1.  When you come across his birthday or your anniversary (or even his name) and all you can say is "this date seems familiar". Yes, this will happen.  There will come to a point that you won't even remember.  It would probable take months, or even years, but you will eventually come there.  I remember reading the papers one time and I came across a surname.  Funny on how I had to pause to recall whose last name was it.  It is good to forget.  

2.  When there is no longing, no hate, no smiles, no guilt, no anything.  In short, zero.  Do you know that the opposite of love is  apathy or indifference?  Meaning, you have no feeling toward the person or the relationship.  You are neither "happy for him", disgusted nor offended.   

3.  When places, barkada, events, celebrations do not remind you of him or her.  This is one clear sign too.  Remember the time when you said all of your friends are his buddies too?  And his barkada is yours too?  You will be surprised on how you can hang out with your common friends without the idea that they are also your ex's crowd.

4.  When people ask you about him or her, and you answer without malice, grudge or smile.  The people in your environment will surely tease or ask with the intentions of annoying you.  I know how you have avoided talking about him because you know you will affected.  The day will come when people ask and you have 2 reactions:  (1) you answer honestly that you don't know or that he is working or abroad or (2) you will be surprised that you are not offended or bothered at all.

5.  When you have forgotten you are actually "moving on".  This long and dark phase of moving on shall pass.  One day you will wake up and realize that you are no longer moving on because you have already moved on!

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