It was Friday last week when I met up with wives and moms that I do not know.  Crazy, right?  Well thanks (and no thanks) to social media, we ladies decided to ditch the famous Facebook group for a while and meet-up, for real!!

Two filed leaves from work, a few decided to pump milk so they can escape their little ones, some brought their families and a bunch literally took the leap and left their homes -- SOLO. Wuhoo!! Whatever the situations we chose last Friday, it was definitely worth meeting other moms who are in need of social life and unlimited kwentuhans.  It was really a for Fri-yay!!

We were about 22 and amazing on how everyone talked and listened at the same time -- what women can do!! 

In that 2 hour eye-ball (insert inside joke here), I learned a few things:

1.  Both stay-at-home wives and moms and working bellas need good talk and positive company once in a while

2.  We can make friends even on our mid-thirties

3.  No one is too tied up for meet-ups

4.  I can be a blessing and so you can be too

5.  Lastly, it was fun and we hope to do it again!!

If you are from the south, message me and I will make sure to invite you on our next meet-up!


1.  When you come across his birthday or your anniversary (or even his name) and all you can say is "this date seems familiar". Yes, this will happen.  There will come to a point that you won't even remember.  It would probable take months, or even years, but you will eventually come there.  I remember reading the papers one time and I came across a surname.  Funny on how I had to pause to recall whose last name was it.  It is good to forget.  

2.  When there is no longing, no hate, no smiles, no guilt, no anything.  In short, zero.  Do you know that the opposite of love is  apathy or indifference?  Meaning, you have no feeling toward the person or the relationship.  You are neither "happy for him", disgusted nor offended.   

3.  When places, barkada, events, celebrations do not remind you of him or her.  This is one clear sign too.  Remember the time when you said all of your friends are his buddies too?  And his barkada is yours too?  You will be surprised on how you can hang out with your common friends without the idea that they are also your ex's crowd.

4.  When people ask you about him or her, and you answer without malice, grudge or smile.  The people in your environment will surely tease or ask with the intentions of annoying you.  I know how you have avoided talking about him because you know you will affected.  The day will come when people ask and you have 2 reactions:  (1) you answer honestly that you don't know or that he is working or abroad or (2) you will be surprised that you are not offended or bothered at all.

5.  When you have forgotten you are actually "moving on".  This long and dark phase of moving on shall pass.  One day you will wake up and realize that you are no longer moving on because you have already moved on!


Date nights are essential to any form of relationships. This can't be any true-er for married couples like us. However, the difficulty of spending time together is obvious when you live outside the Metro and you have a toddler in tow.

That is why, we were so thankful when we finally had the chance to visit Niña's Kitchen. We always pass by this house turned restaurant when we go home to Carmona. We were always intrigued of the cars parked outside, and the online reviews by no other than, Ms. Universe, Pia :)

So last week, when Risen spent the night in my parent's house, we finally made it inside! I was surprise to see that the food was affordable! To be honest, our pockets were ready to pay more because the ambiance was fine dining. To our amazement, it was actually not pricey!

We asked what was their specialty and did not think twice to order them. I got the Salmon while Bry got the spareribs Caldereta. Our food came after 20 minutes. 

Their food was yummers! It was filling, authentic and flavorful! We actually ended up tasting and finishing each other's food. Aside from the taste, what we really love was the ambiance. It was full yet it was quiet and cozy. Plus, the waiters were friendly!

Would we go back?  Yes!  I am looking forward to having dessert and ordering coffee :)

My final say on Niña's Kitchen?
The food is common but it was cooked superbly. Second, considering the cost, ambiance and location (if you live in Biñan, Carmona or nearby areas), this for me is the best date place! It is an easy escape to the "usual dining". If you want to be "transported to a hotel" and not worry about the cost, then Niña's Kitchen is the restaurant to be in!! 

Curious of the food and cost? Take a look at the photos I took!












Are you also getting married soon? Congratulations!! If not naman, I guess you can still learn from this blog, so please continue reading :)

Aside from my clients (I host weddings), I know other couples who are getting married this year. And guess what? these love birds are younger than me so I was  not surprised when I was ambushed wiht the question "What advice can you give, ate?".  To begin, I was really glad they asked  ;) -- not that I am an expert, but because as most of us know, this is the most important decision one will make so it is really really really important to ask.  Did I forget to say "really?" :)

So, in case you want to know or you need ideas, let me share them with you.

1.  "Magpa-counsel kayo"
Plan for your marriage by seeking planned or intentional counseling.
A lot of couples sit down for long hours to plan a wedding.  They even hire a wedding coordinator     for an event that will happen for 5 hours.  They also have researched on what a great wedding looks like.  Is there anything wrong with this?  Of course, none! I actually did this too on my wedding.   However, the problem comes in when you spend more time in planning a wedding than your marriage.

My suggestion is to not do this in passing.  Allot a time, date and a person you can ask or counsel       you.  Sadly, the help you get from the church and government (one day group seminar) may not be     enough, so maybe, try to look for options on who can help you.  I believe many churches (CCF churches for example) and some organizations offer one on one counseling, so yes please, inquire :)   You can also  email me for recommendations.

At this point, maybe you are asking "why does this thing have to be specifically done?". Well, to be honest (1) though you have been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for the longest time, there are still things to be settled and realized. (2) to add, you will know the deeper meaning of marriage when you seat down and discuss it (3) you can ask your issues and concerns (as a couple, with each other, with in-laws and others) and lastly (4) This would be a safe way to discuss and settle problems that you have been avoiding or hiding under the rugs

2. "bumukod kayo ha?  Leave and cleave :) 
Follow God's blueprint .  I have a blog committed on this topic.  I hope you read it too.

3.  "Look at the marriage part as well"
Aside from loving your partner, embrace and appreciate the idea of marriage.  I have come to realize this after being married for 5 years.  When the honeymoon period is over, you can reboot it only when you know why you are married, what marriage is and the purpose for your relationship.  I think that when a couple fails to understand the biggest reason of their union, it will have the tendency to fall apart.  

Our marriages can never be perfect but a good start is a solid foundation.  Seek for advice. Gather information.  Accept correction and look for inspiration.  After all, the world of marriage is a lifetime. Best wishes!

Now to you who are already married, what advice will you give if asked?

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So I finally was able to write one!  And since this is a milestone for me and my blog, I want to share this to you for free!

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This e-workbook is helpful if...
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This workbook is very personal because it is a product of of my tears a week back.  Recently, I fell apart and I had to go back to my reasons and re-evaluate my decision to be one.  With this scenario, I thought of sharing my journey and the questions I answered with you.  Thankful that God can disappointments to encourage others.  I pray that this book be a blessing to you as well!