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I was checking out Facebook when I saw an article that suggests that a husband should be treated like a best friend.  I must say I was not convinced.

I believe that the best way to treat a husband is to treat him like a husband.

I am not a marriage expert nor a woman who has been married for a long time, but  I want to acknowledge God, who by the way, initiated marriage.  Therefore, He also has the say of how it should be.  Marriage has a very wonderful and unique design and it could only be at its best if couples will follow God’s blueprint. 

What is the basic plan?

Husbands, love your wife.  Wives, respect and submit to your husbands. 

Obviously, this is not how we treat our best buddies.  Why?  Because again, marriage is so special that God has designed an exceptional plan to make it work beautifully. 

Day to day, I strive to be the best wife to Bryan and day to day I falter. Nonetheless, instead of losing hope and being a mediocre wife, I cling on to God's grace because He alone can sustain me.  

What do I do?  I make sure I don't treat him like a friend because if that would be the case, I would not be intentional in serving, loving and submitting to him.  That would also mean taking him for granted and hoping that we can easilly re-connect, as if nothing has changed. And also that would mean getting mad at him and not doing anything about it because I know we would make peace in a few days.  

Yes, I think you can be friends with your hubsters, but may consider treating him like a husband first, then the rest of the "relationship types" can follow.

What do you think?  Maybe the video can also help 


I believe there are two kinds of best in the world - 
the best on our perspective
 and the best according to God's eyes plan  

I can still painfully remember (yes, may kurot pa din) the moment when we were scrolling down to check Bryan's name in the list of Bar passers - he was seated on his chair while I was on his back, my two hands on his shoulders.  Both our eyes did not blink when we were reading the surnames of the succesful bar examinees.  It just remained closed for a long time when I started to crying as I hugged Bryan from the back.  

I can say it was the most painful stage we have gone through as a married couple so far.  Since I knew Bryan's childhood dream is to be called an attorney, I too fell in love with this profession.  I imagined myself being a wife of a lawyer.  However, many of you know, this dream did not happen (he failed by 0.45), and as of the moment, my husband remains to be a professor in the College of Liberal Arts in Adamson University.

As we were moving on from this sad news, we thought hard on why he was not allowed to pass.  On why God said "no".  Everyone believed in him.  We were certain that this will be the best for our little family.  We claimed it was also a part of God's agenda.  We were convinced that since we offered everything in prayer, and because Bryan did his part, God willl give us the best.  And this best is the title Attorney to the name Bryan Eli Bagasin Sadorra.  

People comforted us by telling that God has other better plans.  We know and believe this, but we have to be honest that there were times this was difficult to see.  I saw myself asking "God, bakit hindi pwedeng maging lawyer si Bryan?  What can be better than this?"  Now that it has been almost a year that my husband took the bar exams, I may not still see God's bigger agenda, however, in my heart I am thankful he is still a teacher.

I am thankful for the short working days, long and paid holidays (summer, semestral break, Christmas vacation),  cancellation of classes (due to programmes) and weekends that Bryan has.  His schedule is not hectic.  He is an available husband, hands-on dad, and a relaxed member of our house.  No stress at work. No overtime.  No competition with his schedule. He does not give us what is left of him because when he comes home (the sun is still up) he is still a ball of energy.

Another thing I am happy about is the friendly, no compromise and healthy working environment.  I worked once in Adamson so I know that one way or another, Bryan is in "good hands".  His friends all go home after work (Bakit nga ba kayo ganyan? Mag kape naman kayo minsan after class!!), they are all family oriented, they have good laughs in between classes, and they treat us as family.  Nothing more I could ask for.

Lastly, we have time for God and his ministry.  To be honest, I am not sure if we can be this active in church (which we are super duper so happy about) if Bryan has another line of work. But as of the moment, we are really grateful for the chance to journey with people.  To serve God and be a witness on how He moves to the lives of the people we are with.

