I think it is still important to have each other's "me time".

Any tips on those couples who are planning to do the same?
It is a spiritual decision.  Do not do it without a confirmation from the Lord. If He says "yes", then you will be amazed on how crazy, fun and peaceful it could be all at the same time.  


Your wedding day was sunny, romantic, very promising, and probably, it was perfect, just how you want it to be.

Hours turn into nights, nights to weeks, and weeks to months.  You are probably anticipating a baby (or finding ways on how to have one), in the middle of your career, starting a business, coping with your in-laws, mastering the art of pakikisama, learning how to cook, etc.

How are you?  How is your married life, ex-bride?  It is also just how you expect it to be?

I am asking because mine, in some parts, was not glittery at all.

I found out I was pregnant after being married for a month, which by the way we did not regret, but my hormones was crazy at this time.  To add, we just moved to Manila, I was working in Alabang, we had no house help and Bryan was on the peak of his law school.  Looking back, I do not even know how we worked around it gracefully.  To sum it up, it was not the first year of marriage that we were envisioning.  It was not very romantic, not perfect and not how we wanted it to be.

I have to be honest, that my heart was on mid key (or could it be that I was just pregnant?) on our first year.  Yes, I was elated with my married life, pregnancy and Bryan, it was just that, it also full of adjustments and changes.  It was blah in some days.  Do not lose hope, better days are coming!!!

Are you feeling the same thing?  Is your marriage not on how you imagine it?

I was there.  It was not easy.  It was unpredictable, crazy and full of "ganito ka pala" (I did not know you're like this).  With this maybe you can lower expectation and higher appreciation.  I have heard this a million times and it works.  Focus on the positive side, let go of the negative vibes and encourage your husband often.  Also, remember on how you made sure your wedding day was perfect by doing this and that? Do the same thing in your marriage.  Plan, be intentional, be excited, stay inventive, spend on it, work.on.it.every. single.day!

You will have troubles, problems and disappointments, but remember to always respect and love your husband and in times you just can't -  Do it as unto the Lord.

Also, surround yourself with people who are encouraging.  Have coffee dates with wives whose marriages are not perfect but uplifting.  Talk with ladies who are supportive, loving and respectful of their husbands.  

Our goal should be to magnify Christ in our marriages.  They should see that there is a God in our married life.  When we choose to do this, God honors our hearts and He makes our marriages as "perfect" as our wedding.  We sleep well at night and our love is renewed each day.  We are still giddy knowing that tomorrow is another great day to stay married.

Just like what your parents, Ninongs and Ninangs told you in their speeches, love, forgive, communicate, and do not forget to include God in your marriage.  Make Him the center and truly, you will see how your married life could be as exciting as your wedding day.