Our reason we do not declutter is because we do not have time.  Which is true, since we really need a minimum of two uninterrupted days to sort our stuff.  Sadly, most of us, even stay at home wives do not the a weekend to clean.  So what do I have in mind? I have one giant point that will help us declutter any time of the day.

Just one? yes.  You only need this giant step if you do not have the time to clean up spaces in your closet.  Here is what you need to do.

In a corner of your house, have an empty box.  Place that bin in that area where it is accessible for anyone.   If you do not have a carton, you may use a giant plastic bag.  For our case, we use this.

photo not mine

Now here is the one big task.  Every time you come an across an object, a toy, a piece of clothing, a document that you thinking (you do not have to be sure) of disposing, put it in that box.  As you do this, ask your family members to also do the same thing.  In our household, I tell Bryan and Risen to drop off items that they no longer need or want.  In this case, when Bryan for example tries on a polo and he sees he it no longer fits him nicely, it goes straight to the box.  Same thing for me. When I see a display or a kitchen utensil that I used to love but is not needed anymore, I put it in the box.

With this practice, you will be amazed on how you can easily fill up your container with stuff.  Now what is next?!  DO NOT DISPOSE it yet.  How do we go from here?  Here are your options:

1.  Wait for at least 3 months before donating the box full of clutter.  IF in three months, you did not look for any particular item, most likely, you are really ready to give it away.

2.  Sort the box.  Toys go to a public school. Clothes to a relative. So on and so fort.

3.  Double check the box and see if you are all set to dispose it.  This option is tricky, because there is a big tendency you get attached to a particular object again.  Make sure these items will not find a way to go back in your homes.

For us, I do number 1 and 2.  After three months, I drop the box of clutter to a public daycare.  However, the nicest clothes go to a family we are helping out.  My tip is to limit the people you are giving it so as to lessen your time to sort it out.  Actually, the best practice is to drop it off an NGO, or a daycare and leave the sorting to them. I have been doing this for three years and I tell you, THIS ROUTINE WORKS WONDERS.

You would not need a weekend.  Just go through your normal routine at home and declutter as you go.  Again, you only need to do the ff:

1.  Place a box in a corner of your house
2.  Drop items that you think you are ready to let go.
3.  Wait three months
4.  Drop it off to a community or family you are helping

I want to know how how well you did here!  Let me know in three months, okay?


You would not believe me when I tell you this trip to the US was totally unplanned. We applied for a visa first week of April (with the intention of not going this year), Bryan's research was approved for presentation in LA before June, (this all happened after we got our schedule for interview).  Our visas got approved.  And the rest as they say is history.


And why was it more than amazing?

1.  We did not push it at all - Yes, we wanted it  to happen but we allowed God and circumstances to move in our behalf. We did not get disappointed when our Visa Interview was scheduled 2 months after we applied nor when our itinerary did not happen, or when Risen had to use nebulizer on our first day in the States.  And did we mention that Bryan's gall bladder was removed a month before we left? Our perspective was, the fact that we have this opportunity, okay na.
After our VISA Interview

2.  The weather and timing was perfect - Confession time. Before this trip came up, I was frustrated that I did not have events in the months of July and August. As always, God has better plans. Fireworks welcomed us since we landed 4th of July. The weather was summer, but since it is hot here in the Philippines, it was perfect for us - a sweater weather for my family.

at San Diego; after shopping

Balboa Park

3. Our itinerary was not hurried - We had a lot of "let us just cherish this" moments!!  We knew one month would still not be enough so we decided to just have a little bit of everything (including rest).  We did not leave the house everyday, nor did we push our tired bodies to move. Yes, though everything was new and exciting, we still leaned towards our favorite travel tip -- no hurry! Hence the hashtag #unhurried life

Los Angeles

still in LA

 4.  We spent time with family and went to church - We placed down our phones and started talking and listening.  We were glad we spent and allotted quality time with friends and family. We also went to church every Sunday of our trip. Actually, this is what we really wanted why we left.  We looked forward to seeing Bryan's cousins and titas and family friends just to spend time with them.  Also, we wanted to see the life, both the christian and work life balance, of the people in the US. It was a good feeling to fellowship in different churches.