As I type this, I am asking myself if  "I am just bitter".  Well, maybe, sometimes.  However, I am more focused on the idea that this is what is best from God's perspective.  And since we love and trust Him, we should see the beauty of His plan. There is life after a failure.  There is beauty when we align our perspective to His.  Yes, I still want my husband to take the bar exams, but as of the moment, I will enjoy what we have.  

This is from God. This is the other best. This is what is truly the best.


I need space.

image not mine

I used to feel guilty every time I have a serious longing to be away from Bryan and Risen for some time (like maybe for a day every 1 or 2 months).  I thought to  myself on why I would like to voluntarily spend my day without them?  Does this mean I care and love them less?

It dawned on me that the desire to be away from family for a couple of hours is nothing that I should be sad about, rather it is something that I should really do from time to time.  I realized that this is not only beneficial for myself but more so for Bryan and Risen.  When I am away, my boys can bond without my "intervention".  They can do whatever they want without me telling to do it "this way" or "that way".  I might come home to Risen who ate pizza and ice cream for dinner, but who cares? Minsan lang naman.  And besides, who would not like pizza and ice cream?

Second, Risen needs to know, feel and see that I can't be his only person.  At 2 years old, he has the tendency to be really clingy.  In many times, he only wants me, just me.  I do not want this.  Risen has to see and be with other people.  It can't just be me.

Third, in some occasions, I badly need it. I love being a full-time wife and mom, however, at times, I get "tired".  I just need to get away from my routine and be in a place where my boys are not around.

In behalf of the other stay-at-home-moms...

So forgive me (us) when you see me (us) lounging in coffee shops without my family. Do not question me (us) when I (we) sometimes go home late from dinner (again without my (our)husband/s).  I (we) do it because I (we) need it.  I (we)need to make time for others so I (we) see how special my family is.  I (we) love spending time with my friends so I (we) can share how awesome my Bryan (husbands) is and witty Risen (kids) is.   Besides, though I  (we) am "away", what we look  forward to is the "coming home".  

So at least once a month, or every two months, let me be alone.  I need space.

Thank you Bryan for always saying "yes".  I love you!


Don't you just love to eat?  

One of our favorite catch up thingabies is eating.  We always make sure that once in while, we have uninterrupted bonding where we can just eat a lot (yep, a lot), talk and have good coffee for a couple of hours.  Thanks to Metrodeal, we were able to eat at Hotel Jen (formerly Traders Hotel) on a discounted price. We paid 560php each and get to savor good food on a Saturday.

The menu list was short but sophisticated.  I was surprised I got to memorize what the spread was without intending to.  On the buffet was the following:

  • Bread, butter, jam
  • Cheese (about 5 types), fruits and crackers
  • Salad
  • Bulalo Soup
  • Creamy Vegetable Soup
  • Siomai
  • Kikiam
  • Potato Wedges
  • Sushi
  • Ribs
  • Hilabos na Hipon
  • Lechon Macau
  • Spicy Wings
  • Chopsuey
  • Kare-Kare
  • Steamed Fish in Lemon Sauce
  • Strawberry Mousse
  • Sansrival
  • Churros
  • Ginataang Halo-halo
  • Pudding

When we walked in and checked the tables, I was not really excited to dig in.  It looked "ordinary", plus compared to other buffet restaurants the selections of Latitude was fewer.  However, when we started tasting each viand, we became really appreciative of what Latitude has to offer.  It was authentic, savory, real, delicious - definitely a lot "oooohhhsss and aaaaahhhhsss" from us.  

The ambiance was relaxing too.  It was not crowded, definitely no lines, no people walking around, and just really a good place to have an intimate conversation.  The waiters were a delight as well. They got our empty plates right away and checked on how we are enjoying our meals.

no people means a decent picture! haha

On the other had, the vegetarians will be a bit disappointed because aside from the green salad, Hotel Jen only offered Chopsuey, Sushi, Shrimp and Steamed fish on their list.

