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For those of you who know me, you might also know that I am an event host.  I do weddings, corporate events, debuts, and the likes.  And since I am a family life blogger, I put so much effort into highlighting the story, the relationship, the marriage -- the LOVE.

If you have been to a wedding, you might notice too that the program is most likely to be the same.  It starts with introduction of parents and sponsors, followed by the team bride and team groom, then the couple of course.  This would be followed by the traditions, a toast. dinner, speeches, and closing remarks.  IF the host is not intentional, the execution could just be the same. In short, there is a tendency for all weddings reception to be the same because the flow is exactly identical.

Now, this is where I come in.  Being naturally inclined to weddings, I look for for stories that I can highlight in my spiels.   I observe my guests, the sponsors and parents and see on how I can magnify the marriage and their relationship that I have. I also make sure that the guests are there not for the dinner but for the commitment that the couple has made - to be together for the rest of their lives, and their day 1 starts tonight.

Weddings and other celebrations are more than the fun, glamour and spectacle and it is my desire to bring this to you on your big day. Let us focus on love, shall we?

For inquiries, you may check @ido_hosting  on FB and IG.  You may also email me at My official hashtag is #idohosting.

I will wait for your inquiries!


While I was randomly scrolling my FB wall, I saw this article entitled Marriage Isn’t About Your Happiness .  Obviously, it caught my attention so I read right away.

This particular paragraph got me... "We live in a world that DESPISES the sacrificial side of marriage and tries to explain it away. They teach us to strive for power, control and the upper hand in a relationship. They tell us to do what feels right, and not to tolerate anything less. They fool us to thinking that love is about doing what makes us happy. And the second we feel less than happy, they encourage us to bail…to abandon ship…and to stop investing…to give up on love."

One of the reasons we say "yes" to a lifetime is because the person makes us happy.  What happens is, we expect that this positivity to go on for the rest of our lives. Then, if our marriage or our partner suddenly does not live to our standards, we give up.  Aka the line famous line... "Hindi na ako masaya" (I am not happy anymore).

The truth is, IF we focus on OUR happiness, we will be doomed. Those who are intending to get married should remember that their "happiness" will be robbed off many times once they tie the knot.  They should be ready to be more giving, sacrificial and to always things his partner above self.

And the other hard truth? It is impossible to sacrifice this much again and again when our goal is to please our spouse.  You see, our partners will disappoint us in ways you can't even imagine.  So the trick here is look at the Creator of marriage and to love like how Christ loved us. He is the ultimate source of love and forgiveness.  You see, couples who forgive does not end in divorce.

"We love because he first loved us" 1 John 4:19

The person who makes you happy now will be the same person who will upset you. And when everything gets so messy, it will be very easy to "choose yourself" before marriage or your spouse. My unsolicited advice? Be ready to NOT think about your happiness when you get married.  Not even the 50-50 mindset.  Rather, think of it that marriage is recommitting yourself to Him, as you align yourself with His will in your married life and also, giving yourself (and your happiness) to your spouse, without expecting anything in return.

Now wait, please do not think that married life can't be fun at all.  Marriage can be great if you married the person who is ready to also lose his happiness for yours.  When two selfless people 
marry, there will be much love, joy, contentment and romance from day 1 to forever.


For the longest time, I thought I have been a christian since I was in elementary, but in my recent study of God's Word (both from the pulpit and my own quiet time) I discovered that I have only been a real follower of Jesus when I was 27 years old...

Did you grow up in the church? 

If yes, you probably attended Sunday School, went to Daily Vacation Bible School every summer, volunteered in ministries and was present in camps and retreats.  You also might have known many things about the Lord and about the church.  How do I know?  I grew up inside the church too. I remember going alone or being with my parents.  Sometimes, I even tell people that "I have been a christian since birth", just because it felt that way.  So yes, I have been a "christian" for the longest time, and people around me also know that I have been a born-again christian and that I grew up inside the church.