with my childhood bestie and neighbor

friend/officemate in Manila


favorite neighbor

family :)


Rest area (between Seattle and Oregon)


5.  We saw Christ's ministry in the US - To begin, our trip was well provided by God.  We did not used up our credit cards, we did not loan or borrow money, lastly, we had money to pay for our bills and commitments when we got home. This happened not because we have tons of savings, it is just that, we knew what not to buy and Bry's family and friends in the US are super generous. Second, in Las Vegas, the sin city (what are the odds?!), we were able to share a gospel to a waiter thru a track and we had to chance to hear the testimony of our Lyft driver (Like Grab). Third, we met christian families whose lives are great in the US - they have work life balance, they have time for church and the ministry, their kids are brought up in the ways of the Lord (and the kids are serving the Lord too), and we sat down with a starting CCF dgroup in San Diego whose goal is to share Jesus and make disciples.  Wooohoooo!!!!!

God is working in the US. It does not mater where we are.  IF we are willing to obey God, He will work in us and He will take care of us.  Yes, it is very tempting to work doubly hard, possess all you want, BUT if you choose to honor God, even in Vegas, He will be alive in all that you do and He will be used by God.

My encouragement to those Christians in the US, or even if you are in the planning stage, do not go there for money or convenience.  Go there because God called you to be there. Once this is sure, then, go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).  After all, this is our main calling.  Pinas or Vegas.



Yes, we can collab :)

We can do this three ways...

1.  Get me as an event host

2.  Invite me as a resource speaker

3. Help you organize workshops or trainings

Let me know, okay?



For those of you who know me, you might also know that I am an event host.  I do weddings, corporate events, debuts, and the likes.  And since I am a family life blogger, I put so much effort into highlighting the story, the relationship, the marriage -- the LOVE.

If you have been to a wedding, you might notice too that the program is most likely to be the same.  It starts with introduction of parents and sponsors, followed by the team bride and team groom, then the couple of course.  This would be followed by the traditions, a toast. dinner, speeches, and closing remarks.  IF the host is not intentional, the execution could just be the same. In short, there is a tendency for all weddings reception to be the same because the flow is exactly identical.

Now, this is where I come in.  Being naturally inclined to weddings, I look for for stories that I can highlight in my spiels.   I observe my guests, the sponsors and parents and see on how I can magnify the marriage and their relationship that I have. I also make sure that the guests are there not for the dinner but for the commitment that the couple has made - to be together for the rest of their lives, and their day 1 starts tonight.

Weddings and other celebrations are more than the fun, glamour and spectacle and it is my desire to bring this to you on your big day. Let us focus on love, shall we?

For inquiries, you may check @ido_hosting  on FB and IG.  You may also email me at My official hashtag is #idohosting.

I will wait for your inquiries!


NO, I am not talking about extensions or renovations. What I am saying is, your present house can be bigger when you work on my suggestions below. Crazy curious?

1.  Decide on the parts of the house you NEED. Our house is tiny we decided to get rid of the living room. Why? We noticed that you just really use it to watch TV (we do not have TV), a place where kids play and eventually leave toys, and a place for guests (we seldom have guests).  So instead of allotting a space for a chunky sofa, we invested on a dining table that can make us and guests cozy as well.

2.  Empty your home with things you do not use. I have heard people saying they need to extend because things do not fit into their home anymore. Well, how about having less stuff instead? Yes, I am talking about minimalism.  Since we moved back here in the south, our home only has the things that we need.  Checkout your cabinets and you will see that you probably do not need the 20 percent of it.  Try it. IT WORKS! Promise :)

3.  Have a room that can be messy. No matter how big the house is, if it is messy, it will always look crowded.  We have one room dedicated for war - when I say war, that is the only room that can get cluttered (messy NOT dirty, okay?).  Playing, homeschooling, blogging, and devotions happen there. With this, the rest of our home can stay

4. Lastly, just appreciate what you have now. Did you really think you will a home when you were younger? Remember when you just pretend play (bahay-bahayan) when you were a kid? Now, you have a house that you own and a place you can prettify.  Di'ba?! Look where God place you.  HE did not only gave you a roof but a home. Praise God for that!!