All in all, because of the quality of taste and ambiance, I will choose (with our without Metrodeal discount) Latitude over Buffet 101, Vikings and Yakimix.  I wish to go back here, not the soonest though, because the ribs and spicy wings were just too sinful to try again!


When Bryan told me he would drive from his house to CCP parking lot just to see me before I watch a play with my cousin Dei, I knew in my heart I found a love.  Fine, it was not "love" agad, but the thought that there was this (gwapo) guy who would want to see me for no reason at all is something that the butterflies in my tummy won't deny.  I have actually forgotten what the play was all about, but I still vividly remember the pawis on my nose (because of kaba) and how I slept with a smile on my face that night.  The world seemed magical that moment (actually, the magic lasted for about a week or so).

Adamson grad 2009 (i think)

studying together
 What a joy is it to find  "new love".  So refreshing to find a different face among the crowd.  At that time, there was no "sana maging kami" or "sana sya na" or "sana ligawan nya ko" or even "sana sya na God's will ko".  I knew it will be a beautiful story so I just had to wait for it to unfold.  There was no pressure or waiting or pushing or asking.

Adamson Christmas party 2009
church outing
That meet up led to other dates. Those instances were solid good times.  Aside that he was always on time, I knew that our date would be nice and light but with sincerity, direction and intent.  It was Good vibes...always.
Enchanted Kingdom 2010

Rizal's house

Rizal's house

Now that we are married, the best part of my day is when he comes home or when I see him walking towards me when I have to pick him up or meet him in the grocery.  It is like, HE IS HERE, BRYAN IS HEREEEEE!!! --with fireworks that makes you go "wwwoooowww"!!

Every time I see him I knew in my heart and mind I found love.  Seeing his face amongst a sea of people is always an answered prayer. It always makes my heart flutter.


One day Bryan just told me he wanted to see a Cardiologist because he feels something uncomfortable in his chest (part where the heart is).  I did not ponder on it up until his doctor told us that she is a little upset with his ECG and Treadmill results.

It was suggested by the same doctor for Bry to undergo Doputamine Stress Examination.  In this test,  a medicine will be injected to make his heart beat faster.  Then while the heart rate is fast, a 2D echo will be administered.

 I started crying buckets of tears because I fear for husband's life.  It may be OA but at 33 and only being married for nearly 3 years, it should just be visits to the OB and not a Cardiologist.  I was like, "heart problems agad? Hindi ba pwedeng toothache muna?!".

We prayed hard and long.  We also asked the people very close to us.  For the first time in my life, I did not talk about it to my friends.  I just mentioned it to very few people because sharing it to others would make me feel that it was really happening.  I did not like the idea of saying "my husband has a heart condition" -- mentioning it was just really heartbreaking.

While waiting for the schedule of his Doputamine test, we agreed to consult another Cardiologist from Makati Med that I know personally.  However, as we were having breakfast, Bryan felt a little discomfort again that we decided to head to the ER of Makati Med.  I drove and I dropped my husband to the ER.  

Bryan was a little anxious while being surrounded by doctors.  Blood tests, X-ray, ECG were done to him and his vital signs were also monitored.  At this time, I knew in my heart he will be fine but seeing us like this was sad.  

After 2-3 hours the ER doctor cleared Bryan (with negative result on his tests -  PRAISE GOD!) and we were advised to go home and visit a Cardio specialist right after.

taken after the ER Doctor tells us he is fine

We went up to the third floor to visit Dra. Pastores (a former parent at ICA, a school where I taught).  She double checked the results and agreed with the ER Doctor.  However, she told us to still do Stress Treadmill Test (not the Doputamine anymore) this time with 2D Echo just to completely rule out our doubts.  

All in all, we are thankful for the experience because it made us check our eating habits.  Now, we do not eat Pork and Beef at home.  We agreed to just consume meat when we are outsise the house. So we are like vegetarians at home which we are really enjoying by the way.  

