In my previous blog, I shared that we were only able to settle to 2018 mid January.  It was a rough take off , however, we are just really happy to finally made it to the new year kahit late.  Before I give you a run down of the things we did to arrive on our 2018, let me give you some signs of a person who has not moved into 2018 yet.  Or better yet, an indication of a home that has yet to  adopt in to a steady phase.  If you nod on my every point (or at least half), you likely need tips on how to settle too.

1.  you sleep tired and you wake up tired
2.  you do the same amount and length of chores repeatedly, e.v.e.r.y d.a.y!!
3.  you can't find your comb, the new ketchup you bought, and the tiny gun of your son's robot
4.  you have clutters, actually no, you have many clutters
5.  you are overwhelmed with chores that you do not know where to begin
6.  you find your home, 24 hours, chaotic
7.  lastly, laging mainit ulo mo

How did I know?  This all happened to me for 2 weeks  ;)

Okay, enough of the dump, let us now handle this. Ready?  First step...

Organize your home.  Wait, do not get scared.  Once you know the ins and outs of your house, it would solve 50 percent of your problem.  Promise!  Do not worry, I will not leave you with this big word, I will walk with you through it.  Okay, so how do we organize?

1.  Throw, give and sell the following:
- Double or triple items
- clothes, bags, and shoes that do not fit and you don't wear

Yes, I know this will be HARD.  So may isa pa akong tip.  What you do is bag all these things first.  Do not give or sell them yet.  Just put them in a bag or box.  After a few months, you would realize you can live without them.  By this time, it would be easier to let go.
Good luck!  You can do it, Misis!

I gave my big bag of clutter to someone who has a big family.  I did not bother selling them kasi na stress pa ko dun.  But, if you want to earn from your clutter, go ahead and plan a garage sale.  If not, pamigay mo na lahat para no worries at all.

2.  Organize your home.  In short, pagsama samahin ang pare pareho.
This is still connected with my first tip.  After you have decided what to keep and what not to keep, plan out the things inside your home.  An organized home is equivalent to having a system.  Dapat may sistema misis.  Here are my examples:

1.  I only have 3 sets of bed sheets, blanket and punda.  All this are packed in one set, so isang kuhanan lang.  na ka group na sila.

2.  Risen's toys can't be played at the same time.  Naka group din sila.  Two at a time lang pwedeng ilabas.  When he is done playing with 2 sets and he wants to play with another set, he has to return the toys he is playing with, then saka lang ilalabas yung iba.

3.  I love cooking and spices.  Lahat din nasa isang lalagyan with visible expiration dates. Also, I make sure nasa maayos na lalagyan, not in plastics. Plastics can be messy.  Invest in clear bottles with lables and lalagayan.

4.  The biggest throw I did was with my clothes.  Ang sarap ng konti ang damit.  Yes, that is true for me :)  I have less choices so less time in figuring out what to wear.  I am actually leaning toward having a uniform and same set of clothes.

5.  Lastly, I made it a rule, that if it has no place in our home, it is considered a clutter.  So if nakatago lang sya with no purpose, I give it away.

Can you imagine your personal bag having  a screw driver, sponge, and used socks?  Hindi di ba?  I am sure when you see those in your bag, you would leave it somewhere or throw it away.  The same thing with your house.  You have got to let go!

IF you still think you are not ready, try one department first.  It will be fun and worth it, I promise! :)


I have finally landed on the year 2018!!

The big blow that welcomed us this year was when we decided to let our helper go because she had to drink maintenance meds for high blood (she is only 35).  It was hard for us to see her sick, and I know it will be difficult for everyone if there is another being we need to look after to.  And so yes, we had to send her home.  I felt the impact of this at the start of the year.  We needed to reorganize the house, donate and throw things, be familiar with the "ins and outs" of our home and basically to reshuffle chores. We also had to look into our schedule and routine and figure out how me and Bryan will juggle everything again.  Whew!!!  After a month, I think we have finally settled.

This chaos means too that I have figured out when and how to write.  After a month, I was able to finally open my laptop and share my thoughts again.  Finally!!  And wait,  since I I want to step a notch personal goals this year, I have decided to vlog once in a while.  Yes. sometimes lang because I do not want to get overwhelmed ;)

Seriously now, how are you and the new year? Have you arrived as well?  If you have not, do not hurry.  Take your time and figure out the following:

1.  What is holding you back?
For me, it was the countless things I have to fix and decide upon (e.g to get a new helper or not), and my attitude toward our new normal.  It was the peak of my my hosting gigs and events when our helper got sick.  Our schedule was so crazy!  We only go home to pack and leave again.  I got so stressed with all the chores that I did not know where to begin. One day, I just decided to get it over with and start moving!!

2.  What are the things you need to act upon and drop?
I dropped blogging to focus on reorganizing our home, our schedule, Risen and Bryan.  Then piece by piece, I slowly went back to my dream daily routine.  My tip is to not be afraid to pause or stop. Rebooting is necessary.

3.  Write the things you have to do 
A list can be overwhelming but at least you know what you are facing.  I am a planner person so I write things down.  From my weekly menu, groceries, stuff to do today, this weekend and next month, etc.  A ticked off list can make you feel accomplished, go make one.

4.  Remember that certainty is not the goal
If you are aiming for assurance that all will be well this year, then we have a problem.  One of the things that made me "ready" for 2018 is the peace that though the beginning is rough, God watches over our little family.

My prayer is that you will be ready to face the new year not because you are confident, strong, knowledgeable of the things ahead, but because you have a God that will walk you through the bad and the good days.  Yes, I have finally landed on my 2018, but that's it.  I am waiting on where and how God will take our little family.  I hope you too, will arrive soon.  Happy new year!!!