God is the keeper of my dreams. Funny how I have forgotten some of them but He remembers them so well.  Not only that, He also gave them to me when I was ready!  I felt so even more special when He started handing it to me one by one at the beginning of my birthday month. Let me share to you my dreams that became realities in His time :)

1.  Our guesting at 702 DZAS - I have been listening to this christian AM radio station since I was 6 years old.  I would remember listening to the broadcast while I prepare for school.  This continued up until high school and I could somehow really say that it influenced my growing up years.  I have learned much from their counselling, lifestyle, and discipleship programs.  

Our first invite was to this station was last 2014.  Unfortunately, due to schedule, it did not happen.  I silently told God that I do not want to touch this area and I would want Him to orchestrate on how He would want it to be.  It was like me saying "bahala ka na Lord".  Then last May, someone contacted us to guest in TWO shows! The first one was in Pages which will highlight our love story (recorded) and will air on June 17.  The second one was the a live interview wherein we were able to share our business, Soli Deo Events Management.  


2.  Soli Deo Events Management - I would get so kilig every time I would see my favorite couple professors Mr. and Mrs. Mendiola walk in Philippine Normal University.  I would tell my classmates that I hope to also do this with my husband to be. Little did I know that while I was saying this, Bryan was studying in Pamantasa Ng Lungsod ng Maynila as a teacher.  At the moment we get to work, train, study, and teach together through our company.


3.  Our homeschooling journey - I am officially a homeschooling mom!  We started our first day last June 13.  I have waited and longed for this and we are finally here!


4.  Blissful marriage - By God's grace, we are turning 5 this year.  After all this time, I still secretly stare at my husband as I thank God for giving him to me.  

5.  Recent road trip - We are finally doing road trips! This has stalled for awhile (those with kids would understand) and I am just so glad we were able to drive long before I hit 36.

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