HOWEVER, although I was always in church, looking back, my life did not reflect the God that I "follow".  I disobeyed my parents, lied, manipulated people, thinks highly of myself and often discontent. I also only read God's Word after camps and when needed (like before a church event, or when I am tasked to do "something big" in the ministry.)  I also plunged into sin and decided to stay there even though I knew it was wrong (I was in a promiscuous relationship for around 2 years).  If you place me in a group of people, no one would guess I have Jesus in my life. I was not different.  I do what people around me do.  If I was with Christians, you will find me praying and talking about the Lord.  If I am with my good friends who are in another faith, you would find me tolerating and glorifying sin.  In short, I was living a double life.  Holy in the church. Full of myself outside.

Then, there was this time in my life I remember so well. I was at the lowliest point of my life. I knelt down and in tears I just told God, "I am so tired of my life and that I wanted Him to take over".  The next day was different. I ended my relationship, made choices that glorifies the Lord and was serious about Jesus.  Now people thought it was Bryan who gave that change because that was also around that time I met him -- but no, it was God.

2 Corinthians 5:17 

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

For the longest time, I thought I have been a christian since I was in elementary, but in my recent study of God's Word (both from the pulpit and my own quiet time) I discovered that I have only been a real follower of Jesus when I was 27 years old (that night I cried to the Lord).  How did I know?  

1.  It is only after at 27 years old that I am so eager to share my faith. I want to mention Jesus in every conversation.  I also want others to see how He changed my life. I came to the point that every reunion, coffee time or a simple event is an opportunity to share who God is. In the past, I only think of sharing Jesus if I am in a camp or evangelistic event.  When I am in my usual day, I do not really care about sharing or talking about God.  

2.  I can't go on without reading the Bible anymore.  Before, I only read it one week after a camp or before a church event that I am leading.  Now, when I miss it, I feels terrible.  And, I could not go on with life if I have not read it for like 3 days.  AND, IT HAS BEEN LIKE THIS FOR THE PAST 5 OR MORE YEARS!  This is not an "effect of revival. retreat or camp" anymore, but of Jesus.  To add, I read the Bible not for scholarly reasons, but so I can get to know the Lord more and discover His beauty and wrath.

3.  And the sin issue?! I have never felt so bad after sinning.  But hey, I still sin, okay?.  But when I realized that I have sinned and wronged someone, I feel so guilty.  My stomach goes up and down and sometimes, I see myself in tears.  Also, to be honest, I do not scheme on how I can do things on my own way.  I used to be like this before.  Before too, "I will (intentionally) sin, then I will just ask the Lord to forgive me, anyway, I am saved already. and besides, God always forgives"

4.  In the past, my greatest concern was, what if things do not happen on how I wanted it to be?  Now, I am so scared of NOT being in the center of God's will.  I am so fearful of not obeying the Lord. Years back, when it would benefit me, I would certainly get it.  So at present, even though it will be "good" for me, but if it contradicts God's Word, with God's grace, I would run away from it. 

5.  Lastly, my life was transformed. Age, work, marriage and motherhood, can make us mature, BUT ONLY GOD CAN TRANSFORM.  To be honest, I do not know myself anymore.  My dreams and plans have changed.  Sometimes, I am like, "HOY MICO, WORK HARD SO YOU CAN TRAVEL HARDER", then the Holy Spirit in me, rebukes me.  Then suddenly, I am like. "I need to work harder so I can reach more and share the gospel to more".  To give an illustration, few weeks back, we went to Boracay.  In the past, I pray for blue skies and lots of sunshine for a good tan.  Now, I pray that I will be seated to people I can share the talk and gospel with.  This is not maturity, this is transformation.  Something that no amount of kids or age can give, but only God!  

But, hey, I am not an extremist :)  I still have wants and dreams, but I am so okay if I do not get it.  It is just that, my desires and purpose have changed. How? I do not know.  It became so natural and explainable.  I have to be honest, that now, in all my conversations, my aim is to point Jesus to Christ.  And that my insides grieve when I see people disobeying, or worse, having a miserable life because they do not follow God's Word.

