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Motherhood: On Being Pregnant with Risen

Risen was a honeymoon baby.  I can still vividly remember our conversation with our OB.

OB:  Congratulations! You are 6 weeks pregnant.
Mico and Bryan:  **Gives a very meaningful stare to each other**
Mico to OB: MMMMmmmmmm....Doc... pano po mangyayari yun? 4 weeks pa lang po kaming kasal.
OB:  Haha ganun talaga counting nun.  The count is from the last day of your last menstruation.  O, wag kayong mag-away ah...The count does not begin on your contact but on your menstrual cycle...
Mico and Bryan:  aaahhhh....ganun pala yun..

That talk was really awkward yet very informative.

Actually, even before we had a pregnancy test, Bryan was already convinced I was pregnant.  I, on the other side, was not.  This was because an OB in the past told me that the different position of my uterus will make it very hard for me to be pregnant.  With this, I leaned on the idea of having a childless marriage.

The famous "What if we do not get pregant?"  was one of the questions we sincerely
 talked about during our engagement.  However, obviously, God has a better plan.

During the very moment that we were waiting for a line or lines to appear in a USB liked shaped pregnancy test kit, I busily threw away the packaging and cleaned up the little mess I made in the restroom.  I was not really interested because I was positive that it would be negative.  On the other hand, Bryan, stared at the kit without blinking.  When the two lines appeared, my first reaction was "Hala, bakit dalawa?"  Bryan was like "Oo nga, dalawa"...Then the lines "Buntis ako, just came out of my mouth as I also teared-up".  Bryan just hugged me while my two hands remained stiffly on my side.  I was in complete disbelief.  I was not sad, nor happy, nor excited nor surprised.  I was just like..."what did just happen?  There is a baby inside me...."

I remember spending the rest of the day in bed.  I was still in awe and I did not know how to react.  I also remember demanding from Bryan that we see an OB asap to confirm my pregnancy.  I told him I would only be convinced with this, but after the check-up, I told him I still I need to have an ultra sound because, again, I need another "yes".  After three the yes-es (kit, OB, ultrasound), finally, I gave in.  We started telling our parents and announcing to closest friends.  That was the only time it sunk to my heart and head.  May reaction na ko!! hahaha

Then during our celebration, the Lord reminded me of His sovereignty.  

Truly, doctors are knowledgeable but God is the creator of them all, therefore,
 He has still the last say.  


Being married for one year and a few months taught me that...

1.  Sense of humor can save couples from numerous and unwanted fights.

2. Cheesy date nights (or breakfasts) are happiness. We do our best to make time for it.

3.  Kissing when saying "goodbye" and "welcome home" must not be automatic. It should be done with intent. Make sure eyes meet ;) 

4.  Children should not be the center of the home/world. I think marriage and each other should still be the priority. Happy parents make happy children.

5. Cribs are helpful. At the end of the day, it is still nice to cuddle (since day 1, Risen sleeps in his crib) 

6.  Cooked food is a MUST. I make sure a meal is ready when Bryan comes home (kahit pa sabihin nya na he is busog and won't eat when he arrives home)

7.  Praying and having devotions together helps a lot.

8.  A kasambahay could be a blessing. If you have a "good" one, it can save you from stress, problems and quarrels

PS. We are very happy with our ate Marjorie

9.  Knowing Bryan's love language makes me know how to love him (Of course he knows mine too). 

10.  Texts, surprise love notes and pasalubongs are kilig. 

11.  A husband (or a wife) could make or break a marriage.  Do not hurry love, do not settle for good.  Seek for the "best" that God has prepared for you! 

FOUR Rs: A Guide to Choosing the "Right" Person

Last Febuary 14, 2014, we got up at 6am and headed to Cafe Breton for a hearty breakfast.  After this, I had my mani and pedi and Bryan had his haircut.  Though this was already a great way to spend Feb 14, we knew something bigger will happen.  That night, we had a chance to share how God moved in our lives through our love story.  A perfect time to share how God authored us.  And since we outlined our testimony, I decided to turn it into a blog. Read on.

**These thoughts and beliefs are in the context of being a born-again christian.  Examples used were also intended for HS and college students.


