Name of Husband and Wife
Bryan Eli and Mico Sadorra

Name and Type of Business
Soli Deo Events Management:  Training/Consulting Business
"Our vision is to organize and or facilitate workshops all over the Philippines"

Why did you choose to do business together?
To begin, we are both teachers who are usually invited to train outside of our schools as well.  With that in mind, we thought that maybe we can start a company that does this.  Second, we have been wanting a business with low capital. To date, we have only shelled out 15,000 -- That includes business registration, a printer and a fee for the venue of our first event.  Lastly, we enjoy tandem talks and working together.

Radio Interview at 702 DZAS
 How do you divide responsibilities?
Good thing, my weakness (money, documents, paper works) is his strength and his lacking (marketing, community, creativity) is my best. We made sure we work on our expertise while we check on each other's work for accountability.

Do you argue because of your business? If yes, can you give examples?
Mighty yes! :)  Since we have been doing this separately for a number of years already, pride gets in the way.  He thinks this way is the best way, and of course, I would not have it his way.  We settle this by 1. not deciding during the argument 2.  going back to our roles in the business 3.  praying about it 4.  letting go of "I am right" syndrome.

What are the advantages of working together? Any disadvantages?
So far, all good :) Just be careful of not having a "space" with your spouses.  I think it is still important to have each other's "me time".

Any tips on those couples who are planning to do the same?
It is a spiritual decision.  Do not do it without a confirmation from the Lord. If He says "yes", then you will be amazed on how crazy, fun and peaceful it could be all at the same time.  

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