FREE E-WORKBOOK: How to be a Happy Stay at Home Wife and Mom


So I finally was able to write one!  And since this is a milestone for me and my blog, I want to share this to you for free!

From Crappy to Happy:  Your Ultimate Guide on
 How to Be a Stay At Home Wife and Mom

This e-workbook is helpful if...
1.  you are considering to be a stay at home wife and mom 
2.  you want to re-evaluate your decision as a SAHWH and
3.  your life as a stay-at-home wife and mom sucks ;)

And since this is a workbook, you will be guided to write down your thoughts, choices and fears. Aside from this, you will also be tasked to assess you and your family's finances, dynamics and schedule.  

How can you get this?
Just click :)

This workbook is very personal because it is a product of of my tears a week back.  Recently, I fell apart and I had to go back to my reasons and re-evaluate my decision to be one.  With this scenario, I thought of sharing my journey and the questions I answered with you.  Thankful that God can disappointments to encourage others.  I pray that this book be a blessing to you as well!

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