·         Ready to get married
·         Are you courting her because you need a gf? To show that you have a gf?
·         Have you ever prayed for it?
·         Did you ever pray for a lifetime partner even before you met her?
·         Did you ever ask God to direct you – as to whom to court. 
       If your reasons are because you feel lonely and incomplete, bala wala ng dumating, crush ko sya, magulo sa bahay ng parents ko, and kinikilig ako pag kasama ko sya, you might need to think things over.


·         any place is appropriate as long as the intention is not to hide.  In short, kahit saan basta hindi patago.


·         Ready to make Mico my next priority after God.  After God, si Mico na.  Not my studies,       not my work, not my parents.

·         Assessed myself first
-          Ability to lead
-          Ability to support/sustain a family (has savings, stable income)
-          Ability to make firm decisions
-          Ability to be responsible for someone/family

·         Can fulfill ….
-          God’s plan for married people
-          words, dreams and promises into reality and actions.  It was NOT, balang araw papakasalan kita.  It was more of, liligawan kita kasi kaya at gusto na na kitang pakasalan.

·         You know it is the right time when you do not have to ask if it is the right time

·         Supported by family, friends and churchmates

      We both do not have issues (of the past and present). We are not moving on, kaka break lang, incomplete.

RIGHT PERSON – How did I know it was Bryan?

·         Got to know myself first
-          Comes with age and experience
·         Aware and firm with my non-negotiables
a.    Matured Christian
b.    Not an OFW - because I am not good with long distance relationship
c.    Will move out from his parents
d.    Not a Pastor - because I know I do not want and could not be a Pastor's wife
e.    Ready to get married
f.     Out-going

·         Ready for a clear and announced status
-          NOT “it is complicated”
-          NOT “special friends”
-          NOT “friends pero may kilig at malisya”
-          NOT “mutual understanding”
-          NOT “dedma sa personal pero super close sa FB, Instagram at Twitter”
-          NOT “kuya or ate”
…status should be
-          Nanliligaw sya at nagpapaligaw ako
-          Bf ko sya, gf nya ako
-          Engaged
-          Considering each other for marriage

·         I knew it was him because I did not have to ask

·         He can make me follow


1 Corinthians 6:12
Everything is permissible but not everything is necessary
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
 For everything there is a season,
    a time for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.
    A time to plant and a time to harvest.
A time to kill and a time to heal.
    A time to tear down and a time to build up.
A time to cry and a time to laugh.
    A time to grieve and a time to dance.
A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.
    A time to embrace and a time to turn away.
A time to search and a time to quit searching.
    A time to keep and a time to throw away.
A time to tear and a time to mend.
    A time to be quiet and a time to speak.
A time to love and a time to hate.
    A time for war and a time for peace

Genesis 2:23-25
This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.
Ephesians 5:33
However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

1 Peter 3:7
Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.

1 Corinthians 6:12
Do not be deceived:  Bad company corrupts good morals

2 Corinthians 6:14-15
Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?


Thank you Lord for my 2013

2013 has been fun, crazy and unbelievable. Happy news, home transfers,
 transitions, etc. It tested my character as a woman. I felt that 10 years has been added to my age!! However, it made me see and appreciate God in a bigger perspective. I got to experience and trust him more. At the end of the day, I am grateful these beautiful things that happened in a year. Cramped as it may seem, God was the author of them all. His name be praised!!

Just to be specific, I am thankful for 2013 because...

1. we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary

2. we got pregnant and gave birth 
thru a normal delivery to Risen

3. our families have been really supportive and on-call

4. inspite our sked, we still have time for friends

5. Tessie is with us twice a week. She helps us maintain our home

6. the Lord provides! Bryan is the only one working for our lil fam

7. Bryan is almost done with Law school

8. of free vaccines

9. we were introduced to Babywise. It made parenthood easier (we are on book 2 now)

10. of technology. I can blog, talk to friends abroad, study on the side and be productive

Thailand day 6 - (still) in Phuket

Just like my family’s tradition, we went to the Turtle Mart (grocery place) early in the morning to buy snacks we can munch for it is our most favourite time of the year (and snacks are pricey in hotels).  Since this day was our last whole day too, we grabbed the chance to enjoy our hotel and beach more.  It felt like we were forever on the pool side.  Mas naaliw pa kami when Santa Clause visited the people in the swimming area.  We were like kids so excited so we called him for a picture – it was definitely sugar rush! 

