It was Friday last week when I met up with wives and moms that I do not know.  Crazy, right?  Well thanks (and no thanks) to social media, we ladies decided to ditch the famous Facebook group for a while and meet-up, for real!!

Two filed leaves from work, a few decided to pump milk so they can escape their little ones, some brought their families and a bunch literally took the leap and left their homes -- SOLO. Wuhoo!! Whatever the situations we chose last Friday, it was definitely worth meeting other moms who are in need of social life and unlimited kwentuhans.  It was really a for Fri-yay!!

We were about 22 and amazing on how everyone talked and listened at the same time -- what women can do!! 

In that 2 hour eye-ball (insert inside joke here), I learned a few things:

1.  Both stay-at-home wives and moms and working bellas need good talk and positive company once in a while

2.  We can make friends even on our mid-thirties

3.  No one is too tied up for meet-ups

4.  I can be a blessing and so you can be too

5.  Lastly, it was fun and we hope to do it again!!

If you are from the south, message me and I will make sure to invite you on our next meet-up!

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