1.  Honeymoon
Yes!  One one of the joys of married life is to be able to travel, be intimate, and come home to each others arms.  Alongside your wedding planning. you have to plan where you will spend your first night, and the nights ahead.  Why?  Well IF you haven't been together as in together, I do not have to tell you why.  Pero sige, let me still give you the reasons ;) First, you will never know when the two of you can be alone and worry free again.  Second, wedding planning is stressful you gotta relax!  Third, you and your partner deserve your undivided attention.  Lastly, to celebrate God's gift of sexual intimacy.  Yes, sex is a gift from God for married people.

2.  Pregnancy
For the girls, please visit your trusted OB to know what is going on inside you.  IF you are not sexually active, make sure your doctor knows this.Just be honest with your answers and concerns.  For you and your partner naman, IF you intend to wait it our  a year to get pregnant, PLAN on how you intend it to happen.  It can't be the "bahala na" pill.  There are a variety of options and what is important here is that you agree, whether natural or scientific.  Your family planning seminar (required by the government) may have this, but, based on experience, it is still better to have a time to seat down with your OB.

3.  Leaving and cleaving
I have written a million blogs on this! haha  You can click this or this . 

4.  Finances
To tell you the truth, it was only when I got married that I started to handle my finances.  
So, just to put an edge and wisdom on this truth, I have asked a friend, Katrina G. Ley,        Licensed  Financial Advisor, Sunlife of Canada (Phils) Inc.

A. Is there an ideal amount/percentage of savings a newly wed should have? 
There is no strict figure on the amount of savings a newly wed should have because it all  boils down to the couple's Financial Goal. There should always be an open line of communication about money issues with your partner.  Talk about money and define your shared goals.  Be honest with your debts, liabilities, disclose your assets, discuss your plans for building a life together --- purchasing a home, having children, everyday expenses, education expenses, health care, investments, and retirement plans.  It is important to always talk about the steps that should be taken in order to attain your shared goals.  You should also always respect each others financial skills and never be afraid to ask for money or financial advice from experts like a financial advisor.

B. If you have 1M for the wedding, honeymoon and savings, how much should be allocated for the savings alone? 
Decide on which formula to follow for your househol.  There are several formulas like the 60-20-10-10 or the 50-30-20 rule.  Always stick with your formula.  Follow it religiously and whole heartedly.  If you have 1M, a good 20-30% should go to savings

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