The morning was further spent doing nothing --just transferring from beach chair to another, vegetating, people watching.   For lunch, we headed to a 5 minute walk carinderia (where the hotel staff eat) and satisfied ourselves with a last hurrah of real Thai food.

The afternoon seemed long and short.  We both wanted to linger more but we are also excited for the real world.  We started talking about what we will do when we reach Manila, and this did not spoil our vacation for because we know this is grander than what we have now.

Our last night was concluded with a fancy dinner at Takieng (fine-dining restaurant of the hotel). We ate in the second floor with dim lights, overlooking the beach.  Our toes would sometimes touch other as we savor every bite of what is on our dinner plate. 

As always, we walked out of the restaurant with our hands clasped.  Only this time, my head was leaning on his shoulder and I whispered the words “I love you, husband”.  He then leaned on me and kissed me on the forehead saying “I love you too, wife”.

Thailand day 1 - at Bangkok

It was still early dawn when we left our home in Manila.  We took a cab to the airport and waited excitedly for our first international flight together.  We have never gone out of the country as one so we felt like kids allowed to  play in the pool all day long.  Our flight to Bangkok was on time and hassle free up until we arrived at the airport and realized that the hotel personnel was not yet there to pick us up.  We bought a simcard and called the hotel to make sure they are waiting for us.  As expected in the busy city of Bangkok, our driver was caught in the traffic, and so we waited for 10 or 15 minutes more.

He finally arrived with the name “Bryan Sodara” on a bond paper and as we sat down in the van, we were nostalgic of our Thailand trips in the past.  We shared stories of food we ate and places we toured, but at the same time, expressed our giddiness for our Thailand experience together.  After 30 or 40 minutes we reached Four Seasons International House which is seated in the busy streets and bazaar of Bangkok.  The hotel was small and ran by a Filipino so my interest of using Thai I learned from my previous trips was not put to use.  We were welcomed with drinks and were helped with our luggage.  Our room was a newly renovated, beyond our expectation yet not so different.   So after a quick picture taking we jumped into to the shower and bed.

When we were back in Manila planning our honeymoon, we made sure that our time of togetherness, will indeed be a time of such.  That is one reason why we visited a city we both have been when we were not yet together –we did not want to be too aggressive in going around the city but rather in just being together. With this, our first day was about room service and rest.  After lounging in the room for some time, we decided to walk to the nearest mall and meet up with a missionary couple for dinner.  Since me and Bry are both in love with travelling and ministry, we made sure we can bless and be blessed with the lives in the city we were visiting.

And so the night was left to explore Bangkok’s street food nearby we can exploit the next day.  We felt like real honeymooners, not minding time, itinerary, curfew and people around us.  We were legit to do whatever whenever. 

And there, our first day happened and lasted with a lot of happy sighs of and smiles.

thank you, BCF-Camella

**Last September 2012, I decided to join the Council meeting of my home church, Camella Bible Centered Fellowship and ask for their blessing to transfer to another church.  Then, on the last week of November of the same year, I shared my testimony and said thank you and “goodbye” to the congregation of BCF.

Below is the letter I read to the leaders of the council.

PS.  They all gave me their blessing.

Good evening everyone.  This is my first time to meet up with the church leaders in a formal meeting so I decided to write everything so as not to forget and or be led with emotions as I say what I came here for.  So, please allow me to read this for you po.

As you all know, I am with Bryan and are now wedding planning.  Since we both grew up in church, we both know how a church can help in the life of a Christian.  I, alone, is a testimony to this.  I started going to Sunday school at 7.  There I met teachers, Mommies, Daddies and friends whom I looked up to and friends up until now.  My confidence was built up in this church too as I joined Kid’s praise, Cantatas and Kid’s choir.  As I grew up, my High school and college life was easier because of cell groups, Tita Gerlyn and my friends who are all struggling to be good teenagers. Sabay sabay kaming lumaki and I am glad we have a church we can go to if we need a home or a safe place.  Praise God for BCF.

