My heart, soul and mind leaped when I saw this phrase on one of the pages of Vogue magazine. I heard the entirety of me shout "yes" with much gusto!! Too excited that I shared it with the two ladies I met up with after.

Yes, yes, yes!!! You need to LEARN HOW TO BE ALONE. You need to experience it, embrace it and love every minute of it. It has to be felt for ones betterment.

Sadly, some people ignore the learnings that they can get when they are on their own. They think that being by themselves is depressing, scary, unnecessary and shameful. They also believe that they need a significant other to be at their happiest. This may not always be true.

Don't be fooled because again "being alone is the greatest adventure one can ever have".

True that word adventure may entail ups and downs thus this makes it worth the journey. I believe with all my heart that one has to get through this phase in order  to value oneself, appreciate togetherness and get to see people and the world in his own perspective. 

My encouragement to those who feel alone is to savor this moment and learn from it. Most likely, this will not be the last you will be alone. Do you know that those who are married sometimes feel that they are on their own? Also having kids will also make you feel down (google post partum depression). So, if you are alone, make the most of it. Decide on your own, travel a lot, learn hobbies, invest in friendships and lastly, love it up to the point that you won't need a man or a woman to make you happy.

For those who are in relationships and are afraid of "losing their bf/gf" which ends up making him/her your world, stay away.  Stay clingy when you are with them but stop wanting them when you are doing your own thing. Get a life without him/her. Your view of life and love will be shady if you always see it in both of your perspective. See it with your eyes first then share it when you get together.
ance yourself. You will have unlimited time with them when you are married.

And now, for those who have been alone the longest time, have you really learned how to be alone? Have you enjoyed this journey? Because if you have, then you should not feel alone. IF you still feel bad about being single, then sadly, you have never learned to be alone. The goal is to be complete on your own. The plan is to be at your happiest each day. The ending should be to joyfully say " i am on my own and I am good with it". 

Marriage is an another roller coaster ride. Enjoy and learn from the ride you are in. It will be worth your time (whether you get married or not), I promise.

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