This world tells us that we must chase after our dreams, people we value and money.  The society (aka FB) also gives us the idea that we need to always be on our best for these things to stay in our lives.  Our schools companies, businesses and even friends remind us that we also need to fight for the things we want to achieve.

Sounds like a wonderful game plan?

Who does not want to be in prestigious company, in a growing business, in a blossoming relationship, or in  great family ties?  I would want for myself as well - this is nothing but normal.  We all want to excel, be validated, maintain  the people we value and be "followed" or respected.  However, what becomes an issue is when we start running after these things before we chase God.  How we value the gift instead of the giver.  How we make excuses of doing these things instead of being busy with the Lord.  On how we passionately pursue our dreams and yet lazily listed to what God has been wanting to tell us.

 Now, does this still look like a game plan for success?

If we want to be successful in all areas of our life (including peace that surpasses all understanding), the only way is to honor God first.  This would mean arranging our schedule to make time with God first rather than making time with work, love life, family then lastly, God.  IF this is how you plan to run your life, or if this is your current state, then you are headed to failure.

You may be honoring God in your life, but let me tell you that this is not enough.   The goal is not to seek God but to seek God first.  
What Jesus has been telling us is "Me first",  "Chase me first", "Stop maintaining that relationship, settle your relationship with me first".  Once put God on the first spot, the we would not have to chase the rest of the things.  All else will follow.

Remember that the question is not if we are seeking Him, but IF we are seeking him first.  

So are you seeking God first?

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