Our church did not stop helping me because I know this church prayed for me several times.  You were there for me when I had troubles with my parents, growing up and school.  When I passed my board exam.  When I decided to do things on my way, this church and the people in it did not turn their backs on me but instead loved me and accepted my decisions.  Kahit po mali ako, at maraming beses po yun, never po ako natakot sa church magkwento because I know at the end of the day, I will be loved, prayed for and be comforted.  And for that, I will be forever thankful. 

Now that I am with someone and we are trying to practice togetherness in our relationship, one of the things we both know we need to make a decision to is what church to go to.  Kung si Bryan po ang masusunod, sa Baptist church po kami.  Kung ako naman po, dito po kami sa BCF.  With this 50-50 choices, we have decided to choose a church that we are both okay with.    Si Bryan po ay Fundamental Baptist.  I am not.  Bryan is more comfortable with hymnals and I am more comfortable with praise and worship.  Sanay po si Bryan sa serious and solemn type of service and sanay naman po ako ng relaxed na may halong kakwentuhan pa sa tabi.  Ok po ako sa 8 am service.  Si Bryan po ay naaagahan dito.  Bryan is ok with formal dressing up sa church while ako naman po ay naka formal lang pag anniversary.  Though we are both Christians since our childhood, our church and worship traditions and culture are not the same.  So with this, we decided to go to a church where we are both comfortable with. 

I am here, in front of you to first thank you for all the help, teachings, love, prayers and support.  I consider you as my family.  The closest friends, Titas, and Titos are from this church.  From the bottom of my heart, maraming maraming thank you po.  Another thing I came here for po is to ask for your blessing.  I want to ask for your blessing to allow me to worship God every Sunday in another place.  Please remember that it is only my attendance every Sunday that will falter.  But my love, concern, support and help with this church will not. 

I decided to really seek for your blessing because I feel like I am child moving out of her parents’ house.  It is my prayer that my relationship with the church will not be affected by this change in my life.  Wag din po kayo magalit kay Bryan because he is undergoing this change too J.  Iiwanan nya din po ang simbahan nya.  Titas and Titos, I am not very happy with this decision but I know this is God’s will for us -- to be in a place where we can worship God together comfortably.  Please pray that God will provide this church for us.  We are not yet sure if this church will be in San Andres (where we plan to reside) or here in Alabang.  If you will give me this blessing, I will “officially” transfer by December of this year (after we get married). Kung wala po ako dito sa church, that means po we are church hopping.  Looking for the church that God wants us to be in. 

This is really difficult but again, thank you po and I hope you will give me your blessing as I journey with Bryan in marriage and spiritual adjustments.


**originally written last October 2012

Two months to go. 

I can’t believe I just typed that.  Let me do that again.  Two months to go.

Weddings and marriage are very real and tangible for us at this point.  Since this is my blog (wala kayong  magagawa :P), allow me to enumerate the top 9 details we have ticked-off our list:

  1. We saw our secondary sponsors in their gowns– I love how our mananahi (blog on our suppliers soon) was able to execute the dresses. My OC Maid-Of-Honor loved it so I guess it is a really good sign na maganda ung dress. Plus, I am happy with the motif we chose.  The dress does not appear to be “pang-abay”, pwede ulit gamitin on a party! J

  1. compiled our wedding playlist – Thanks to Ivy for downloading the songs.  I am happy with our playlist.  We have church, OPM, Broadway, classic and acoustic songs --  in different timelines.

  1. bought and wore our wedding shoes – This was fun! Nag mall tour kami for my shoes while Bryan’s was bought in 10 minutes.  For my shoes, after visiting malls and outlet shops from Sta Rosa to QC, we ended up buying at Alabang Town Center!hahahaha  WAIT, do not judge me yet.  We had to consider a lot of things naman kasi.  We looked into the color (tan, champagne and or white only), the heel height (2 inches max), price, appearance and the “waaaahhhh” factor.  Girls can relate to this! Tama ba?! J