To add, we are so grateful for the healthcards.  God indeed provides!  It would be challenging to shell out a big amount of cash for tests and consultations with such a short notice.  Buti na lang we have healthcards talaga!!

We were scared but we felt God's assurance of help and healing.  He also used people to bless and comfort us. To all those who prayed, especially to CCF Muntinlupa, thank you!  You are truly  God sent!  



Do you remember the time you had to wait for a long line to end? Then amidst of all the heat, sweaty people, chaos and hunger you suddenly become so thankful because you have a good book in your bag or bumped into a long lost friend? This is the time you find yourself saying "haaay! buti na lang andito ka!!!"

Bryan and I are in the season of waiting.  And, as many would know, it is not easy to wait especially when you already did your best, put out resources and prayed hard.

On the other hand, I am just more than happy that I am waiting with Bryan.  He is like a good book in this long queue of waiting. Though we have been watching the clock lately, we are all good. I am blessed to have a man who does not base his decisions on luck, or on "bahala na", or on pera pera (meaning, maraming pera dito, so dito tayo), or on feelings or on any other attractions given by the world.  My husband is not perfect and will never be but I am overwhelmed because He tries His very best to obey God and the Bible in every decision he /we have to make.

Having a wonderful husband and an awesome God does not make life "problem free", however, it could give you a sense of peace and direction.

We still struggle and sin.  We still become impatient when asked to wait.  Our marriage life is at times messy, however, amidst all this I am beyond thankful because my leader is Bryan whose leader is God.  It may a long line ahead, but really, I won't mind - I have him and we have Jesus.

So single ladies (sorry I did not expect to give an unsolicited advice at the end hehe), pray for a man that can make you stress free and still pretty when you have to wait on long lines.  Problems will come in your marriage and it would be a fine day when you know your husband is or will not be an additional trouble. Pray hard and believe in God's best!


Your parents love him 
Mothers (more or less parents) have this gut feeling about your man.  
Ask them about him.  They may be 90% right.

He has a stable job and a bank account 
A man who values the future does not only dream about it but prepares for it.  He is not dependent on his parents or siblings.  He has a regular job and knows how to work his way up.  And yes, a wise man saves up.  

He does not make promises  
It is either he is actively working on his promises or he has done them already

You share the same faith and values
Married couple would have disagreements and this is normal.  However, you can lessen the pressure if you have the same faith and values.  Not convinced? Check this out!

He does not have personal issues
It is difficult to be with a man who has baggages on his shoulders.  His issues may got to do with his self-esteem, unresolved conflicts, debts, personhood, sexuality, etc.

He does not cringe when you drop the words wedding and marriage
Personally, I would like to be with a man who is not only willing to marry me but is also ready to get hitched NOW.  I don't know with you. 
Come to think of it, if not marriage, what will be the goal of your relationship?

He does not pressure or lead you to be physically intimate
Yes, men who are not after your thighs and breasts are still present!!
 Let me share a little secret. Me and my husband had our first kiss on our wedding day.  We have been together as an engaged couple for 2 and a half years and the farthest we have been is a peck on the cheek! Yes, it can still happen!!!

You see and know that he will be a good father
Remember that your future husband will not only be your spouse
 but also the future father of your children.  Think, think, think!

He is a follower of God
Trust me, you would want and need a man who follows God.  Let me take this to another level by challenging you to seek a man who is not only a christian (yes, some Christians do not follow God's commandments) but also seeks and obeys the Lord.  Your husband will be the leader of your home and family and it is just wise to have someone whose leader is the Lord.

BAR 2014: Bryan Speaks Up - From Bitterness to Surrender


Yes. True. I did. It hurts. It’s heart breaking. Disappointing. Frustrating.

Waking up at 4 a.m. to read cases and books for several years? Memorizing laws and analysing cases of people I don’t know? All these are in vain. Staying and reading in the library for nearly 10 hours a day? Useless. Saving an amount to sustain law school needs? These are all scrap. Childhood dream of becoming a lawyer? Shattered. Sacrifices of my wife, parents, in-laws, schoolmates, bar ops, churches and friends? All wasted.  My son, Risen, having no father for the entire month of the bar exams? Worthless.