Now, why am I blogging about this? because  (1)I do not want to you to fall into the trap of fake Christianity.    And second reason I am writing you is... (2) I do not want God to tell you..."I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws."

Matthew 7: 21-23

“Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 
Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. 
22On judgment day many will say to me, 
Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name 
and performed many miracles in your name.’ 
23But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. 
Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.’

Now, how did I know I was NOT a Christian and a follower of Christ?

1.   Because I knew I was sinning and I continued.  My excuse were either the ff: "I can't get rid of it", "I am not ready to give it up", "I will "enjoy" this first and ask for forgiveness after I do it."

PS. Again, I still sin but God convicts me hard, and I go back to Him as soon as I can.  I just can't keep on sinning!

1 John 3:9 

 Those who have been born into God’s family do not make a practice of sinning, because
God's life is in them.
So they can't keep on sinning, because they are children of God

2.  I was not transformedI was the same Mico.  I just improved and matured.  But you know what guys, transformation is so different! I have experienced it.  You will really not be the same again.  You will long for God, His Words, and anything about God.  And your greatest fear would be sinning and not being in the center of God.  
2 Corinthians 5:1
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; 
behold, new things have come.

4.  In the past, I only have ministries, activities and church events.  Without all those things, if you would look closely in my like, I did not truly walk with God.
Ezekiel 36:25-27
Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. 26 Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. 27 I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will be careful to observe My ordinances

The truth is, there are results, when you TRULY surrender your self to Christ. And PEOPLE WOULD NOTICE THE CHANGE. You would even be persecuted. And lastly, the Holy Spirit will cause you to walk with God and His statutes ( Ezekiel 36:25-27 I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will be careful to observe My ordinances).

Again, just because you grew up inside the church and you know the Gospel, it does not mean you are a follower of Jesus. To my fellow Sunday schoolers, attendees of DVBS and church camps, have a legit check please. Without the ministry, the activities and your church barkada, who are you? How are you and God? Have you surrendered everything to Him? Are you really a follower of Jesus? Again (and again and again), the TRUE GOSPEL LEADS TO REPENTANCE AND NEW LIFE.


Do you like clutter?  I don't like it, especially on my marriage.

A relationship is better when there are no unnecessary things around.  What do I mean by this?  These are objects or events that take up space in your marriage.  You may not see them harmful as now, but it can be damaging in the long run.  Let me give you a list that you should consider ending.

1.  Social Media - You can set rules, husbands and wives! Do not be afraid to cut-off your time on social media.  I am not saying you should not use it, but I am sure you would agree that too much use of it  limits your time with family.  To begin, you can start by disallowing phones during meal times, malling, when in bed and car rides.  This would also be a good time for you to show your kids that you can be away from your gadgets.  Instead if tinkering your apps, talk to your family. Ask the highlights of each other's day, hold hands, sing in the car or simply share stories.  I mean, when was the last time you actually exchange stories with the person you married?  Ditch your phone, and start talking!

2.  Me-time or barkada time - If you do not date your wife or husband, but you spend time being alone or with friends, then this is considered a clutter.  The key is prioritizing.  Be sure that your wife or husband is spoiled with your time before thinking of spending a day of it without him or her.

3.  Unnecessary expenses  - One of the things that couples argue about is money.  This mean that your unnecessary buys can spark discussions.  There are two rules that I want to share with you when buying stuff.  Do I need it?  Do I need it NOW?  If the answer is "no" in any of the questions, then put it down and walk away.

4.  Dreams and kids - Be careful!  These two are some of the main reasons why people get married, sadly, these two are the same reasons why couples break apart.  IF your dreams and kids get it the way of having a good relationship with your spouse, re asses and choose marriage.  Let me make myself clear, I am not saying to let go of your dreams or give away your kids, I am suggesting you check your daily routine and see if you REALLY have time for your wife/husband.  At the end of the day, it does not matter if you are "working hard for your future", what is important is TODAY.  The beautiful future you are aiming will not be there if you do not work on your today.  Sayang naman.  You keep on working to prepare your family 10 years from now, yun pala, your family will not make it because you have forgotten your today.