  1. I (we) edited and released our invites - I remember making wedding invites in high school.  I was the bride and my high school crush was the groom.  I had my cousins (mother side) as my entourage.  My best friend Regie whom I watched basketball with (big clue on who my crush was!! hahahaha) was my Maid-of-Honor.  This was fun and I am sure the invite we made ages ago is in one of my boxes.  Lemme try to find that one.  ANYWAY, we are done with our invites.  We are hoping to see and distribute it on the last week of October. J

  1. Bry tried on his suit – the suit that was almost caught in the Tutuban fire!  It was already the second day of the fire in Tutuban when I learned about this news.  In the beginning, I was not sure if our supplier was really in Tutuban or Divisoria mall so I had to call Bryan about it.  AND YES, it was a mananahi from Tutuban.  OH NO!! We decided not to call our supplier up until 1 week after the fire (baka lalong ma stress).  Good thing, his suit is safe.  He actually has it now.  He tries it on once  a week!  EXCITED MUCH DIBA??? Tinalo pa ako!!!hahahahaha

  1. I have fitted my gown –I decided to do something alone for the wedding and this was the result of it.  I went to ate mananahi and wore my unfinished beauty.  Tears fell from here.

  1. Posed for our pre-nup pics – This was awesome.  Awesome number 1 are our photographers, the Catilo sweethearts. Awesome number 2 are the places where we had our picture taken – Le Petit Cheri’ and Daang Hari.  Awesome number 3 would have to be us!! – This is the closest we have been with.  Nagsawa kami sa face pores ng bawat isa!haha   Anyway, what I like about our pre-nup is it came out just how we want it to be -- natural (no make –up for me), candid (we were not pose at all), and us.

  1. wedding rings worn – My engagement ring will not be lonely anymore.  May katabi na sya! J

  1. Talked about on our 5 year goal – Our sessions with the endearing Velardos helped us to discuss things in the right perspective and timing.  We sat down and talked about our plans and the possibilities in the next 5 years.  The talked included future studies (I think we will study all our lives; which I love J), family planning, travels, dream home (and address), etc.  It is just so pleasant to do everything is prayer.  Big dreams start with wishful thinkings.  Praise God because He is the giver of both!


FIVE (4, 3, 2, 1)

**originally written last July 2012

It was Bryan who reminded me that we are 5 months away from our big day.  That woke me up for he also sent me this text/reminder/message at around 6 am.  Five seems very real and near. 


At this time, I strongly feel two things – excited and apprehensive.  Excited because I just want to get married!!!  My mind and heart are so into it that I just want to plunge.  This causes me to be lazy to start or continue with anything because I know it would change drastically after saying “I do”.  Two of the changes are the two newest words in my life MRS and SADORRA. Naks naman!  I imagine myself lining up then someone will call me, “Misis, ikaw na po”.  Haha

Another major change is my moving out from my parents -- away from the beautiful south.  We are planning to stay in his home in Manila where we could totally and function as one (only the 2 of us in one abode).  I am delighted to manage a home and a husband.  I know it won’t be easy, but I am excited for this -- so let me be!haha.  Nevertheless, 1 of the downsides would be leaving my home church (blog to follow), but I am still grateful and thrilled for these changes. I know this is what God wants. 

However, this biggest decision that I have made in my life also makes me uneasy.  I can’t point my finger to anyone or to something – it is just the thought that we are so near the finish line (at least for the wedding) and I do not want anything too big to happen that will cause us sorrow or shock.  I mean, we are almost there!  I just want to get it over with! 

All the same, this “fear” that I sometimes feel (or create?) makes me lean more to God and to His perfect plan for us. I remember one of our favorite lines during prayer time, “God allowed us to meet (Muntinlupa meets Manila) even if we were not praying for each other or for anyone.  Ngayon pa kaya? That we are sincerely and fervently seeking God for our togetherness? So I (we) know He will be faithful just as He was faithful from the beginning. 

I'm convinced that God, who began this good work in you,
will carry it through to completion on the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

Literature Teacher in an Engineering World

Ten things my new job (re)taught me:

  1. I am capable of doing a job that is not me (in terms of education and job experience) - I am thankful for my company's trust when I told them I learn fast.

