Sorry this is a trap!!

Do you know that when you got married you don't have your many anymore?
Yep, this is true...What you have is a money for the two of you.
 But since andito ka na din lang sa blog post ko, tapusin mo na :)

I have listed a few things on how we can avoid fighting about money.  I hope you find this helpful as well.

1.  Change your perspective.  Your money is now conjugal.  It is not yours, nor his, it is BOTH your money.

2.  For accountability reasons (in other words: taguan ng pera issues), disclose ALL salaries and ALL expenses.  Some couples who are both working have separate responsibilities or bills to pay.   For example, the husband pays for the mortgage and education, while the wife handles the utilities and food.  This may sound an equal footing when it comes to budgeting but if you would notice, when we have this type of responsibilities, couples will end up asking the following:
1.  How come you only have this left?
2.  Where do you bring your money? 
3. Bakit ito lang pagkain, tinitipid mo ba ko? 
4.  Tuition na ng mga bata, bakit wala pang pambayad?  

To lessen this, my suggestion is to, combine salaries then subtract ALL expenses.  This will also help the wife be accountable to spontaneous shopping and the husband will  have less temptation on womanizing (yes, you read that right).

3.  Decide on how to spend your money.  If you have spare cash, agree on how this will spent too. If you can't agree, divide the extra cash and let each other use it on how each want it to be , BUT STILL, let your spouse know how you will use it.

4.  Save up.  Financial advisers would say that 20 percent should go to savings.  Talk about this as well.

5.  Acknowledge that your money is God's provision.  Therefore, seek Him on how to use it.  We should be stewards of His gift dahil ito ay pahiram lang.

Remember that the goal is to not to have more to fight less but to have the same perspective on what money is.  With this mindset, you can win!!

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