Identify your clutter, and prayerfully ask God if it is hindering a meaningful marriage.  If these things slow you down, then, get rid of it.  

Hebrews 12:1
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.


**This post is a series.  The first brick that you have to lay is here.  Done reading? you may read along for the next brick.

GIVE AND TAKE.  This is one rule I have often heard given to married couples or to anyone in relationships.  And though this seem like a sound advice, I have realized that when you cut this in half, it becomes a better guideline.

When we think that we are to give and take, these things can happen:
1.  We become entitled because we have been giving but not receiving anything
2.  We tend to count the good deeds we have been doing
3.  We accuse our partners for being soooo good in taking

Or to make it more specific, IF we follow the "give and take" rule, we hear ourselves say the following:

1.  "ako nanaman?"  (me again?)
2.  "will I adjust again?"
3.   "Magaling lang asawa ko kumabig" (My husband/wife is so good in taking)
4.  "I am so tired of giving"

My unsolicited advice? Old rule out, new rule in:  JUST GIVE

When we focus on just giving, we stop ourselves from counting on how many we have done for the sake of our spouse.  We also lessen the Mathematics of who gave more.  Instead, we focus on the meaning of love.  This was actually modeled to us by God (the greatest lover ever) when He gave His son to us.  He did not say "Okay, I will allow my son to be die for you just be good to me!".  Jesus too did not ask for anything in return.  He just gave.

So the next time you are tempted to rant for your spouse not helping, not serving, not loving, not minding, just continue doing your part.  Imagine if a couple will have this mindset of just giving AND NOT taking?

So for this week, my challenge for you is to focus on serving and loving your partner.

Praying rooting for you! :) 


Sadly, not many would admit having shaky marriages. One would just come out of the story when they have decided to end their relationship. By the way, when I mean by shaky, does not only mean when one party has a relationship with another person or when the union is about to be split.  Having a difficulty in marriage has the following symptoms:

1.  You are together but not really together.  You could be in the same car, same room, same dining area but there is minimal or zero connection

2.  You do not dream together.  The only futuristic thing that you talk about are the bills.  The tuition fee next month, electricity bill this weekend or the family gathering next week (that you don't intend to come)

3.  You end up fighting every time you try to talk

4.  You have not had intimacy in months

5.  You go out together for the sake of the kids

6.  It has been months since you laughed together

The first brick that I would suggest you pick up is the brick called "911".  Picking up this brick means you accept that you and your marriage needs help (regardless your husband/wife agrees or not).  If you are still not so convinced that your marriage needs "saving", BUT you want to be more intentional about your relationship with your spouse, then you can still pick-up this brick.

So, the question now is, do you need help?


I know my last post (part 1 here, part 2 here) was kind of hardcore. So let me give you a follow-up post and enumerate a few ways on how we can practically show our love to our in-laws.

1.  Allow them to love (and spoil) your kids in their ways.  Their job in NOT to rear your kids, that is yours.  So just accept how they would lovingly "do this", and "give this" to their grandkids.  In our case, in my parents house, Risen is being fed with Pandesal with sugar as palaman (spread).  I know, your eyes will roll, but we let them be because it is their house. Their house, their rules.  So what do we do when we are in our own home?, we tell Risen "that is only allowed with lola and lolo, not with mom and dad".  This is also why I discourage couple to stay with in-laws.  It is challenging to rear kids with grandparents because, in any house, there could only be one queen mother.

2.  Bring your kids to them (assuming you do not leave with them).  They love their grand kids, and to be honest, it is okay for them not to see the parents!haha  So please, please, bring your kids to them!

3.  Initiate family lunches or dinners.  My favorite part is when I tell my in-laws we would eat out without Bryan knowing it! I feel it is extra special, when I, their daugther-in-law and not their son invites them out.  I also pay for it, of course! My husband on the other hand, would sometimes buy treats for my parents (without me knowing) just because.  

