Your wedding day was sunny, romantic, very promising, and probably, it was perfect, just how you want it to be.

Hours turn into nights, nights to weeks, and weeks to months.  You are probably anticipating a baby (or finding ways on how to have one), in the middle of your career, starting a business, coping with your in-laws, mastering the art of pakikisama, learning how to cook, etc.

How are you?  How is your married life, ex-bride?  It is also just how you expect it to be?

I am asking because mine, in some parts, was not glittery at all.

I found out I was pregnant after being married for a month, which by the way we did not regret, but my hormones was crazy at this time.  To add, we just moved to Manila, I was working in Alabang, we had no house help and Bryan was on the peak of his law school.  Looking back, I do not even know how we worked around it gracefully.  To sum it up, it was not the first year of marriage that we were envisioning.  It was not very romantic, not perfect and not how we wanted it to be.

I have to be honest, that my heart was on mid key (or could it be that I was just pregnant?) on our first year.  Yes, I was elated with my married life, pregnancy and Bryan, it was just that, it also full of adjustments and changes.  It was blah in some days.  Do not lose hope, better days are coming!!!

Are you feeling the same thing?  Is your marriage not on how you imagine it?

I was there.  It was not easy.  It was unpredictable, crazy and full of "ganito ka pala" (I did not know you're like this).  With this maybe you can lower expectation and higher appreciation.  I have heard this a million times and it works.  Focus on the positive side, let go of the negative vibes and encourage your husband often.  Also, remember on how you made sure your wedding day was perfect by doing this and that? Do the same thing in your marriage.  Plan, be intentional, be excited, stay inventive, spend on it,!

You will have troubles, problems and disappointments, but remember to always respect and love your husband and in times you just can't -  Do it as unto the Lord.

Also, surround yourself with people who are encouraging.  Have coffee dates with wives whose marriages are not perfect but uplifting.  Talk with ladies who are supportive, loving and respectful of their husbands.  

Our goal should be to magnify Christ in our marriages.  They should see that there is a God in our married life.  When we choose to do this, God honors our hearts and He makes our marriages as "perfect" as our wedding.  We sleep well at night and our love is renewed each day.  We are still giddy knowing that tomorrow is another great day to stay married.

Just like what your parents, Ninongs and Ninangs told you in their speeches, love, forgive, communicate, and do not forget to include God in your marriage.  Make Him the center and truly, you will see how your married life could be as exciting as your wedding day.

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