I first talked about settling at home here. I hope you had a grand time sorting and organizing.  Let me continue with my helpful list :)

3.  Wake up early and sleep on time
I try my very best to wake at 4:30 at be in bed at 8:30. To add to this, I also do NOT check my            phone during these times.  My goal is to get up and head to work and or sleep asap.  We all know what happens when we have our phones agad!  ;)

4.  End house work at a certain time
Since the work at home never ends, you have to end it yourself.  Let me share to you the sked that I follow.  The goal is to stop house work at 10:00 am kahit may natira pa.

4:30 - wake up, prep breakfast, sweep and mop(kitchen/living room areas), load clothes at washing machine

5:30 - coffee with Bryan, Devotions

6:15 - Bryan leaves for work, continue with Devotions, Journalling, Planner-ing ;)

7:00 - Risen wakes up, I continue with my devotions while Risen bikes or plays, clean bedrooms


10:15 - Hello Social Media and freelancing work :)

11:30 - lunch, screen/play time for Risen while I read or work

2:30 - Homeschooling time

4:30 - Dishes, housework, prep dinner

5:15 - Bryan arrives, dinner, quality time with Bryan, load clothes in washing machine

8:30 - sleep

5.  Know what to let go then drop it
I am first a christian, wife, mom, freelancer then church volunteer.  This is clear but what made this list more specific was when I (actually Bryan's idea) listed down the responsibilities that go under it.  When I itemized it, I was put to shame when I realized I should not be complaining on my housework because I am a wife and mom first.  I should not also rant when I can't work on my laptop, because again, I am a homemaker first.  Since my freelancing and ministry work comes last, I should work on it last too :)  To add, I should be an example to Risen on how I react to chores.  Also, I should be excited to God's whisper "I am pleased" when I work around the house with a smile.

My tip?  Work on your FIRSTS.  Drop the others and you will see on how God will arrange your time when you honor him and His priorities first.

6.  Remember that it starts from your home
I believe that good managers start from the home first. If you can't manage your household, your time, your finances, how can you assure your clients, employees, friends that you can help them out?

To summarize, know who you are, Misis :)  When you realize and accept who you are first, the laundry, dishes, and cleaning gets done with a smile.

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