But this morning, I have this from the book of Psalms…

“Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations… Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.” (Psalms 90:1-2)

“It’s good to contemplate God’s eternity in the light of man’s frailty… God is eternal. He is our dwelling place from generation to generation. The eternity we face in His hands… From generation to generation, from everlasting to everlasting, He has been faithful, and He will continue to be faithful.” (Warren Wiersbe, Prayer, Praise and Promises: A Daily Walk Through the Psalms)

Yesterday morning, before knowing that I did not make it, the Lord gave me this…

“He (referring to the psalmist in Psalm 89:46-52) starts with burdens and ends with blessing. He starts with sighing and ends with singing, because he lifts his broken heart unto the Lord in prayer.” (Warren Wiersbe, Prayer, Praise and Promises: A Daily Walk Through the Psalms)

With these, I say…

No cross examination, Your Honor.
No further questions, Your Honor.
I rest my case… not in court… but to You, my Honorable Lord.


P.S. To you who were with us through all these, thank you very much. As He promised, “…your labor in the Lord is not in vain...” (I Corinthians 15:58)

Bryan Eli Bagasin Sadorra
March 27, 2015
(a day after the 2014 bar exam results were released)

BAR EXAMS: When You Wait Then God Says "No/Not Now"

There was a strange feeling of physical pain in my chest when I did not see Bryan's name on the list of bar 2014 passers.  There was like a hole in my heart.  Masakit.  After a second or two, I started weeping  and all I can do is cover my face and say "I am sorry" to Bryan.  All I could do was cry.

I cried because I could not give the title "Atty" to Bryan.  As a wife, I would give anything to my husband.  And it badly hurts me that at this time, what we can only do is be sorry and comfort each other.

We have been waiting and praying for this day since we became bf-gf.  Every night, this has been in our prayers.  We also rallied people to pray for us.  Aside from all of these, Bryan studied hard - really hard.  On our side, we knew we did our part while allowing God to do His. 

However, amidst of our long waiting and praying, God replied with a "No/Not Now" - which at the moment really sounds bad and difficult to deal with.

We still do not know the reason why God allowed this.  Naiiyak pa din ako.  Masakit pa din. But at the end of the day, He remains to be the God who knows what is best for us.  Today, this is what is perfect.  Today, this is what is needed.  Today, this is God's answer to our prayers, to our waiting. Today, the answer is "no". 

Amidst of all the tears, the hugs, and the comfort we try to give to each other, we will not be moved nor question God's faithfulness to us. We have Him, our marriage, each other, Risen, our families, friends, church and support group. We are in pain, but allow us to declare that God is still good and He will continue to be.  All praises to Him!!!


“Forever Yours: Going the Distance” is the second couple’s retreat that Mico and I had attended. Coincidentally, the bulk of the conference focused on “Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires and The Respect He Desperately Needs, ” topic which we have learned for three times already – first, when our pre-marriage counsellors required us to read the book with the same title by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs; second, when our church Dgroup discussed it in one of our sessions and third, in this couple’s retreat. Despite being exposed to the same topic for several times, the Lord has always prepared something new for us.

This year’s retreat allowed me to see how rewarding it is to do God’s command of “loving” my wife even if at times she appears to be unlovable. Loving her is not merely a responsibility that I need to do but a privilege for me to worship God since the main purpose of marriage is to adore Him. As a result, a rewarding marriage is experienced.

Our first speaker lectured on the “Blueprint on Marriage” as written by God, the author of every connubial. One thing that struck me is when he discussed the need for “unswerving loyalty" which entails knowing your wife on all aspects – physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. I asked myself, “Do I know Mico that much? Is my loyalty to her unswerving to the extent that I know her on all facets of life?” However, these questions were clearly answered when our last speaker stood and expounded on the grace of God which enables each one to do what He has commanded us to do.

