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**Below is a summary of the message last February 7, 2016 at CCF Muntinlupa.  This also appeared in The Chronicle (weekly Newsletter of CCF Muntinlupa).   The text was written by Bryan Eli B. Sadorra.

This February, valentines is celebrated by the world which has a deceiving, destructive  and self-centered definition of love.


The bible defines love as patient and kind. It does not envy or boast. It is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way. It is not irritable or resentful. It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. (I Corinthians 13: 4-7) This love is demonstrated by the Lord through the cross. (Romans 5:8) And the only way we can love others and even God is by accepting and embracing the reality of God’s love for us and in us. He did not only love us but He also gave us love that gave us the ability to love.

With this, how do we do we show our love to God?


Love means willingness to give and give up. We are to continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name. (Hebrews 13:15) Also, our bodies are owned by God. We cannot do anything to them without His consent. Instead, we are to give them to be holy and acceptable unto God which is our spiritual service. (Romans 12:1)


Love means willingness to receive whatever is from God. No one deserves blessings but God enabled us, thus, we should thankfully receive. (I Timothy 6:17) His Word is for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, thus, we are to take it. (II Timothy 3:16) God may also give us trials which we need to endure but still praise the Lord for. (Job 1:21-22) God is treating us as His children and part of our legitimacy is discipline so that we may share in His holiness and for the production of a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. (Hebrews 12:6-11)


Love means obeying God’s command. The Lord has a standard on who loves Him. He is serious with our relationship with Him and obedience to His Word is a manifestation of our love for Him. (John 14:15, John 14:21) A part of His instruction is to go and make disciples, so, our willingness to be a disciple and be trained to disciple is also a demonstration of our love for Him. (Matthew 28:19-20) Lastly, carrying each other’s burden is a way of fulfilling His law. (Galatians 6:2)


Love means setting apart or being sanctified for God. We need to be holy because God is holy. (I Peter 1:16) A part of being holy is pleasing Him. (II Corinthians 5:9) And as we allow ourselves to be holy, the Lord instructed us to be strong, be courageous, not to be frightened and not be dismayed for He promised that He shall be with us wherever we go. (Joshua 1:9)

We are loved by God. We have love from God. And we can love God. Are we willing to exercise this love by giving and giving up, by receiving, by doing and by being the person God wants us to be? Are we willing to love God with all our hearts?


I have heard myself twice last week saying how contented and happy I was with my (general) life. That I am good.  That I am in the season of my life where I am fine.  The first time I mentioned this was during our D-group with other ministry heads and second one was during our usual "kamustahan" with the Velardos.

I am thankful that God sends people who ask the hard and needed questions.  Once in a while, it is good to ponder upon "kamusta ako?" (How am I?).

After saying that I am "good" twice, I had to ask myself silently if "being this content" is fine. This pondering led to other questions  like "Have I stopped dreaming?",  "Have I stopped caring?", "Have I become agnostic to the people and things around me?".  However after prayerfully thinking about it, I realized that instead to over thinking, I should be thankful because as of now (I do not know how long this will last), because of God's grace, I am good with my life.

Maybe it goes with outlook, maybe with age.  Maybe with time.  I do not know.  However, it feels good to be good.  It feels great to live one day at a time (still a struggle) and let God arrange the unknown tomorrow.  

As of today, now that I am typing this, I am good.  How about you? How are you?


I was so excited to attend the leadership planned by CCF Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Sta. Rosa, and Paranaque for Discipleship Group Leaders.  I knew that since I am new in this ministry, I would need all the help that I can get.

I was so eager to listen because I wanted to be a "good" D-group leader.  Little did I know that the talks and discussions will boil down to one thing - my heart.  Jesus zero-ed in to me once again.  He was like, "so Mico, hows your heart?  Is it bearing fruits?"

Funny how I was looking forward to learning how I can be better in the ministry when what God wanted was a better heart.  I was reminded that all things starts with the Lord.  That the only way to be better in the ministry is if our hearts are in tuned with His.  When our relationship with the Lord is good, the rest of the things follow - including being a good D-group leader.  Just like Mary before I get busy with the other things I should make sure I rest on His feet and listen on what He has to say.

