Last September 8, 2017, I had the privilege to listen to the women, wives and mothers who are in the in the ministry of CCF (wives of Pastors).  It was a super refreshing time to hear their stories, learnings and tips on how they become better women for their husbands and children with the grace of God. I was just so excited to hear their voices love coz I would just often see them in CCF gatherings and conferences.  I must admit I often wondered how they are like ;) 

 Seriously now, since I also often find myself conscious and "lost" on how I can improve as Bryan's partner inside the church, I was really excited to listen..  As they talked, I sat on the edge of my seat trying to absorb and scribble the thoughts that made an impact in my heart.  

Praise God, I was able to write a few!  These are statements that were said by the six wives.  Just in case, you find one or two thoughts broad, please bear with me because these were written down in between their stories.  So sorry, I just can't give all the context behind each tip. 

Excited too?  Here is goes!

1.  Keep the humor
2.  Live to give not to get
3. Be your husband's number 1 fan
4. Make your husband happy
5. Make your husband a satisfied man at home and in bed
6.  Be a visual delight to your husband (this is my favorite)
7.  Say to yourself ..."I am my husband's only option"
8.  God is my priority schedule
9.  All my schedule depends on my husband's schedule
10.  Constraints are God's direction (another fave!!)
11.  After God, it is your husband that will tell you what to do (tinamaan naman ako ng bongga dito!!!)
12.  You can't change your husband
13.  Press on to the summit 

You would know my top three choices by now.  How about you?  What is your favorite? :)

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