Has someone that you have never met impacted your life?

This is what happened to me.  I never had the chance to meet Lola Elring (Bryan's lola- mother's side). As for lolo, since he is based in the US, I only had the opportunity to see him twice.  However, this very short encounter  did not seem to be so small because of the stories shared to me by Bryan and Mommy Beth.  I know Lola baked the wedding cakes of her children, that she teaches Home Education, that we graduated in the same school PNU, and that she is so strict.  On the other hand, I knew lolo became a driver of Philippine Rabbit, a person who always have Skyflakes and banana in his bag and a brave soldier.

And do you know what else I know about them?  I know they have touched and loved many lives.  How do I know? because this love was extended to me and my son, Risen a hundred of times.  Every time we visit the north, both Paoay and Sanchez Mira, or every time I am introduced to a person on Mommy Beth's side I am "instantly welcomed and appreciated", not because I am a wife to Bryan but because I am a wife to Bryan who is a grandson of Lola and Lolo.  I have received many blessings, warm hugs and sincere "kamusta ka anakko?" because of Mr and Mrs. Bagasin, a couple that I have not really met.  But since they have invested so much time in people during their time, I and Risen are benefactors of their legacy.  Amazing on how their lives can still have so much positive effect 3 generations down.

It is my prayer that Risen can get to know his great grand parents too through you.  In his young mind, he already knows a clan loves him in Cagayan. And to be honest, though I am an "outsider" I feel very much at home, thanks to lolo and lola.   Again, to lola and lolo whom I never really met, I owe you two things:  I owe you Bryan whom you led to the Lord, and an amazing mom-in-law and her siblings.  I also owe you the love, generosity and warmth extended to me by your friends and family from Cagayan.  Lola Elring, Lolo Reno, thank you very much!

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