4.  Get to really really know them.  How often do you chika and intentionally get to know them?  Their lives, love story, work, childhood, growing up years? When you know a person really well, you get to understand their ways and means.  Sometimes, we are too judgmental because we can't get pass our biases.  Impressions do not have to last.  Remember how you cheer fellow women who got married, finally became pregnant, gave birth, breastfed, worked or resigned for the sake of their kids?  Guess what, your mom-in-law did all this too!

5.  Accept that your in-laws will never be perfect, and so are you

6.  If you are doing it differently, do not only explain, educate them.  I remember when I gave birth to Risen.  The Pedia told us that "bigkis" (cloth wrapped around the waste to protect belly button) is no longer accepted.  This came to a shock with the two lolas for in their time, it was allowed.  I had to sit down with them and not only say "the pedia said no".  I offered the disadvantages and carefully explained each of them.  There is definitely a gap, so try to fill in and adjust to that.

7.  Remember the goal is not to be BFFs.  You do not have to be bessies, but the goal is to have a harmonious relationship with them.  That you don't cringe every time you see her nor fret when she visits you at home.  However, if you can be bessies, why not?! :)

8.  Get up and love again in the morning.    Let us not be historians.  You and your in-laws probably took off at the wrong place at the wrong time.  It is okay.  It will be okay.  Tomorrow is a new day to serve and love.

image from here


A wedding coordinator jokingly told my friend that he offers a wedding package with groom at a very low price!!   Why is it low?,  because the mother of the groom is still alive ;)

I have heard, read, and saw how some wives and husbands struggle with their in-laws.  They  either complain, or question, or rant, or tell stories on how their MILs (or father-in-laws) could be insensitive, hovering, too critical, overly involved, always needy, and the list goes on...I have also observed how these struggles often lead to silent treatments, discussions, civil or casual communication, or worse major conflicts.  Sad truth, right?

Why do these issues happen?  I am kind of sure it can be either of the following:

1. You are still staying in the home of your in-laws
2. Your husband or wife puts their parent/s first in many occasions 
3. Your relationship with your husband or wife is not good
4.  You have not really tried having a relationship with your in-laws

Now, let us go back to the title.  Do we really have to love our in-laws? Here are my answers:

1.  Yes, because our in-laws became family when we married our spouses

2.  Yes, because your in-laws are the parents of your husband or wife and the grandparents of your kids

3.  Yes, because he or she reared the person you married

4.  Just like your husband or wife, your in-laws were also hand picked by God from the very beginning

4.  Yes, because God said in Mark 12:31 ...

The second is equally important: 
‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’
 No other commandment is greater than these.”



Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Oh wow, I can't remember the last time I shared my thoughts through this blog.  And now, finally, after being on hiatus, I am back! (or am I really?!)

You see, I have been writing, then deleting.  Then composing my opening sentence again, then, erasing everything.  However, I really really want to go back to this craft so here I am trying tonight.  I have been looking for inspiration from Pinterest, books, latest adventures, but I can't still seem to begin. Then I realized, that when this happened before, what I did was just write.  Write, publish, then share. 

So for 2019, at least before the new year ends, let me just take the first step --- blog (again). 

As for blogger in me, day one starts tonight!

If you are like me who keeps on hitting the snooze button on something that you have been wanting to do, I pray that God will give you the wisdom on how to finally do it.  May you also be sensitive to His timing, and may He give you the strength to follow through.

photo found here


I am still amazed and nostalgic on how everything came by so fast.  Risen is now 5 and for first time parents like us, we are both "humble and proud" on how these years happened.  And of course, as a mom  (and dad Bryan), we only want the best for our child so we did everything we could.  However,  I also understand that our best may not be your version of best and vice versa.  But please let me still share the decisions we made in raising Risen that we do not regret at all.  I am not an advocate of these tips, however, I would also like to be honest.  My desire is that you will consider these "steps" that we did that really helped us, not only in parenting Risen.  These decisions we made in being intentional with Risen helped our marriage, our family, ministry and generally in life.  And if you disagree, it is okay.  You are the best mother to your kids.  I am sure, you are doing great as well!!