On the side, I was so grateful with CCF for this nourishment to my soul.  Thank you for being such a supportive church.  I really feel equipped.  Also, I would like to appreciate the team for letting Risen and Ate Marjorie come with us.  It is good to be with family on these types of journeys!  Maraming maraming salamat!!


When I got married, moved to Manila and had Risen, I realized one thing, it was a little hard to catch up with friends.  In many times, I would miss people.  I sometimes long to be surrounded by my friends to just talk, talk and talk.  FB does not make any justice.  I NEED TO SEE MY FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE!! As many of you would know, stay at home moms need A LOT of social life! I am not shouting, just making a point ;)

That's why, I am just so thankful for my Discipleship Group from CCF Muntinlupa - they are my sanity group!   They allow me to tell all, laugh and pray about my (and our) experiences, ask, see the beauty in things I thought were ugly, cry and just really be myself.  At the end of my lovely and crazy life as a woman, wife and mom, it feels good to have a group of people where you can confess and not be judged.  My D-group is just always so ready with pieces of advice, prayers and food to share! - always! :)

Aside that my D-group are my instant friends, I also can't deny that they inspire me to be closer to God.  In many times, they check-up on me.  Their lives and words encourage me to honor, follow and submit to God.  They make me see that marriage and family life should not be all private.  Stories with them are always welcome, kept in secret and ended up with prayers.

It is wonderful to be surrounded with friends who checks-up on you and your relationship with family and God.  If you want a support group as well, you can send me a message and I will connect you to one.


I was in the same team with Bryan in our recent team building because he had to drive a van to Batangas for the first time.   We were so thankful to Tita Ann (one of our facilitators) did this. However, since I am a driver too, it was not too easy to stop myself from coaching Bryan.

When we fetched the van from CCF Alabang, I started nagging Bryan about his driving style. It became too much that he had to ask me to stop pressuring him and just be supportive.  I had to literally bite my tongue as we parked in CCF Muntinlupa to get our passengers.  The team building has not started yet, but I already learned something.

In many times, Bryan does not need my lecture but my support.

As we went along, I had to do several tasks with Bryan and with team Heroes.  Let me enumerate the things we did:

1.  Prepare a team banner

2.  Buy and cook lunch at Sto. Tomas Market, Batangas (clues were given as we locate one place to the next)

3.  Make a clay pot from one of the pot stores along San Juan, Batangas

4.  Build a boat made up of Balikbayan box and cross a part of the ocean at La Luz Resort

5.  Find the letters J-E-S-U-S and stock it up (directtion to come from team members)

I realized it is both easy and hard to be in the same team with Bryan.  My husband is not difficult to be with but I became a little confused with my "role".  In the middle of every team huddle I was like...."Am I a wife to Bryan or are we "equal" here?"  "Am I suppose to support my husband all throughout the day or am I allowed to step up and take a responsibility?" 

Yep, I may look really busy in our tasks but in my every move, I think of Bryan.  I would even guard my comments, actions and suggestions because I do not want to bring "shame" to him!!  I was really conscious all the time.  Was this good?  I think so!  Why? Because no matter what responsibility I get, I am a wife first (after to being a Christian of course).  Therefore, I should consider him in everything I do! Yes, even in teambuildings!!

In this blog entry, I have said that we have decided to serve in the Singles Ministry together.  We have not yet felt the "pressure" of doing the Lord's work hand by hand but the team building reminded me that there would be tough times.  On the other hand, since Bryan has been more or less become my best buddy, working with him has been easy breezy.  He has become my accountability partner, prayer partner, critic, encourager and number 1 fan (except in singing hehe). 

It's definitely a pleasure to be able to work hand in hand with my husband.  I am excited on how God will use this to mold him, me and us.  I am sure we are not only made for each other but we are also made for God's work.  Now, I would not mind being in the same group with Bry.  Not only that I learn more things about him, but I also discover who I am with him.


Last Saturday we had a Kids Rally from 8am to 3pm.  Our Sunday School children had a day of relay games, Bible quizzes, stories and movie time.  It was a wonderful day to spend time with the kids and and kids at heart.  I actually do not remember the last time I stayed the whole day inside the church, so this day is really special, not to mention that Risen got to participate as well!!  I am just really glad to be back in God's work!  HURRAH!!!!

