We have to admit that romance or the kilig factor may not be always present in any relationship. These feelings are feelings nga eh, so they can "come and go".  This may happen because of circumstances, distance, familiarity and kids (yes, you read that right).

However, this should not mean we just let go of the romance factor in our relationship.  What we can do is to take intentional steps to rekindle the sparks that we have as husband and wife.

Last week, before the school year opened, me and Bryan, together with 2 families went on a trip to Rizal, San Pablo and Liliw Laguna.  We  took this chance to also date, have fun and rekindle romance.  How did we do it?  Here!

1.  I sat in front.  At times, during long trips, I sit with Risen at the back.  However, in this long haul of drive, I made sure to stick with Bryan in front.  We just brought a bag of goodies and toys that Risen can easily pull out when he gets bored.

2.  We were 90% together even if we were in a group.  Sure we had friends with us, but we made sure we had moments.  Instead of walking with the group, we sometimes get ahead.  That's why, I also suggest that you travel with people who are marriage oriented.  The couples we were with did not mind if we had to sleep earlier (though we were branded as the senior citizens of the group because of our sleeping time hahaha), get ahead of the pack, or stayed far sometimes.

3.  We did something crazy together.  We took the 400 plus steps to Tayak Hills, and what made it funniest was when Bryan went up in long sleeves and slacks!!!  Aside from this, we also had mini couple olympics.  Fun should never be left out in any trip.  If you should make a "program" to spice things more, go have one.

4.  Back in the hotel room, we requested for a extra bed for Risen.  I am not against co-sleeping with your toddlers/babies, however,we should also think IF this is affecting our intimacy.  Remember on how you longed to lie down in the same bed with your husband when you were still gf-bf?  If you were excited on when this will finally happen, this means it is really important.  Do not let your kids get in between of your intimacy.  Yes, an extra bed means an extra cost, but if it will make you extra cuddly with your partner, why not di'ba?  One of the nicest feelings in the world is to wake up in the arms of your husband!!  Umamin ka, totoo diba? :)

5.  We gave each other space.  This was the 10 percent off I was talking about on my point number 2. I had a hearty breakfast with Ate Lorena (Lovi was still in dreamland) while the boys met up for devotions and church planning.  After this, I also spent time with Risen in the pool.  

6.  We ate.  One of the things we like doing is trying out dishes together!!  On our plates were Pancit Lucban, native sausages and Pako omelet.  We vowed to order what we have not tried yet.  There pa lang, may bonding na! In fairness to the White House Restaurant in Liliw, we enjoyed all of it. We also took home brownies from Arabella's, Pako leaves and kesong puti. 

Do not think that your next travel will just be an ordinary drive with your hubster.  When well thought of, it can be a way to rekindle romance with the love of of your life.  Just remember how you were intentional when you were bf-gf.  This phase called marriage should be no different at all.

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