Training #1

Sleep Training using Baby Wise (this is a book on sleep training).  We decided and scheduled Risen's nap time since he was 2 months old.  Yep.  I remember his schedule will be like:

6:00 am wake up

6:15 feeding time

6:30 cuddle time

7:30 or 8:00 nap time

9:00 wake time  (this schedule goes on until 6pm)

The results?
1.  Risen sleeps soundly from 6pm to 6am the next day. No feeding in between.
2.  I never became a zombie/puyat mom.  I enjoyed night time with Bryan.  We were never deprived of  "quality time".  Wives, this is important ;)
3.  We do not guess why he is crying because he has a schedule.  If he is cranky, this could only mean he is not feeling well because again we are sure that he is fed and rested.

Risen when he tries to sleep on his own

Training #2
We did not rock him to sleep.  When the time says "sleeping time", we just lay him down in his crib and he sleeps on his own.  of course I still rub my hand softly on his back to sooth him and let him know I am beside him

The results?
1.  I can do more because my time and energy is not wasted putting him to sleep.
2.  Bryan can put him to sleep.
3.  The grandparents can put him to sleep.
4.  We can leave him and just tell the guardian his schedule.  No troubles.  No guessings if he is sleepy or not.
5.  We can plan our chores, errands and travels.

Training #3
1.  Risen stays in the car seat  Since we have a schedule to follow (This was revised to 3 naps, to 2 then eventually to 1 nap), we drive when  he will be asleep.

The results?
1.  Travelling has been a joy.  I stay seated in the front seat, while Risen is at the back.
2.  Risen can endure traffic.  He can stay in his seat belt (with toys) for 3-4 hours.  No whining.  No fuzz.

Training #4
He eats what is on the table and only on the table.  The day we gave him solid, he only eats on his high chair and the dining table.  Not in front of the TV or a gagdet (except with his lola!!), not while playing, not in bed.  If he does not eat, I say "okay.  but this is the only food we have".  When he asks for "other food", I say "no, I do not run a restaurant".

The results?
1.  He basically eats anything (except Ampalaya and spicy food)
2. We can go to restaurants and order what we want because we are sure he will eat it too
3.  He does not go up and down the chairs when we eat out
4.  He likes S&R because of free taste haha

Training #5
No gadgets at home.  This is maybe the most difficult thing we have to deal with because IT IS SO TEMPTING TO GIVE HIM AN IPAD.  But you know what made it easier?  The schedule that we have for him.  Because he has a routine, it is very easy to plan what our day will be like. I know what time he will wake up, play and sleep.  Setting your child's body clock is so possible.  The first two weeks will be hard but imagine he sleeps through the night at 3 months old!  Risen is allowed to play with his Ipad when we are in meetings and discipleship groups only.

The results?
1.  He is not gadget dependent
2.  He plays and can play alone for 3-4 hours

Training #6
We did not give him much freedom even while crawling and learning to walk.  He was not allowed in the kitchen and on the stairs.  We made sure he recognize his space and stays on this.  We believe that giving to much choices and freedom makes kids wise in their own eyes.  Freedom may be given but only when it is age appropriate.

The results?
1.  He does not run around in malls as a toddler.  He walks with us (or happily stays in the stroller)
2.  He explored the "right spaces".  Not the stove, nor the toilet bowl or the tables.
3.  We did not have to exaggeratedly childproof our home because he know what he can touch and what he cannot play with

To end, I want parents to know that there are answers to our usual cries of "hindi ako pinatulog/aya matulog", "iyak ng iyak, hindi ko alam ang gusto", "nag tantrums", "picky eater", "ayaw mapirme sa upuan".  We can train our kids, mommies.  And sometimes in starts even before they turn one year old.

Obviously, Risen is not perfect and we fail as parents too.  However, to be honest, if there is  one thing we do not regret doing to Risen is training him on these things.  Our hugot?  This is all Bible based.  To be direct, letting our kids do what they want (even at an early age) is not Biblical.