Thank you to Tita Diane and Tita Ann for the pictures!! :D


We are back in the ministy!  Individually, I serve in the Sunday School and Bryan writes for the Chronicle (CCF Muntinlupa Newsletter) and as a couple we help the Singles Ministry. We can say that it feels sooooo good (and right) to be a part of God's vineyard once again.

Bryan and I both grew up in the church.  Every time we talk about our "younger days", we both mention the same key words such as Sunday school, DVBS, choir, outreach, community work, camps, retreats, kid's praise, fund raising and others.  So, when we have more or less "settled our little family", we prayed then volunteered ourselves to help.

We are more than glad to be in the ministry again because aside from the privilege of serving our church and God, this is also a big opportunity to help ourselves, our marriage and Risen.  We are excited for Risen to grow-up in a church and develop lifelong friendship with the other kids (just like what Bryan and I did).  We are also anticipating that as we help the singles and young professionals , this will make our relationship and bond stronger (research says that when a couple pursues a common goal, their relationship is likely to be healthier), and lastly we can't help to learn from our ministry heads and from the people we serve. We know that at the end of the day God will use the time we spend in the church to mold us to be better and more responsible partners, parents and Christians.  This will be a wonderful ride!!!

When God Tells You to Wait While Waiting

Don't you find it frustrating when God tells you to continue wait while waiting?  I do.

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In the world where most of the things are instant, I easily become impatient.  This is true with the small and big things in my life. In many occurances, I want things settled or known in 5 minutes.

However, every time I reach the peak of my edginess, I am reminded on how God made many things in my life beautiful in His time. -- And during these seasons, I have seen on why the Lord asked me to not be in a hurry.  For a number of times, I have heard myself say "Aaahhhh, kaya pala ngayon lang binigay! :)"

As I type this blog entry, me and my husband are waiting for two things we have been praying for since we started our relationship.  We have to admit that we constantly look at the clock with the question "When, Lord? When?".  Good thing, the series preaching in CCF Muntinlupa on the book of Exodus, helps us to wait.  Let me share to you a few thoughts that was published in the Chronicle (weekly bulletin of CCF Muntinlupa).  This was from the talk of Pastor Roy Fabella.  I hope that this would also encourage you to wait while waiting.

God Hears
God hears everything, even those things that are mouths cannot speak.  We must always remember that we can call out to God foe help, whatever is happening in our lives.

God Remembers
Our God delivers his promise

God Sees
He watches over us and takes care of us

God Knows
He understands how you feel, the questions that go into your mind, 
and the battles that rages in you.


“Forever Yours: Going the Distance” is the second couple’s retreat that Mico and I had attended. Coincidentally, the bulk of the conference focused on “Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires and The Respect He Desperately Needs, ” topic which we have learned for three times already – first, when our pre-marriage counsellors required us to read the book with the same title by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs; second, when our church Dgroup discussed it in one of our sessions and third, in this couple’s retreat. Despite being exposed to the same topic for several times, the Lord has always prepared something new for us.

This year’s retreat allowed me to see how rewarding it is to do God’s command of “loving” my wife even if at times she appears to be unlovable. Loving her is not merely a responsibility that I need to do but a privilege for me to worship God since the main purpose of marriage is to adore Him. As a result, a rewarding marriage is experienced.

Our first speaker lectured on the “Blueprint on Marriage” as written by God, the author of every connubial. One thing that struck me is when he discussed the need for “unswerving loyalty" which entails knowing your wife on all aspects – physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. I asked myself, “Do I know Mico that much? Is my loyalty to her unswerving to the extent that I know her on all facets of life?” However, these questions were clearly answered when our last speaker stood and expounded on the grace of God which enables each one to do what He has commanded us to do.

Indeed, it is only by His grace that we can copiously know our spouses, consequently, being one in serving God.With us in the retreat is a couple who are on their twilight years and has been together for almost 60 years. Both of them use canes. The wife even uses wheel chair if there is a need for a fairly long walk. Hearing their testimony made me appreciate God’s  sustaining love and grace. Their long journey together were full of successes and failures, but, despite all these, they recognize that the Lord sustained them and gave them His unwavering love that binds their love for each other through the ages. 

Having learned all these, the Lord reminded me that my marriage with Mico is work in progress according to His design. Looking back to what the Lord has done to us in the past two years of our marriage, I am excited to see what He has in store for us in the years to come as we continue our journey with Him.