Indeed, it is only by His grace that we can copiously know our spouses, consequently, being one in serving God.With us in the retreat is a couple who are on their twilight years and has been together for almost 60 years. Both of them use canes. The wife even uses wheel chair if there is a need for a fairly long walk. Hearing their testimony made me appreciate God’s  sustaining love and grace. Their long journey together were full of successes and failures, but, despite all these, they recognize that the Lord sustained them and gave them His unwavering love that binds their love for each other through the ages. 

Having learned all these, the Lord reminded me that my marriage with Mico is work in progress according to His design. Looking back to what the Lord has done to us in the past two years of our marriage, I am excited to see what He has in store for us in the years to come as we continue our journey with Him.

Forever Yours, Forever His: My Reflections on Our Recent Retreat

The retreat we recently attended reminded me that I should value my relationship to God so my relationship with Bryan will grow all the more.  All this time, I thought marriage is all about Bryan, I have never realized that marriage is about God.  I was tasked by God to respect Bryan because this is how He wanted it to be from the very beginning. Disobeying and raising my issues to my husband in an unloving and disrespectful ways do not only displeases Bryan but more so the Lord

This was a timely reminder because I wake up every morning with the hopes of doing all I can for our little family.  Although this may be good, this is not enough because I have to please God first in every aspect of our relationship.  And when I do, that is when I can truly be the "best" wife to Bryan. Though psychology, society, and media may all have the suggestions and ways on how a marrriage can work, I realized that these institutions did not create marriage.  It was God who instituted marriage, therefore, He alone has the master blueprint on how marriages can be made beautiful.  Thank you Lord for this assurance!

Let me also include a few lines that pierced my heart during our stay in Tagaytay.  May this encourage you as well.

God has a wonderful plan for our families -- and it starts with the husband and wife
- Pastor Roy Fabella

Marriage is designed by God to be enjoyed by the couple.
- Bro. Paul Aragones

(to husband) kelan ko sinabi sayo na "I love you"? Parang hindi ba diba? O ngayon, sasabihin ko na "I love you..."
- a wife who's been married for 40 years

Married couples are to create their own household.
- Bro. Paul Aragones

The things that matters to God, matters...
- I forgot who ;)


I have always been a lover of retreats.  It is an instant get-away, a time to learn/re-learn and a season to not watch the clock.  Last February 19-20, Bryan and I had a chance to be with our CCF Muntinlupa family for a couples retreat.  And, as expected, we had a wonderful wonderful time.

To begin, I am thankful that we had a chance to be "away" for 2 days. Though it was a bit difficult to leave Risen (I am sure most parents would agree), we still decided to go because our son would surely benefit from this retreat.  As what we have always believed, happier parents make happier kids.

Second, this gave us the chance to bond with other couples of CCF Muntinlupa.  Ever since Bryan had finished the bar exams we have longed for a church that we can serve and call home.  We yearned for friendship we can develop, families we can know and Risen can grow with - and finally, we can say that CCF Muntinlupa is the answer to our prayers.  PRAISE GOD! WE HAVE A CHURCH!!

Third, this gave us the opportunity to hear from God on what He wants from us and from our marriage.  We have learned much from the topics that were shared and from the stories talked about by other couples. I will be more specific on my learnings on my next blog.  I have also asked Bryan to share his reflections, so watch our for that as well!

All in all, I can say that I fell in love with retreats, Bryan and God all the more! I hope you can join us next year!


Being married for one year and a few months taught me that...

1.  Sense of humor can save couples from numerous and unwanted fights.

2. Cheesy date nights (or breakfasts) are happiness. We do our best to make time for it.

3.  Kissing when saying "goodbye" and "welcome home" must not be automatic. It should be done with intent. Make sure eyes meet ;) 

4.  Children should not be the center of the home/world. I think marriage and each other should still be the priority. Happy parents make happy children.