Proverbs 22:6

Train your children onto the right path,

    and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Luke 2:52

Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.
 God tells us that the burden is on us.  That we have to train them.  There is so much wisdom in this because training Risen made us not leave the ministry just because we have kids.  Our world also did not became too small because we have a toddler in tow.  Our marriage is happier because intimacy is present.  Our lives and days were planned even though Risen is just months old. We enjoyed being with Risen because he is not a chore to be with. This can be done, and I hope you choose it to.  But then again, I believe in you more than my suggestions, Mommy :)  Do you, do great.

Some kids have nutrition and behavioral concerns.  Consult doctors if necessary.  I am not an expert on the Science of sleep training.


Risen is 5.   This also means that I have been a stay-at-home wife and mom for 5 years now.  In some days, I rock it, sometimes, I do not.  In the times I feel inadequate in juggling chores, freelancing and homeschooling my son, I go back to my game plan.  And guess what?, I think I have mastered a few things that help me go through my day with ease. These steps are practical, basic and super helpful.  To be more specific, these are the chores I cover so my mornings are easy.  Interested in slaying your mornings too?  I am sure you do!!

1.  Make sure you tidy up your sink in the evening so you wake up to a clean area in your kitchen.  A clean sink is like a sweet "good morning".  Try it!  Make your sink sparkly clean tonight and you will see the difference in will make in the morning.  To add, instead of shoving your soiled dishes in the sink, arrange the dirty plates neatly.  This trick will make dish washing less overwhelming

2.  Always have bread, eggs, spreads, cereals and any other breakfast that you can easily whip up in no time.  Why?  Because the first thing that comes to mind is, "Ano bang lulutuin ko?/Anong breakfast? (what will I cook?? What are we having for breakfast?)".  When you have the basic breakfast set, having the first meal of the day will not be as stressful as how you think it is.  

3.  Accept that home can't be clean the whole time so allot one room or space that you can allow to be messy and one room that has to be clean at all times.  In our case, the master bedroom and restrooms are the ones that has to be always the cleanest!!!  When you have at least one room that is breathable, mornings are easier.   

our war room. the only place in the house that can be messy.

4.  Stay away form your phone and social media accounts before sleeping and when you wake up.  I am sometimes guilty of browsing my phone before sleeping and upon waking up (especially when I have to check if Bryan has school).  However, I also know that it is really better when the last thing I do at night is a prayer and a good talk with my husband as I doze off :)

5.  Do you know that even those who does not believe in God tells people that meditation in the morning makes our day better? Therefore, wake up earlier than everyone and pick up your Bible (and coffee) first.  My spiritual mentor told me that the Bible should not be the first one to fall off my list.  Set that alarm and wake up when it rings.  Go  to your corner and say a prayer.

Coffee and Bible (yep, i made that Cappucino)
Mornings can be great when faced with readiness.  Again, being a stay-at-home mom can be overwhelming so choose to have at least one clean room, an empty sink, a ready brekky and a prayer. Let me know if this works for you :)


1.  Turn off your mobile phone because you do not want to be asked regarding the time of your ceremony and address of your venue.  Nor you do not want to know about guests not coming.  Or a not so good news that might appear on your feed

all photos taken by Catilo Photography

2.   Rent a separate room for your secondary sponsors and parents.  My suggestion is to have YOUR OWN ROOM for preps.  Imagine the chaos if the 3-5 photographers and videographers,  the make-up and hair artists, Coordinators plus the secondary sponsors and others will come in and out of your area. Ang gulo nun!!  The stress is not worth it.  Just get another room for them to avoid the chaos (and drama)

3.  Choose a dependable Maid-of Honor.  Have someone who will function not only in the church but even days before. Sometimes, the reliable ones are those who have been an MOH in the past or have been already married

No Bridesmaids for me.  Just 2 MOH and Secondary Sponsors. 
I also opt not to have photos with the Secondary Sponsors during the preps.
4.  Leave everything to you Coordinator.  Since you hired someone to be in-charge on your wedding, leave the preps, ceremony, reception and after party to them

Rhed Sarmiento was my Coordinator.  No regrets.  I love her.
5.  If you have an open area for the reception, have a plan B just in case it rains

