This post is due last Tuesday but I am only posting today because I am too lazy to write.  Yes, even the things you so love doing end up on your "to do list".  

And guess what? this also happens in marriage.  Sometimes, I do not feel like "being married".  In some occasions, I decide to lie down in bed instead of prepare breakfast for my Bryan.  I also sometimes put myself first instead of him and I intend to be so lazy in making intentional ways to improve our relationship.  Sounds bad for a marriage blogger like me?  

Good thing, the leadership conference we attended last week, boosted my spirit to be more loving, supportive and gracious to my partner.  All I thought it was my "leadership" that will be trained, little did I know that it will be my heart.  In that gathering, I have learned that ...

(1) My husband needs me.  And with that, I have to make sure I support, ask for his needs and wants and make him really see that I am the only person he would need in any angle of his life.  

(2) I am human and I need Him not only in my faith journey but also in my marriage.  That though my marriage is awesome, I should cling to God on this aspect of my life.  Sadly, we only rely on God when our marriages start to fall apart.  I was reminded to nurture my relationship with God and Bryan on a daily basis.  Not weekly, not monthly but daily.  There should be no room for "bawi ako tomorrow" (I will make it up tomorrow).

(4)  Lastly, God reminded me that in times I do not feel like getting married, I sin.  He made me remember why I said "I do". He made me recall the commitment I made to Bryan and to Him. To add, that I while I enjoy this relationship I must also take it seriously. Marriages are not only legal, they are holy! 

So in times you don't feel like getting married, remember that it is a sin. Just like any negativity, shake it off, pray  and love harder! The truest emaning of love is being able to love despite the feeling of "I don't feel like loving".   Remember your vows and reflect on that day you vowed to be happily (I am pretty sure you did this with smiles, right?) married forever! 

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