5. Cribs are helpful. At the end of the day, it is still nice to cuddle (since day 1, Risen sleeps in his crib) 

6.  Cooked food is a MUST. I make sure a meal is ready when Bryan comes home (kahit pa sabihin nya na he is busog and won't eat when he arrives home)

7.  Praying and having devotions together helps a lot.

8.  A kasambahay could be a blessing. If you have a "good" one, it can save you from stress, problems and quarrels

PS. We are very happy with our ate Marjorie

9.  Knowing Bryan's love language makes me know how to love him (Of course he knows mine too). 

10.  Texts, surprise love notes and pasalubongs are kilig. 

11.  A husband (or a wife) could make or break a marriage.  Do not hurry love, do not settle for good.  Seek for the "best" that God has prepared for you! 

Paoay Summer Vacation 2014

Since college, I have never been a fan of 3 day trips.  I seldom stay in a new place for 2 nights, instead I always make sure to stay longer to really get to know the place, taste the local food and speak with the community.  This is so true for trips that require planes.  The first time I went to Boracay (2004), I was there for 2 long weeks.  Feeling ko kasi, pagod lang ang three day trips.  It will never be relaxing.  It will never be enough.

That is why, I am so grateful for our 3 week stay here in Paoay.  It was such a refreshing and fulfilling vacation.  We got to spend time (especially Risen) with Mommy and Daddy and got to reconnect with relatives, church mates and a few neighbors.  The abundance of local food also satisfied me, I mean us. :) Naimas (delicious) and veggies dito! Always organic and fresh from the farm.  I don't think I can ever find such greens in the Metro!  Oh plus the Tupig, Bagnet, Empanada, dudol (like Maja Blanca), Carrot cake of La Preciosa , and Daddy's Dinuguan and Igado! YUM!!

I also found God here.  He confirmed some things we have been asking for.  He also provided and made a lot of things more beautiful for us.  Though I was not able to understand the preachings in Bry's home church (mostly Ilokano), my spirit was silenced and comforted with the hymns and classic Christian songs we sung.  It feels so refreshing to worship God with old and slow songs with just a piano accompanying it.  I will surely miss this!


Thank you for Paoay. Thank you for remembering my prayer in high school when I wished to have a province hours away from Manila.  Naalala mo po talaga!  Thank you for the beach that Risen got to experience and I got to swim in .  Thank you for family who have done all good things for us!  Thank you for the rest and change of environment.  Thank you because You have blessed me with in-laws that I will always look forward of visiting.  Thank you for the fun, kwentos, fresh air, and love!  God, You always amazes me!  I will  forever be grateful! <3 span="">

Thailand day 6 - (still) in Phuket

Just like my family’s tradition, we went to the Turtle Mart (grocery place) early in the morning to buy snacks we can munch for it is our most favourite time of the year (and snacks are pricey in hotels).  Since this day was our last whole day too, we grabbed the chance to enjoy our hotel and beach more.  It felt like we were forever on the pool side.  Mas naaliw pa kami when Santa Clause visited the people in the swimming area.  We were like kids so excited so we called him for a picture – it was definitely sugar rush! 

The morning was further spent doing nothing --just transferring from beach chair to another, vegetating, people watching.   For lunch, we headed to a 5 minute walk carinderia (where the hotel staff eat) and satisfied ourselves with a last hurrah of real Thai food.

The afternoon seemed long and short.  We both wanted to linger more but we are also excited for the real world.  We started talking about what we will do when we reach Manila, and this did not spoil our vacation for because we know this is grander than what we have now.

Our last night was concluded with a fancy dinner at Takieng (fine-dining restaurant of the hotel). We ate in the second floor with dim lights, overlooking the beach.  Our toes would sometimes touch other as we savor every bite of what is on our dinner plate. 

As always, we walked out of the restaurant with our hands clasped.  Only this time, my head was leaning on his shoulder and I whispered the words “I love you, husband”.  He then leaned on me and kissed me on the forehead saying “I love you too, wife”.