6.  Some people will not make it on your wedding, and that is just okay, okay? Now inhale, exhale

7.  Play good music in your hotel room.  Nothing like feel good songs to brighten up the hours ahead

8.  Stay in the hotel for 2 more nights.  Some weddings end at 9pm and the check out is at 12 noon the next day.  The thought of this makes you want to rush or make sure everything is ironed out because you are already leaving the next day.  If you know that you have 2 more nights in the hotel after your wedding, this triggers the brain to be more relaxed.  If this can't be done, avoid going to work two days after you said "I do"

First night was where we had wedding preps, second night in Tagaytay. 
Then we went home to Ilocos then Phuket for 7 days.

9.  Eat.  I know it will be difficult to digest and have appetite because you are nervous, happy and emotional at the same time.  So my advice is, pick a food that you love, that you can eat in small amounts and "safe", just in case it lands on your robe or worse, gown.

10.  Start with a prayer (and good coffee).  God already knows the turn out, and sometimes it is not as perfect as it would be.  Ask for His guidance and trust that the most beautiful thing is about to unfold



Do you have wives and mothers you follow on IG and FB that helps you be better in this life called "Buhay May Asawa" (Married Life)?  Well, I do and today I want to share them with you.  These are the wives that are both my friends and encourager.  They have whacked wifey-hood by being experts in their fields.  Aliw na aliw ako sa mga posts nila.  And since I know them, I can also attest that the things they share are the lives they live :)

1. Viviene Bigornia of - Vivs, has been a full time mom from the very beginning.  She also blogs and facilitates training, however, the core of her being is this:  She aims to help women find and run after their God-given passion. She does group and one on one coaching.  She also asks the tough questions that will make you rethink and "redo" your life.  

2.  Gracie Miranda-Maulion of @tipidmommy - I get my all around tipid tips from Gracie. From grocery, to raising a pre-schooler, to honoring God with our finances, to going on trips to managing a business.  She is also very practical and responds fast to questions!  She actually has a talk this Saturday on how to be a matipid na Mommy.  Visit her IG for deets :)

3. Dorcas Brion of @bibongpinay - This friend is not plastic, ma-papel sya (joke po ito, sana na gets mo ;) ).  Why did I say this?  Because she is also known as a human printer.  She offers planners, booklets, menu planners, etc.  I love her because she shares her craft that is good for everyday use.  Also, if not humorous, her posts are always relevant to my life as a woman, wife and mom.

photo from Leny Ortega

If you want me to connect you to them, let me know :)  Also, if you want to sit down with us to get to know us or our brand, just comment or message me.  You may find me here in my office, also known as And wait, let me end this with a barkada pic!  Missing you, ladies!

(L-R) Viv, Cas, Gracie and Me :)


I totally panicked when I realized I ruined my blog design and program after I hurriedly clicked a free template I saw online.  I have never touched the blueprint of my blog since I got married.  I remember working on it for the first time for one week so I vowed to never edit it.  However, I saw some cool free designs online and  I used it without recognizing that it could tarnish the entirety of my blog! 

With a cranky toddler asking for my attention and a husband who will come home anytime soon (I drop everything when my husband opens the gate), my face went white.  I can’t believe that I am now a struggling blogger with a dysfunctional blog site.


After kissing Bry, I asked him if I could spend 30 minutes of my time to “fix” it.  He agreed and even brought me some leftover Strawberry Crepe.  Without blinking, I searched and searched on how I could bring my blog to its normal sense.  After a few minutes, I discovered on how I could repair it.  YEY!  From there, I shut my computer  down and told myself that I will work on it when that same night.

Re-doing my blog was faster this time.  I actually challenged myself to not only re-do it but give it a different and a more personal touch.  I can’t believe that the MESS I did turned out to be a HAPPY-MESS! 

my blog's new face

Even in little things, God is teaching us that He has the ability to transform every ugly situation/s we are in.  So trust Him and be comforted that this MESS can be a HAPPY-MESS!