  1. I can sit in front of the PC the whole day working – I am a Theater grad and a teacher who lobbied students to read, speak and learn.  Who would have taught I can work without talking much (and loud)?

  1. Most men speak in a direct manner.  Men who are Engineers talk in the most direct manner.  As in!! – Salute to the wives of Engineers

  1. There would be times that you would be completely and literally clueless of what you are doing and the next day would still not be better – spell persistence and heartache.

  1. Long weekends are stress relievers - We are on a Friday-off every other Fridays.  Happy! J

  1. The Morning Rush of RX 93.1 is love.  It covers my 6:00-10:00 AM.   So thankful for the Kikay barkada that they help me go through my first four hours (I leave home at 6 and start working at 630)

  1. Some people are really good in what they do and they would sometimes rub it on your face – Good thing I am secured on what I know and who I am.  Besides I am a literature teacher in an Engineer’s world.  Syempre naman, you are on top, Engineer ka eh! J

  1. Honesty and transparency works.  Whether you are in the academe, corporate and or any industry, it pays to say what you need, want, and do not know.

  1. The corporate cycle is quite long (or maybe never ends).  Unlike in teaching, it starts in June and ends in October or March.  Lots of time to be refreshed, look back and begin anew.

  1.   The classroom is still my happiest place.


Today I am 31.  I can’t help but be amused on how God made this year wonderfully memorable and incredibly enjoyable.  

When I was much younger, I wondered where I would be at this age.  I think being 30 years old compels people to be at something, to be at a certain level.  It may be in one’s career, love life, savings in the bank, accomplishments, etc.  So, when it was 3 years before I turned 30, I was a bit squeamish because I felt that I did not have anything big yet.  I didn’t have a passbook I can be proud of.  No title on my name.  No relationship that would lead to marriage.  Nothing.  That is why when God turned my life around months before I turned 30, I was just so thankful.  I am something at 30.  I am happily engaged at 30. Wuhoo.

The second gift that God gave me this year was the restoration of friendship I had with 2 ladies.   We were distant for 2 years. Though our first meet up was awkward, our next try was flawless.  Thank God for burgers, cheesecakes and cups of coffee,  we (finally) found ourselves seated on a dining table sharing stories, and mentioning kept hurts in a very light and bubbly manner.  Our supposedly lunch together ended at almost midnight.  Definitely, not friendship over for us.  Yehey.

An added surprise was my survival in an engineering, procurement and construction firm.  Yup, you got that right.  Because of a need and priority basis, I decided to change career.  I remember my first week wherein I did not understand anything at all.  Nakakaiyak.  Plus, I am not used to not know what to do.  Dobleng nakakaiyak.  The job itself, terms, working habit, culture, people, jargons, and lingo were ALL new and dull (perspective of a Theater grad and a Literature teacher).  I usually sulk up my thoughts and fear then try harder. Good thing, I had good supports from the people around me and projects I was deployed in. They made me knowledgeable and confident in what I do.  It is still difficult at times and everyday is still a learning process, but I feel more capable.  I am not that dumb at what I do anymore.  So yes, I am still a Literature teacher in an Engineer’s world.  

Another Bryan related blessing was the Pamamanhikan (it went really well) and our relationship that is blossoming in God’s path.  Everyday is an assurance of His faithfulness in our individual lives and in our togetherness.  Though there are little discussions and arguments along the way, we are secured in our commitment, love and God’s grace.  

One thing more that makes me in awe were the changes and adjustments I handled all at the same time.  We moved in to our new home, closest church friends left Pinas for good, new job, wedding/marriage planning, went back to Masters, etc.  OH MY! Sabay-sabay silang lahat!  Looking back, I do not know how I was able to cope, but I think I did prett well.  I still miss my friends, our old home, and my teaching life (I do not miss being single at all -- haha) BUT since I know God and I know He wants me to be at my best, I couldn’t and wouldn’t complain.  Changes are blessings.

I am 31. When I was 9 and Mama was 31, feeling ko ang tanda tanda nya na!  haha Me? I do not feel old at all.   I am still young.  I am ONLY 31.   IT IS AWESOME TO BE 31! Try nyo! :)

Fluor Philippines Famiy


church friends last get-together

cheesecakes that witnessed it al